Your DMS awaits.

Today is a monumental day. You can now tour DMS and download DMS via the new PageLines homepage.

For the first time ever, you have the opportunity to use a drag and drop DMS to build, manage and maintain your website.

So what does this mean for you? In this article, let’s do a numbers based analysis of why DMS will change the way you build websites FOREVER.

1. Reduce Development time 80% with Live Editing

Since DMS brings everything for editing your site to the front end, and allows you to edit on the fly. This means you don’t need to make changes, upload, refresh, load, reload, push, etc…

You just drag then drop; point and click. As we’ve been using DMS, we’ve found that this reduced development time around 80% when compared to a theme or framework.

Pro tip: For CSS lovers, you can not only edit CSS in the front end (which is cool!) but you also get LESS preprocessing and Live Preview of changes… how cool is that?

2. Build Themes With 0% Coding

With the new dynamic template and theming systems in DMS, you don’t have to code anymore to create a theme. Or to move a site for that matter.

You simply create templates with drag and drop, save them, then create config files that can be added to your theme, or imported to a site.

This makes moving things around so much easier, and you might even cash in with your themes in the Store!

3. Stop hacking stuff. Save tons of time with the DMS Store…

Ever get a framework or theme and have to start customizing it with PHP/JS to add features that you ‘just need?’ Then you bang away for hours or days just to get some simple feature working?

Now, with the DMS Store, all you need to do is

  • Download from hundreds of sections/plugins/themes (1 minutes)
  • Install into DMS (1 minute)
  • Drag into your site (10 seconds)
  • Setup (5 minutes)

So now within 10 minutes you accomplish what would have taken you hours/days otherwise.

4. 100% Better Design, 30% Better Performance

Since you don’t have to worry about the underlying code and functionality, you can simply focus on the design of your site. Not only that, the people that create extensions for PageLines ARE professionals and they can help you be better than you would be alone.

DMS has 3 awesome features for performance as well:

  1. On Demand Loading – Since DMS is dynamically driven, it allows loads the components that each page needs to load correctly. Often when you hack or use a theme, TONS of resources are loaded where they don’t need to be.
  2. Best Practices – When in “live” or visitor mode in DMS, everything is rendered to best practices using Bootstrap standards. This gets rid of the problems most drag and drop systems have with bloated code.
  3. Less “reinventing the wheel” – PL uses standard libraries that can be used once and don’t have to be loaded again. Saving even more time in loading.

5. Has a CMS but with a twist

DMS is powered by the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress. Which is awesome.
This means it supports all 26,000 plugins and WordPress’ advanced functionality.

It also means, DMS supports:

  • eCommerce
  • Forums
  • Social plugins
  • SEO plugins
  • Basically anything else you can imagine

BUT with a twist, anything with a front end, like WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce extension is ALSO supported with drag and drop. Nothing has ever done that before.

Get Started

These are just a few of the things that you’re going to love about DMS.

If you’re looking to get started, just download the basic extension here or go Pro right away.

We’re looking forward to what you guys do!

739 Responses to "Your DMS awaits."
  1. Is there a trial version somewhere? 
    Is it also possible to export a theme? Cause, I always build a website for a customer (the design) and don’t change it. Just change the content. Thank you in advance.

    • uepsilon ASARL  The free version is available here here: (click on the “Download Zip” button to the right) The PRO version gives you support and access to extra blocks and themes, but you’ll be able to see how it all works, and build most sites with the free version.

  2. I downloaded DMS this morning but the file is corrupt and now I see it is no longer available. I tried and bought Pagelines but was not successful in using it and had to abandon ship for another framework that was easier. I hope this one will be easier and live up to promises. Waiting in anticipation.

  3. When I test with YSlow I get a rating of 72 and no less than 30!!! JavaScript files. Is that normal for all themes that will be created with DMS?

  4. The new Rev Slider looks great.
    The menu consolidation is definitely an improvement.
    1. Big problem with the drag n drop editor… it’s way too clunky, occupying a huge amount of space, almost totally obscuring the areas you’d want to drag-n-drop to.  It actually makes it harder to see what’s going on, rather than having two side-by-side windows  or tabs for backend and previewing.
    2. Publish button doesn’t refresh the page?  it’s a total waste of time to publish, only to have to refresh again to see the changes.  Can’t you guys just make it auto-referesh on publish (or at least provide the option)?
    3. Interface is really slow.  I’m guessing you went proprietary with Chrome, because it gave you a slight boost from unusable to merely painful.  I think it was a bad call, whatever UI speed boost you think you’re getting, it isn’t overcoming the fact DMS is sluggish.  The back and forth between the real WP backend and DMS editor is a real pain too.
    4.  There are absolutely no specifics given anywhere for differences between the subscription tiers!  WTF?
    5. There’s no way to add links to images in the media section.  Is this a pro feature?  Who knows?  Surprising lack of link-ability with many of the modules/sections/whatever.
    6. There’s no good way to add a logo banner to the header beyond the laughable stupid 29px high tiny pic in a nav-bar.  9/10 clients want their name/logo/brand big and first, Pagelines default approach here is really goofy.
    7. The white space at the bottom of the Feature page is horribly ugly.  Why break up the background for no good reason in the footer?  Why is the background color being ignored?   Is this a biz or dev feature?  Again, who knows… 
    8. Those dropdown menus in the nav-bar are perhaps the worst theme menu design I’ve seen in years.  Are those supposed to be cartoon bubbles? Why don’t they have any style similarity to the nav menu?  Horrid.
    9. Same exact social button options as Framework v2.  Would it have killed you guys to add a few new ones?  Not like there isn’t horizontal space in the social bar.
    10. The price increases suck:
              – v2 Deveoper édition for existing dev customers:          $175 / 18 months
              –  v3 Developer edition with 10% “launch” discount:      $432 / 18 months
              – DMS cost increase over 18 months:                             $257 (higher if DMS lasts longer as a Framework/Theme)

    Further, Pagelines is now essentially charging Personal customers the previous version Developer price.
             – v3 DMS Personal:                                                         $10/month ($8 now on 10% “launch sale”)
              – v2 Framework Developer:                                             $9.7/month ($175 divided by 18 month life of product)

    Not only are digging deeper on the developers, but there’s a serious drop in value for the Personal plan cost.
    – Pagelines spent all their pre-launch time waxing poetically about theme terminology and “changing the game” clichés a la Jerry Maguire.
    – Pagelines provides no specific information about what Developer edition tools envolve, which sections are available to business vs developer plans.
    – They offered and agreed to show another theme dev a pre-release copy of their theme, then blog about how they were “tricked” because the “competition” is “so out to get them”
    – DMS Launch day kerplodes, first Andrew claims it was hacked at 3am, then 11pm earlier that night, with plenty of “competition” out-to-get-them musings (including emails) thru-out the day.
    So are you guys lying this time, whiffed it and blaming the competition boogeyman, or did you really get hacked?  With DMS and a specific plug?  Maybe let us know which plug to avoid when using DMS?  Seems kinda important, you know after all the launch day trouble, might even help credibility on the “dev who cries wolf” suspicions?

