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Promo Slider adds a vertical button to the left or right side of your web browser that slides out to reveal a featured promotion when you click on it! Promo Slider is a great solution if you want to promote something on every page without being too intrusive about it. It simply remains closed in a fixed position (so it is always there) until someone click on it — then it opens up to show your featured promotion in all it’s glory!

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Installation for Promo Slider is as simple as any WordPress plugin. Simply purchase Promo Slider from the Pagelines store, go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload. Choose the plugin zip where you have stored it and then install it and activate it. Promo Slider is now ready to use.

NOTE: Promo Slider can only be used with the Pagelines DMS framework. To make changes its important that you use Chrome browser – which will allows you to edit the Plugin settings.


When logged in using Chrome, you may edit the Promo Slider settings, located in the Pagelines editor under “Site Settings”. You will notice the plugin settings under “Promo Slider” in left menu. When “Promo Slider” is selected it will reveal the options for the plugin.


If you have any trouble at all with this plugin, please use the Pagelines Forum to start a troubleshooting thread and contact davemoppert for support.[/pl_modal]


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