Scroll Nav DMS ~ Ultimate one-page navigation menu

Scroll Nav DMS is a WordPress DMS plugin that allows users to build custom one-page navigation menu. Besides common scroll-to controls it additionally offers default blueprint set that is easy to customize or place on various portions of your page. It offers style & layout management with multiple options. Easy to use scroll to top menu add-on, plus it is compatible to use as a Scroll Spy emplacement on template and content area. It will enable you to make one-page scroll navigation menus with no troubles. In addition, built-in icon menu builder will enable you to easily customize Font Awesome iconic fonts, titles and subtitles of your menus.


  • Comes in two flavors – Scroll&Fix Menu and Fixed Menu
  • Works with any element – just add .scroll-header class to any section
  • Pre-designed templates – Default set of blueprint templates
  • Multiple menu layouts – Build Icon only menu, or combine it with title and subtitle text
  • Anywhere on the screen – Place it where you want
  • Full color control – including hover/active state
  • Easy to configure – just follow instructions from setup page


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