    All in all, aside from the broken stuff, DMS is kind of a mess.  There’s no way it’s remotely ready for any of my sites or to help workflows.  It’s also a lot more expensive, and I’m not seeing a hugely better end result.  Worse it seems like a way to charge me to learn and accept an atypical and clunky new methodology.  I’m still stuck dealing with a lot of css for font stuff. Why isn’t the H1, H2, H3, text styling available to edit in the Typography menu?  Rrrrrggggg.   
    I’m wondering if the traditional WordPress theming model is quicker and more direct than having a visual editor.  I’d appreciate making it smoother, but I think with v3 the training wheels are more just getting in the way.  A lot of special hoops to jump through, and still need to do a good amount of custom coding and fiddling (apart from and in addition to typical WordPress backend configurations).

    • Newbies, please take redefiler’s comments here with a grain of salt. The commenter is known as notoriously aggressive towards PageLines, and you should perhaps just download the free version and see for yourself. I do not agree with most of the points raised here.
      1) It’s he best front end design editor that exists, and in my opiniion it has been very carefully thought out and developed. It loads very fast, and doesn’t get in the way on a normal monitor resolution when expanded, plus you can always collapse it.
      2) Publish button works fine..
      etc.. etc.. 

      make your own judgement with the free version that you can download here: (click on the “Download Zip” button to the right)

      • It is good advice to check it out for yourself. However, there are some important questions raised. As a nonprofit the pricing is going to be the gotcha for me. I already paid in the region of $300 for Pagelines Developer, all subscriptions etc are gone from my account and now I need to pay $10 month for only one site seems steep. As it is I was unsuccessfull in getting a decent site running with Pagelines. Competitors I see offer lifetime upgrades at one fee, why not so with DMS? That being said I am going to download and test DMS but it will need to be a stellar product to win me back.

      • mikkelbreum  redefiler  Correct.  I have been a longtime notoriously aggressive Pagelines premium developer since V1.  Pagelines has indeed been horribly wounded each time I’ve viciously hurled cash at them.  This might be useful to keep in mind, if you care to read thru the my easily searchable week or two history of comments and specific concerns here about DMS.
        Dispatching this/you quickly…
        1) Might be fast for a “front-end” editor, but it still suffers from lag and clunk.  It also splits editing between the actual post/page content, and another separate window for any UI changes, plus as I stated the DMS editor makes it hard to preview and edit in the same window, so a third is needed to get an unobstructed page preview.  You can do things differently: true.  You can do things quicker: that’s highly debatable.
        2) Publish button sometimes says it needs to refresh the page when changing certain items, sometimes not.  Why doesn’t it just do it every time?
        Now back to my original list…

      • redefiler mikkelbreum 
        1. PageLines Framework and DMS, do not suffer from lag or clunk, if you’re experiencing poor performance, it is most definitely related to your server or hosting plan, you’re probably using cheap hosting such as Shared Hosting.
        2. Not sure what you’re referring to, I haven’t experienced this.

      • ginoginelli redefiler mikkelbreum Local install and no add-ons in Chrome, tough guy.  Maybe DMS periodically calls to the Pagelines server in the background which has been troubled recently?  But it’s more likely because it’s pushing the upper limits of dynamic javascript bells and whistles in Chrome.
        Got any other tips from the Genius Bar?

      • redefiler – What local installation application are you using ? Also, it could well be related to the recent server issues we encountered.
        I have several local installations and have no issue with performance. Therefore it could be the way your local server is configured.
        ginoginelli – Please can you stop the profanity please, its not clever and isn’t appropriate.

      • Dannyh redefiler ginoginelli MAMP, it was very obvious when clicking to add sections, and between the different categories.  Sometimes the drag-n-drop takes more than a few seconds to react and then forgets you were trying to drag in an element, so you got to try again.  It seems a little too picky about moving modules into position, like the hot zones are too sensitive.

      • redefiler – I am not encountering this issue on any of my setups which are also using MAMP. If you have any browser add-ons, can you try disabling them and see if this resolves your issue with drag and dropping sections into position.
        Regarding performance, have you made any changes to your local server configuration. If not can you take screenshots of your MAMP configuration settings and email them to me so I can take a closer look.
        danny at pagelines dot com

      • Dannyh redefiler Nothing exotic, stock MAMP local WP config, fresh copy of Chrome, no plugs. 
        Start Servers when starting MAMP: check
        Stop Servers when quiting MAMP: check
        Check for MAMP PRO when starting MAMP: check
        Open page at startup: /MAMP/
        Apache port: 8888
        MySQL Port: 8889
        PHP v5.4.10
        Cache: XCache

      • redefiler – Can you try changing the ports, use the option under Server > General >Ports 80, 443 & 3306.
        Let me know if this improves performance. Its difficult as I am unable to recreate your issue, DMS is both fast and smooth on my end.

    • redefiler
      #1 – you got that spot on!
      #2 – Not really much of a problem and is easily solvable if at all.
      #3 – Interface gives a notion of slow because of various refreshes etc. but not painfully slow. Disabling chrome add ons might solve the problem. It worked for me. I was very irritated last night when it seemed too slow initially. It works on Opera 15 just fine. They could have allowed firefox with a comment that chrome is recommended. I do not want to have a surfing browser and a designing browser. Thats laziness on developers part to not conform to to multiple browsers in this fragmented browser market. 
      #4 – The release was a little rushed and the recent multiple hacking of their servers didn’t help. But its a non issue as the framework develops more. 
      #5 – You could reduce the size of media in the column then add another text box and add your link to it. Am not sure if its what you want but its from the top of my head.
      #6 – This i got to check
      #7 – you could use the custom Css editor to assign a global background.  Design is subjective.
      #8 –  Design is subjective. :/ Same for #7 above
      #9 – Could be added later as an addon. No sense in bloating stuff.
      You can cut them a little slack …. no need to be so harsh. It smacks of some kind of purposeful negative emotion. You can still dive into the css to add the h1,h2 options you asked for. But the end result does leave a lot to be desired i will give you that. 
      And there is a learning curve. I also noticed a very worrying tendency of people being “too fawny” about how great the new system is. Its alright, a new way to look at things. Nothing to be raving about just yet. Also the screen estate it takes up on smaller screens is too much to be of much use.

