Testimonials Lud DMS ~ Yet another testimonials section

DMS plugin that helps users do everything there is when it comes to testimonials management. It comes with several built in templates that can be used anywhere on the screen and easily adjusted. Supports both animated and fixed version: carousel and grid layout. Provides custom post type and all meta fields needed for displaying customer testimonials. Section is fully responsive and adjusts to any screen size. Numerous options help users to adjust Testimonials Lud DMS to suit your needs.


  • Two layout modes – horizontal animated and in grid
  • Built-in templates – 8 professionally designed templates
  • Responsive – Adjusts to any screen size
  • Custom post type – with post meta fields*
  • Multiple columns – Up to 3 columns display
  • Full color control – including controls/pager
  • Easy to configure – works out of the box

*for using meta fields with Testimonials Lud DMS, Meta Box (lightweight third party plugin) is needed


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