Welcome to PageLines Platform. This plugin connects your site to the PageLines platform and infrastructure.
It’s designed to help you build great websites, faster.

Editing For Professionals

Platform 5 was built for web professionals and their clients. It is extremely fast, bloat-free, and fun to work with. Designers do what they love, clients get the control they need.

No Coding, No Debugging

Coding is tedious and frustrating, even if you are great at it. That’s why Platform 5 allows you to drop in sections of pre-coded design with a single-click.
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Supercharge any WP theme

Platform 5 is a plugin that works with any standard WordPress theme. Add it to existing client sites or use it with that old framework you love.

A few more reasons you’ll love Platform 5…

  • Mobile First
    Platform 5 was built with mobile devices in mind. It is responsive and looks great everywhere.

  • Drag & Drop
    Control page layouts with a simple drag and drop system that won’t get in your way.

  • Fast as Hell
    Platform 5 is rendered in the visitors browser so it runs fast even on cheap hosting.

  • Developer Friendly
    PageLines supports all the WordPress tools you are used to. Child themes, templates, plugins, etc…

  • Extension Based
    Platform 5 is extension oriented, which means it’s as lean or powerful as you want it to be.

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