      • schnnmbr redefiler
        #2 It’s an extra step, that sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t.  Seems like an easy thing to fix or implement in an upgrade.
        #3 I agree and wish I could design in the more relevant browsers.  Lack of Firefox is extremely disappointing, as it’s still the work horse browser.  Will try Opera and see.  IE still has the majority or users, and easily 90% of site visitors who buys stuff in site stores are on Safari.
        #4 I would agree with you, but how many blog posts are there to explain why DMS isn’t a theme?  There’s even a video or two of Andrew talking about it.   It seems like customers knowing they are paying more for a DMS vs a theme is more important than what the actual features are.
        #4B The server hack comes after some highly dubious claims about “the competition” going to outlandish attempts to hurt Pagelines.  I saw more claims today while their server went poop.  I think it’s suspiciously childish on their part, but I also think it’s very important that we know of any catastrophic vulnerabilities in plug-ins so our own Pagelines sites don’t go kablooie.
        #5 It’s a lot of work instead of a module called “header banner”.  It’s a weird omission, the sliders and highlight boxers are cool eye candy, but its all for not without simple header branding. 
        #7 Yes design is subjective, background color is very obvious, should work better than it does.  Page 1 and I’m going to custom CSS for a solid background on a “revolutionary drag-n-drop Design Management System”.  It’s not a big deal to code for, but it’s a big deal to miss when you’re trying to “revolutionize design”.
        #8 Yes subjective, but I think it’s definitely a mismatch, and seems like a shortcut.  Maybe there’s a developer feature that fixes it, again they aren’t explaining that.
        #9 Yes it could be an add-on, could have been a new feature, but it’s not.
        The h1, h2 is pretty basic CSS code, but isn’t that also a basic item for a “revolutionary design management system”?  Seems like it’s something that effects 100% of sites, where Masthead sections are in the minority.  The only reasons I see leaving it out, either they missed it or they plan to monetize that functionality later a la carte thru the store.

  5. Wait a second are you telling me that all of this hype was about having to pay a monthly subscription…PFFFT Noooooo Thanks!!!
       A.  First and formost, I am not going to build a site for a client only to hand it over to them and say, “but be sure to make your monthly payments to this company called “Pagelines” or your site won’t be fully functional.”  Are you guys fricken retards over there.  I mean seriously, am I the only one thinking this.
      B. I purchased a Stand Alone version of the previous framework and prefer just a framework cause I enjoy programing.  I am surely not goign to pay you guys a monthly subscription to continue doing what I am paid by others to do.  Again, are you guys fricken retards over there.  I mean seriously, am I the only one thinking this.
    C.  I could seriously go through the alphabe a few times on all of the things wrong with this idea.  However, I will close with this.  You guys may think this is a great idea, and to those who don’t know better, or how to program, they might agree with you.  But to the programing community, you guys just made yourselves a joke.  No self respecting programmer is going to pay a monthly subscription to build there clients a website on this Bull Malarchy!  Those who do are idiots and I will make it a point to point out everyone of those sites that has there subscription run out and the credit pops up…”Oh look there is another one”.  
    Bottom line, great job on the old framework but if you think you are going to change anything with “DMS” you are a lonnnnng way off.   However, I recommend starting by all of those scripts.  Who wants to serve up 30 + scripts with there website…Can you say …. sllllloooowww.

    • Brenden look, web technology evolves fast, no company can offer lifetime development for a one off fee. All the competitors have the same pricing model, and HeadWay themes which is a similar DMS (yes it is, PageLines was NOT the first) costs somewhat the same. You can still build site for your clients, and you still don;t have to pay for the subscription unless you want support and updates. But in case your client comes after a year and ask you to add to or update their site, don’t you think you can carge them for the renewed subscription for one year on top of the hours you’re going to bill them.

      • mikkelbreumBrendenYou are correct in saying, “no company can offer lifetime development for a one off fee”  That is why programmers have maintenance packages.  If I tried to make my money on building the site I would be no where.  I make my money on the maintenance.  However, if I am giving that money to “PageLines” for a monthly subscription, then I am digging into my profits.  That is not something that I care to do.  In addition to that If I raise my prices to reflect my extra costs then I am neither being competetive or smart during a recession.  Everyone is out there offering lower prices driving us all down.  Also that still doesn’t address the fact that they slap their brand on your work if you stop paying.  What kind of Bull Malarchy is that.

      • ginoginelliBrendenmikkelbreum Oh you are soooo tough sitting in your moms basement.  First of all son, I have been following the news on DMS from day one.  I have also been programming since you were trying on your moms high heels trying to decide if you wanted to be a drag when you grew up.  Lastly they could offer a higher price but if you weren’t so busy bash my oppinion you would have thought of that.

      • Brenden ginoginelli  Ah so you concede to childish mom calling, haha. Yes, you clearly are a retard.
        I also don’t think im tough, its just haters like you and yes you’re hating. Complaining about “I don’t want to pay a monthly fee”, then don’t pay it. No one is forcing you, go else where.

    • Brenden Why post a comment like yours when you clearly have no understanding what DMS is. If you read the blog posts and the pricing page, you will find that if you stop your subscription, your site will still be fully functional, the only thing you loose is the ability to using the some of the editing tools.

      Therefore, once you have designed your site for your client and handed it over, even if you stop your subscription your clients site will still work as normal.

  6. The coupon code still doesn’t work (amount isn’t altered) and the shop and profile sections of the website has no CSS (all unstyled) also, even after logging in the WP toolbar still shows the “Log-in link”

  7. Woah I’m I’m new to PageLines, just checking it out, to cmpare it to HeadWay, and I’m really turned off by the aggressive atmosphere in the comment threads on the various posts here, so different from the user culture I’m used to from other sites. What’s going on here? It’s like war, people are either hating PL or hating the haters. How can that be?

    • mikkelbreum I am a lover not a hater.  I may not agree with their way of thinking but I don’t hate PageLines.  I happen to love there old framework.  I just don’t agree that a subscription only is a direction to take.  Maybe for their pockets it is, but I for one am turned off by the whole thing.  I just really hope that they plan on supporting updates to the old framework.  Lest they breach their own tos and have people sue them for breach of contract.

