Scroll Header Pro ~ Build one-page site in a breeze

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Scroll Header Pro allows users to insert beautiful scroll-ready headings between sections. Works instantly with Scroll Nav DMS and ScrollSpy. Supports both Fittext and Lettering.js so you can create breath taking headings and one page sites at breeze. It is built as a perfect little tool for creating one page sites.


  • Scroll-ready header - works automatically with Scroll Nav DMS and Scroll Spy.
  • Built in Parallax Effect - for effective one-page sites.
  • Customize Look & Feel - Choose heading font, HTML tag and custom class.
  • Big and Responsive - heading text that fits to any screen.
  • Use Lettering.js - for advanced control over every letter, word or line of one heading.
  • Scroll Header Pro shortcode - easy to use shortcode for inserting scroll-ready headings in content.


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