Simplify your process with the Framework Page Browser. Easily go through pages, posts, and everything else on your site from the front-end.

Page Browser

Installation & Activation

Page Browser can easily be downloaded from inside WordPress using PageLines Platform 5 and the Extend engine.

  1. Download the plugin from the Connect store. It will now appear in your ‘Plugins’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Plugins’, and find your Page Browser plugin (titled PageLines Framework Page Browser).
  3. Click ‘Activate’ to be able to use the plugin inside your editor.
  4. Go to your PageLines Builder. Hover over the PageLines icon from the front-end, where you’ll now find the Page Browser option.


Page Browser has no configuration options, it simply works out-of-the-box. Upon installation, a new panel is added to the PageLines drop-down menu on the WordPress admin toolbar.

Page Browser drop-down

Once clicked, the builder will load a new panel page called “Page Browser” that provides access all of you WordPress pages, posts, etc… from the front-end.

This greatly speeds up your processes with this handy extension; all your content is now neatly listed for you to easily reach without ever having to go back to your dashboard to search for it.


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