  8. I was keen until I saw the pricing was a monthly ( forever) subscription.. Sorry guys it wont work. Also agree this place has a bad vibe with all the carry on. I might check back another time

  9. I think the bad vibe that everyone is fealing coming into this thread is  that no one likes the fact that PageLines is turning into a greed monster.  Forcing everyone who wants to continue to use their platform to pay a monthly subscription.

    • ginoginelli your teacher tells you to go out and sit in the hall until you can talk in a respectful manner to other classmates.

      • Someone really needs to band this guy, I was peacefully voicing my
        oppinion.   If you look on his profile you can see this is all he
        does… Bash people for voicing their oppinion

      • Brenden mikkelbreum I take it Brenden saying I where my moms shoes and I like drag isn’t offensive to me is it.
        I will say this in a mature manner, if you do not like the pricing of DMS, go else where and stop complaining.

      • ginoginelli Brenden mikkelbreum Remember who cast the first stone.  If you knew how to read you would see that I said good things about PageLines old framework and to quote you bashing someone else cause that is all you seem to be good at, “what planet are you from, cause it sure isn’t earth” or you would understand that speach is a freedom given to everyone to voice there oppinions, good or bad. It is not for you to badger someone for doing so.  If they didn’t want to hear peoples oppinions they wouldn’t welcome them with a comment section.  Oh wait I get it, you are one of those guys who beefs up there site with only the positive comments and delets the negetive feed back.  Wait is that why your site looks so barren.  Now I get it, yup your right.  I was a retard for not seeing that earlier.  It all makes sense now.  Thank you for opening my eyes.

    • Brenden “Greed Monster” – really?
      Personally I find that amusing. As if building tools like this, and supporting them, and building upgrades is something that should not be rewarded – and handsomely.
      When you provide people a tool that they can use, you are welcome to charge whatever the market will bear. That is not “greed” – that is called business. If PageLines isn’t a good choice for you, then don;t use it. If t is, then go ahead and pay the money. This whole idea that somehow they owe it to folks to live on the thinnest possible profit margin or as a charity is just silly.
      I get it – this really isn’t about PageLines – it is just a sort of moral / ethical issue with capitalism, or profit or something. Still, it is always odd to me.

      • soulhuntre Brenden Hey Mike (Teacher) , you still in here with us, we have another one who can’t read.  If you knew how to read then you would see that I have nothing against the old way PageLines did things, just what they have become.  I also happen to love their framework, I think they did a great job with it.  I just feel like they gave in to the dark side.  I don’t think anyone is asking them to give anything away, and last time I checked the 500$ I have given them in framework sections and plugins was not free.  I think what the vast majority is saying is give us a choice like they did before.

      • soulhuntre 
        You do a nice job programming though for someone who can’t read lol ;) Just busting your chops man.  I give credit where credit is due.   Just next time read all of my posts to get a sense of where I am coming from before you jab.

      • Brenden nphaskins ya how DARE PageLines, charge for what they’ve just spent  2 years working on. OMG I cannot believe they would charge for a completely new version.

      • nphaskins Brenden 
        Nick, I have a question that i cant find the answer to anywhere. Just playing with DMS and loving it. BUT once i complete a site and hand it over to the client how do I prevent them from accessing my PL code under the account sections, is there a way to lock down this area. Thanks in advanced.

      • nphaskins Brenden Well they are charging more than 2x for developers on this latest upgrade.  They are also EOL’ing the previous model, so its like that 2011 Jeep that now won’t drive on roads now.  I believe that would also create some interesting customer reactions, when Jeep said tough luck, buy a 2012… and now it’s double the price, pay us every 30 days.

      • nphaskinsredefilerWell they are not supporting the old version anymore so he has a point  oh and by the way… last time I spend good money on your programing.  I have purchased
        several of your products…no more.  I think you know what I am talking
        about.  I am simply saying they should be offering an alternative option
        like they did before.  Stand alone only and continuing suport on the

      • nphaskins CaseyGraffix Awesome, is this something that needs to be discussed in forums once they are up and running later in the week or is there a function that i can call. Thanks :)

      • CaseyGraffix

        I will be adding this lockdown information to the documentation, it will be up hopefully later this evening.

      • nphaskins Brenden actually yes…especially when as a customer I was promised free upgrades for life. Of course then they end of life’d that and forced me to upgrade and now pay a monthly fee?

      • Matthew01970 nphaskins Brenden   You don’t have to be a lawyer to know that it is a breach of contract.  If they promised you free upgrades for life then they have to contractually abide by this.  Less they have a massive lawsuit by all of the customers that they have duped.

      • Brenden Matthew01970 nphaskins But isn’t the term life ‘software life’ the life of Pagelines? Pagelines selling shelf life  has expired  in its current form and replaced with a new piece of software called DMS. 
        I’m sure you still own PageLines like i do so you still have functioning software and I’m sure the Page Lines staff will give you access to your PageLines downloads if you email them. 
        But DMS is a new invention so I can’t see how you expect to receive this under your old agreement, black and white to me.

      • CaseyGraffix Brenden Matthew01970 nphaskins Because if PL old framework for some reason doesn’t work or is not compatible with a future version of WP then they will be contractually obligated to fix it or build out a newer version.

      • nphaskins redefiler It won’t be compatible with any new roads.  Jeep won’t service it, the manufacturer’s warranty is extremely limited, they won’t even answer the support line unless you buy the new version…
        There’s no way anyone can realistically use v2 going forward, be crazy to build new sites on it.  Twenty Eleven is now a more viable option. 
        I dunno,  I’d think you’d want existing customers to have a little more discretionary spending for your a la carte $60 DMS theme in the PG Store.  You seem to forget this is 2x the upgrade cost, that’s universal suckage in any industry.
        The lowest package costs what the developer version costs 18 months ago, yet it’s severely feature crippled.  It’s bad for for both pros and schmoes.  
        I still can’t believe there’s no detailed info on the upper priced subscriptions.  Unreal.  Didn’t anyone think that might be important?  Then with the server “hack”, its seems kinda bumbling to reward with 2x loyalty. Where’s the return love?  Open-source cripple ware? That’s a theme advertisement, the demo copy.

      • redefiler then use another framework. Nobody is holding you hostage. You have the freedom, to choose what you want to use. If DMS doesn’t work for you, then choose something else. It’s that simple.

      • nphaskins redefiler So you’ve got no real response, don’t speak for Pagelines, but show up and try to anyways?
        Besides I can do to things at once: shop for themes and complain about having to shop for themes.

