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<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Computer Performance</span>
Learn Live 11: Computer Performance
Published on Jun 16, 2021
In this video, you’ll learn how to optimize your computer to get the most out of Live, monitor CPU…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Redux</span>
Learn Live 11: Redux
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn how to use Live 11’s Redux device to precisely dial in the character of your sound, including sample…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Racks in Depth</span>
Learn Live 11: Racks in Depth
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn some advanced ways to use Racks in Live 11, including layering instruments and effects, mapping, setting key ranges…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Pitchloop89</span>
Learn Live 11: Pitchloop89
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn how to add subtle space and vibrato or completely mangle your tracks with Pitchloop89 – a digital tape…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Phaser-Flanger</span>
Learn Live 11: Phaser-Flanger
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn how to add movement character to your sound with the three modes in Phaser-Flanger – updated with a…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Linked-Track Editing</span>
Learn Live 11: Linked-Track Editing
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn how to edit multiple tracks or edit and adjust parameters in multiple tracks at the same time in…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Keys and Scales</span>
Learn Live 11: Keys and Scales
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn how to easily write melodies within a chosen scale using the new Keys and Scales feature in Live…
<span class="title">Improvised Liveset with Kimbra | Loop</span>
Improvised Liveset with Kimbra | Loop
Published on Jul 16, 2020
At Loop 2016, Kimbra put on a completely improvised performance with musicians she’d never worked with before including Daedalus,…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Vector Grain</span>
Learn Live 11: Vector Grain
Published on Apr 23, 2021
In this video, you’ll learn how to make sounds with Vector Grain – a granular looper and polyphonic sampler…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Vector FM</span>
Learn Live 11: Vector FM
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn how to create melodies and harmonies with Vector FM – an FM synthesizer with a modulation system based…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Vector Delay</span>
Learn Live 11: Vector Delay
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Learn how to process a sound, or individual parts of it, with Vector Delay – a polyphonic delay with…
<span class="title">Learn Live 11: Tree Tone</span>
Learn Live 11: Tree Tone
Published on Apr 23, 2021
Generate mallet-like percussion and ambient soundscapes based on how a tree grows in nature with Tree Tone – just…