      • redefiler what are you talking about?  You have been nonstop with trolling these comments for weeks now. Have you seriously got nothing better to do? I really can’t understand how you can put so much energy into hate.

      • redefiler nphaskins If you can do to things, surely I can do *two things better on DMS. ;)
        (Not representing PageLines btw…)

      • redefiler nphaskinsIf you can do to things, surely I can do *two* things better on DMS. ;)(Not representing PageLines…)

      • Brenden CaseyGraffix Matthew01970 nphaskins Brenden, I wish I had a contract with you. I’d ensure it included a “read all the docs and blog posts before making stupid comments” clause…

    • Brenden Obviously do not know you but your profile seems to be one where you like to complain and dig into a position and choose not to see the other side of things. ( Having checked your entire comment stream it seems that the best course of action would be to just simply ask for a refund. I have purchased pagelines a year or more ago and while not perfect I know that they are looking to do the right thing for customers and also the entire world by releasing the entire DMS to the open source world. The time and energy you are spending and looking to attract is not normal for the amount you have invested in the platform, under $150, and some time which is obviously not that valuable to you when you have spent so much time looking to have a free product that is already available to you. Pagelines team…Please proactively refund him.

  10. Question about the pricing, because it was said that ‘each case is different’ for upgrading, but now I just see the line that says that only people who bought the framework after june 15th get it for free (for a year). There are no other situations as far as I can see. I bought it in April, and only a very short moment after that the announcement of DMS came out. I already mentioned somewhere else in a comment that I bought PL with the notion that I would get updates for a year, but I’m sure there will be no more updates for the old PL now that DMS is here and that was not the deal. So now what?
    I’m not being a ‘hater of lover’ right now, please don’t accuse me of that, I just want to point out that I don’t think the switch in pricing is fair to people who bought the framework and are now stuck with a version that will not be developed anymore, while that was the deal: ‘One year of updates’.

  11. Question:
    if I buy a single site license (for one client) and after setting it up using the tools available to my pro subscription (styling, pro blocks, extra blocks bought additional from the store) and then I hand it over. If/when the subscription runs out/is cancelled what will happen to the site?

    I understand I will no longer be able to:
    – use support
    – update PL or PL modules
    – I guess the PL credit logo will pop up, but that can be handled via CSS.
    But what I need to know is this:
    – Will the modules available to PRO only _stop working_ (break the public site) or will I just not be able to access their settings anymore?
    – Will anything change/break on the front end of the live site (no matter what modules and element I might have activated with my pro subsciption)?

    This is important, bacause to me that would not be acceptable (my clients might not all want to pay the yearly subscription), but if I need to refactor their website down the road, paying for a reactivation of the PRO subscription for a period would be ok, as I could rebill that as part of the job.
    I see that if this is possible, I could just buy a one month subscription then update the site, then cancel.
    Does anyone know, how this works?

    • mikkelbreum Yes you could recharge the client for further work if need be. You can cancel if you have to and your site will still function, Allow me to quote AP from the FAQ (
      ”What happens is you lose access to your pro editing tools and effects, the ability to add and edit Professional sections, and a credit link will be subtly added back to your site. 
      Nothing functionality, layout or otherwise will change. We don’t mess with sites!”

    • mikkelbreum I think its wise to wait before buying this DMS machine. :) do note their will also be some issues as its new, so if you are not desperate, wait, test the basic version and watch where the wind is blowing before sailing. 
      Thats what am doing.

      • knowtheoffers mikkelbreum I just want to see some sort of stand alone version like before.  Or continue with the old way as well.  Why throw out the baby with the bath water.  Give people a choice.  You lose a lot of customers by trying to force them all through one door.

      • Brenden knowtheoffers mikkelbreum I couldnt agree more to what you said Brenden. what i have learnt from my experience is every one rush towards the latest stuff which is great but some clients dont really need some of this singing and dancing effects, so in as much as i do like PL, my concern has always been that, lots of sites have seen built by it are all in “your face” i guess this is with the designer. Anyway i hope Andrew Power does the right thing.

      • knowtheoffers mikkelbreum I think it’s ok to pay for the single site pro licence for one month, that will let you test everything, and you can always cancel, so as long as you’re not locking a client site in.. (that’s what I’m doing..)

      • mikkelbreum knowtheoffers Not quite ready to give in to the ol’ greed monster yet.  I think I will stick with some ol’ fashioned programing.

  12. Well, this is just all very odd. $96 a year was less that what I paid for when I bought the framework. However, if I want upgrades I have no option but to pay a monthly fee,  there is no other path to upgrade, and no reduced path for upgrade for existing users. I’ve looked at Headway Theme in the past, that has the drag and drop. It’s $87 dollars. I’ll try the new PageLines, but the upgrade appears to be very similar to the way Headway had worked. I guess when I am ready  I’ll have to consider which theme now works best. I think I would prefer to pay a one time fee of $87.

    • ChristopherGriggs the yearly is not a one time fee, it’s a yearly subscription, it’s just a reduced price from the monthly, since you pay for 12 months in advance. the monthly is more expensive, but you can cencel (and reactivate) any time. So if you’re really cost concerned, you should be able to buy a monthly plan, set up everything, then cancel. and simply reacctivate (pay for one month) whenever you need to refactor something where you need access to the PRO features, then end your one month subscription again.

    • ChristopherGriggs I share your view, i think PL needs to learn from their experience that every time they roll out new stuff their pricing structure is always the problem, people get excited and reality kicks in – the cost to us and how do we charge clients. 
      Its worth waiting a bit to see whats going to happen, in as much as they throw in some discount to get everyone to buy the DMS, dont get carried away, they must offer something better for long standing customers
      also the question i do ask myself is, do i or my client need DMS for their site? some will & some dont, this is now I will approach my projects as it doesnt add up to subscribe when in reality the project doesnt need all the singing and dancing effects of DMS.

    • – Actually, I just realized the $8 is only for a single website. The price for me would now be $180 a year, which is more than I am willing to pay. I don’t need to upgrade anyway, and an $87, if/when I want a change is far more reasonable.

  13. I am glad the dust is settling for most people about Pagelines especially those of us that use it for business. 
    have asked but no response yet about the new cashcow machine that PL
    have now roll out, the tool is great but I feel the DMS is a way of
    forcing those of us that have developer license with PL for over 3 years
    to go via the route of subscription, I had similar issue during the
    last roll of PL and I can still dig up my email conversation with

    What is going to happen to PL developer license? Is Andrew going to move us to DMS developer ? 
    Will there be support or how long will you be supporting PLS for? 

    The new charges is what it all boils down to. 
    we need answers, for some of us, and i stress for some of us, this is
    the break or make moment, we cant force you to change the pricing
    neither can you force us to stay with PL, so what are you going to offer
    us as customers, bearing in mind, some of us have used PL for lots of
    websites of which at least for me if their is no good offer on the table
    am afraid I will have to switch. Hopefully you respond to this issue.

    • knowtheoffers I’m not an existing Pl licence holder, but I can say that other similar shops have moved from one time payments, to subscriptions models as they’ve evolved their models, and they usually offer existing lifetime licence holders a new lifetime license for the new product (though new customers will have to pay for the subscription). This is only fair, as people have payed in good faith for a pricing model, that has just been removed prematurely, so thay no longer get the value they expected from their investment. Maybe you can’t legally force this, but it’s a lot of goodwill to loose, if you decide to let your existing core users down. Grandfather them all I say.

      • mikkelbreum knowtheoffers Genesis framework is lifetime and has good support. Some other well known players don’t subscribe to monthly models.

      • sheasbys mikkelbreum knowtheoffers Well looks like if PageLines doesn’t heed to all of the customer complaints about there solution being there way or no way subscription for life. Then I imagine a lot of us will be heading over to Genesis.  Thanks for the heads up

  14. Is there a solution for multilangual pages? qtranslate does not work with this front end editing. maybe wpml?
    How can i give my customers the user role to edit the content but not to edit the layout?

    i want to use hte mega menu plugin “Ubermenu” but it does not work with the fixed nav.

  15. May I ask, why not connect my account pagelines? He paid a professional to the end of the year, but now there does not display any section to download. Does this mean that my subscription canceled, and now I have to buy DMS?

      • martin Pagelines EnteGrato I am having the same issue where do we download the old versions “Framework Standalone” and can we still upgrade them to something besides the DMS.  I don’t want to pay a monthly premium.

      • Dannyh Well I suppose since it is not too late for me to get a refund and you guys are giving it away for free there is no reason to pay 139.00 unless you have a reason I paid 139.00.  However, from you answer, I gather I waisted my money.

      • Brenden Dannyh I paid $197 for the developer edition and now it is free??? Sent an email outlining my complaints and will see if I get any response. I’m the little guy seeing if I can enter the development market in order to support my nonprofit and it just doesn’t seem fair. The response has to be significant to be of value. Giving a year free only delays the price problem for a year. DMS is not the only viable solution out there. Here’s hoping that Pagelines will do the right thing for their customers.

      • martin Pagelines EnteGrato Perhaps the same issue, but I can’t find the ‘old’ free plugins and sections anymore I was using. I saw one of them, Woocommerce, has moved to Github, but I can’t find the rest.

      • martin Pagelines I have emailed support last night and no response, its wise PL be upfront as per what current license holder will receive in the launch of DMS, the dust is settling and if PL get it wrong, thats it.

      • knowtheoffers martin Pagelines I have sent them several emails.  They are terrible about replying to your emails.  If there old framework wasn’t so good I would be gone already.  If the only option I would have ever had was their subscripton based platform only I would have never even have given them the time of day.

  16. Sorry, but there’s not a chance in a million I’m going to lock into a “forever” payment model. This is like renting websites.

    • John Petrowski Everyone has to make these decisions for themselves of course.
      Personally, the $30 a month allows me to decrease the amount of time it takes me to build client sites, saving them money and making me more profitable. It more than pays for itself over and over and over. 
      With almost no exceptions professional level tools cost money.

      • soulhuntre John Petrowski As you said, it’s an individual decision. But if I’m absorbing this cost for my clients, ethics dictates that I’d have to let them know upfront that I’m incurring the annal expense and for whatever reason I decide to leave the industry or if something happens to me they’d have to take over the payments. This is why I stay away from frameworks like ithemes.

        For me, I’m not locking my clients into “the latest thing” when a new “latest thing” will be along next year.

    • John Petrowski Try Ultimatum, i’m in since one week, and i think it’s better, and really not expensive

  17. I now bought a PRO subscription to test out the PRO features. I still can’t find a way to customize the color/size of a simple heading, where do I do that? Is there a way to get support in a more appropriate place then the blog comments (a support forum?)

    • mikkelbreum Oh please do keep me informed how it goes.  What site will you be building it on?  I would love to watch the progress.  I want to believe in the future of PageLines but I think their future is in the past.  I think they should have an alternative solution to offer like they did before.  Instead of forcing everyone to give in like you did.  I will tell you this mike, the old framework was awesome, still is.  I have built 5 sites on it.  I was going to upgrade to a higher stand alone but now it seems there is no way to do this.  Guess PL doesn’t want our money lol.  Good luck with that.

      • Brenden mikkelbreum well I’m a very happy customer over at HeadWay themes, and I would hate to switch away from them. I don’t think I will, but I do of course watch the competition, and will pick the tools that are best for me. Before DMS (if it turns out to be good) the old PL framework didn’t offer antyhing near what HeadWay does. PL boasts of being the first DMS, but even if they coined the term (?) HeadWAy was a true DMS (in PL’s definition) and has been around for years. I was grandfathered in for a lifetime PRO DEV licence when HW changed to a recurring subscription model. But still I find a subscription ok, if you only need to reactivate it for PRO demanding updates (you can just buy one moth, rebill it, then cacell when you’re done, and hide the credit icon via CSS.. 
        So far I can see that PL DMS does offer some pre-decided design settings, that can speed up development initially, if you want to use their settings. This is for me almost never the case. All my client sites are highly customized, and look totally different.
        With HeadWay you can style each tiny element using click and set, but so far I haven’t even figured out how to style the post titles without using CSS in DMS. HeadWay has both global and local scope esttings for anything that you can tweak (like DMS).
        In HeadWay you can also easily import and export settings and styling (they call it “Skins”). 
        In HeadWay it’s very clear to see how your templates are going to be applied, as you make your templates on the individual nodes in the WP template hierarchy. So you know that if you haven’t created a custom template for the “Tag Archive”, but you have one for the “Archive” then that will be applied. the fallbck follows the standard WP behaviour. This i expect to the the same for DMS, but I can’t visually see what my templates apply to.

      • mikkelbreum Brenden I thought I would be excited to see the DMS but still don’t like the pricing structure.  I know you and others keep saying it is the same everywhere else.  But I don’t see how that justifies anything.  That is like your lanlord raising your rent just becuase everyone else on the block is.  That is nothing more then greed.  I just bought in to PL and they are already hitting me with upgrading to subscription for life Bull Malarchy.  That only turns me off and makes me want to go to Genesis at least they are a one time fee still.  As well as they have been around for a long time.  Good luck buddy

      • mikkelbreum Brenden I must say I agree with mikkelbreum, I hold a Headwaytheme developer license and this is my confession time :) even though I have PL, HT has been a weapon of choice recently for me in all my projects, simple, clear, and easy to use, from what i have seen so far of DMS is good but HT moved into this concept of DMS or whatever PL wants to call it – i guess its like when the word web 2.0 showed up in the websphere :) 
        If PL doesnt play ball, all my PL sites will be moved unto HT. 
        I am waiting for what pagelines will do

      • knowtheoffers mikkelbreum Brenden pagelines   I hear you guys but the problem is not really PL or HT for me.  I am fine with a nice solid framework that utilizes Bootstrap (Personal Pref)  Where I have a problem is monthly payments.  I don’t like them unless I am the recipient :)  As I understand it HT is a pay as you go system as well.  So, as much as I would like to see whose framework is better, I guess I am just not ready to feed the greed monster.  Thanks for the heads up though guys.

      • Brenden mikkelbreum Agreed. Pointing out other “greedy” pricing structures that traps developers into being “lifetime clients…or else” isn’t positive.

      • Brenden knowtheoffers mikkelbreum pagelines
        I think you’re being rather cruel (and come off as a bit of a troll imo) in saying it is simply greed, I don’t personally think its greed, we have no idea the development cost of DMS and they have to make a profit otherwise they will cease to exist as a company. The subscription model is the most beneficial and logical choice for them and its users. Not a lot of people can afford to pay out right for a product and most development companies are now using the same subscription model and more will follow suit.
        Do I like it personally, doesn’t bother me if I’m honest as I am used to it. Being a web developer isn’t the cheapest profession out there, I have to pay a monthly sub to tons of services to name a few GitHub, my Dedicated server, this doesn’t include purchasing a CDN, applications and so on.
        From what I’ve used of DMS, the pricing is very reasonable and what it comes down to is, is the product worth it and will it increase and ease your workflow. I can say after using several frameworks, DMS’s whatever you want to call them, it does what they say it, the speed in which you can build websites is incredibly fast, although you still have to use some custom code.

      • MaxwellBoardmanTroll come on.  I don’t think anyone here is being cruel for voicing our oppinions.  If all they wanted was positive feed back they would block anything negative.  No, they want to hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The ugly fact is yes, it is greed when you only give people one choice.  Before they offered several options.  You could even get the framework and a membership if you so choosed to.  Now they only have the one choice.

      • ok last time I spend good money on your programing.  I have purchased several of your products…no more.  I think you know what I am talking about.  I am simply saying they should be offering an alternative option like they did before.  Stand alone only and continuing suport on the old

      • Brenden Of course you’re free to voice your opinions but all you seem to be doing is complaining and repeating the same thing over and over again. If you do not like it, don’t pay it is quite simple. No one is forcing you to pay a monthly fee. I just don’t understand why you feel the need to keep posting comments, we understand that Brendan doesn’t want to feed the greed monster, there isn’t a need to continually post the same thing over and over again. This is why I am calling you a troll, we know how you feel, that should be the end of it.
        PageLines offer several options again, Free, Personal, Professional and Business, not sure how why you can complain when you can download DMS from Github now and start playing with it.
        Pagelines framework wasn’t free when it was released, from the looks of it, it is now which probably due to it being considered a legacy theme now, not sure.

      • Brenden I am sure they have already stated that Pagelines framework is still supported but is now feature frozen. Don’t quote me on that though.

      • MaxwellBoardman Brenden Its frozen so that when its finally thaw, we are all washed into DMS lol..

  18. What about support for PL 2.0? Will that continue? For how long? As my account no reflect any purchases should I conclude that support for PL 2 is all but over? It feels like we’re being forced to abandon PL 2.0 and move to DMS. I have had a look at DMS on my test server and it appears that it will get real expensive very quickly. Mixed emotions about this one.

  19. Congrats on the launch. I gave it a quick spin and these were/are my initial thoughts/feedback
    – I didn’t like that when visiting the site normally it appears in edit mode all the time. There may be a way to disable/turn this off other than logging out or switching browser but it wasn’t obvious to me.
    – I couldn’t figure out how to easily change the colours, everything looked extremely plain and simple.
    – Many of the ‘sections’ are not immediately obvious by name or icon what exactly they are or supposedly do

    All in, it’s an ok but quite frustrating experience getting used too, still rough around the edges still but has some potential going forward.

    • WKD5 Hey, didn’t you notice that in one of the videos they changed the sites background color by writing in some custom code! WOOOOW! What other simple tasks we have to do by coding? I am starting to get a bad feeling about all of this…already browsing the competitors. AND I already bought the personal DMS and have no way trying it since the login won’t work so I could get it. Paying, well that worked well, of course.

  20. It is just my opinion. I bought first pageline pro, when I bought it I was promised free upgrades and support. Then they decided to stop supporting it and I had to then buy (with a small discount) Framework, again, promise to support. Now DMS which I am looking forward to, but will be upset if I have to pay a monthly fee to use it. Its software!! Not even Microsoft charges a monthly fee! As far as I am concerned they should still be (as promised) STILL supporting the products I paid for, not forcing me to pay for their new stuff….Its just not ethical.

    • Matthew01970 That’s because you paid for v1 which was a theme, then because v2 was a framework you had to re-buy because it was totally different than a theme, and now you have to re-buy v3 because it’s a dms that’s totally different than a framework and a theme.  Get it?

      • redefiler ….Actually no, that’s semantics….I was promised support and updates. But it seems that they shut it down and no longer support it. Seems like its a push to then buy again….and again….and again…Call it whatever you like, I see it as bought and paid for software that was not cheap and now all of a sudden they are throwing out that promised support. Its all to easy to take a larger update, call it something else in order to make even more money off of what was paid for.

      • Matthew01970redefiler That’s also what I was referring to: ‘I just want to point out that I don’t think the switch in pricing is
        fair to people who bought the framework and are now stuck with a version
        that will not be developed anymore, while that was the deal: ‘One year
        of updates’.’
        It would be a shame imho if nothing would be done about this. I have to admit I was already looking around at other ‘frameworks’, but let’s see how things develop here at

    • Matthew01970 I totally agree, my situation is the same, and despite all remarks from me and allot of other customers, there is little response/explanation from PageLines! And even the discount coupon code from July 23/24 is not being accepted anymore (why? nobody knows and, again, no word from PageLines!)

      • x3mgroup Matthew01970 I guess they are preparing a statement to woo us all over :).. 
        Am waiting as well and I have back up plans, trust me in 2years time ( i think they tend to roll out new wonders every two years or so ) if you are still with PL, expect another roll out and you will pay more :) – its a cashcow concept. The cost of DMS own plugins or sections really put me off, I guess long live the 26000 free WP plugins

    • Matthew01970 Hi Matthew
      You can download the open source version of DMS here –

      • Dannyh Matthew01970 thank you…forgive the lack of understanding, but what is the difference between DMS the product and the DMS-Dev open source? I have purchased both Pro and Framework and was told I would be entitled to DMS full, but I have no idea how to go about getting the file. I know your having issues but I don’t see any updates or clear place where it states I can get it.

  21. PageLines,
    I would urge you to make a clear statement about the severe issues you are facing at the moment.
    I believe in COMMUNICATION, giving the community some CLEAR info about where you stand at the moment would put a lot of the criticism off.
    Also please consider posting a regular tweet on your twitter account, about the status of each major problem you are dealing with, how difficult can that be?
    Also please explain us about why the discount coupon code from July 23/24, and why it is not being accepted anymore! Is there a new code, if so, be so kind and tell us what it is.
    We (specially older customers) would appreciate a clear explanation/statement about your pricing policy.

    Is this too much to ask?

  22. The name DMS is just marketing. 
    The instrument is rigid, restricted, with very few options. The design is another thing. Here are just some modules to drag on the page type assembly line. Have you given too much expectation.
    And then have become unbearable subscriptions. People don’t want subscriptions for everything.  It is not enough earn with the plugins, additional sections and themes? DMS is not a webapp in the cloud with huge costs of infrastructure. It is absurd to pay $30 per month!
    I’m a pagelines framwork’s customer. Very letdown.

    • mattmatt I think its a work in progress, though I have my reservation about the whole noise around it, the PL family is busy with the demo today at 10ampst so my guess is the demo will show us more of what the all singing and dancing DMS can do

      • knowtheoffers mattmatt one COULD expect to get a working product at the release date. Yeah I bet they are busy and all but I would love to play around with my purchase at the moment.

      • knowtheoffers mattmatt I suppose they will be going over the theme vs DMS verbiage in further detail.  I’m not watching live, so far I got it… its just the in-app purchase theme.  DMS customers better make sure their children don’t rack up thousands thru unsupervised in-app shopping.

      • knowtheoffers mattmattIf DMS also brings me coffee in bed I do not care. I do not see why I have to pay a subscription and the price for each plugin and additional section. Madness.
        Suffice it to say that salesforce base costs $ 25. Salesforce, which is a killer webapp with which he handles the marketing & sales function!
        DMS could be a good tool for freelancers and one-man business. And these people do not want a subscription for everything. Soon even my son asks me a subscription to change a diaper!

    • mattmatt completely agree. If they expect a continuous payment on top of a base pay and then have a store in which to buy mod’s? Sounds like the CEO wants a second home in Hollywood hills! I would much rather stick with the PRO and Framework I paid for…But then they stopped supporting that. :(

    • mattmatt I had a quick look and agree with you.
      I’m on Ultimatum framework since one week, and it’s much better, i have custom post types, vertical menus, pages content, any fb widget, that i can drag and drop in the layout! and more things
      lots of more css option (i personally don’t use it a lot as i prefer custom css, but for non coders is much better!)
      here what i se is more gadgets…and a big store!!!
      what i see it’s a lot of predesigned options that are nice, but will produce same type of websites.
      and better ultimatum is going to have soon a new version that includes bootstrap and less.
      The price is ridiculous: 125$ lifetime developper licence, and i bought for 59$ on mighty deals.
      Well they are not so good in marketing, but the product is really good!

    • mattmatt thanks for posting your comments.  I’ve built around ten sites with DMS and all of them were different.  When you build with a framework, whether genesis, headway or PageLines, you’re getting some assembly line.  That’s the nature of a framework, even PageLines Framework sites can look similar without much customization.  
      I hear what you’re saying about the subscription model but I’ve actually watched my capacity to design grow with DMS, not diminish.  
      I’m a PageLines Framework customer.  very VERY happy.

  23. I only bought a perpetual developer licence for PageLines Framework last year so I’m expecting to get continued support for that or some sort of crossgrade to DMS without having to pay every month.
    Trust PL will comment here please.

    • Paul_T Before the site was hacked, there was a lot of information related to current subscribers.  If you are a current Plus member, you will be grandfathered in.  lucky you!  If not and you bought framework recently, you get DMS for free for a year.  yay!  if you just bought the framework dev license, you’ll totally be supported, once the forums are back online (they got hacked twice on launch day).  wow!  hope those answers help.

      • jgiroux Paul_T 
        Thanks – but having bought a product that had a perpetual license just over a year ago for £££ I expect the product to last and NOT to have to PAY AGAIN (no Plus – hate subscription concepts). Out of respect to their customers there really should be some sort of crossgrade offer to those who put them in business.
        As of today (with no info and being unable to log on) I really feel the time I spent making suggestions and actually publishing stuff on the support forums was a complete waste of time. Pagelines has cost a fair amount to purchase but an incredible amount of time and therefore  – money –  has been put into learning the package and convincing clients to look at it as an option. Just as we try to step forward it appears we are basically dumped by the company who’s software were are trying to promote.
        If there is no crossgrade offer then Pagelines are really saying to current customers – Subscribe Forever or ****off we don’t need you anymore.

  24. I would have liked the Framework to develop and grow – it’s young and there is lot of sites built on it that will not easily be converted. I’m developing two sites now. I would have liked an easy upgrade to Framework 3.0 for XX$ but instead I get DMS with subscription only – well – I really don’t have the time to get into that and would rather get the job done in Pagelines Framework. I feel like you just turned your back on my for a fancy short sighted marketing stunt. 
    You really need to re-think this! You serve a community!!!! You should learn from WordPress and not from Apple and Adobe!

    • Martin Bay In as much as Pagelines claim they want to make people happy, i dont think they will make us happy and I am not sure if they will change their minds about the pricing but time will tell..

      • knowtheoffers Martin Bay Agree completely. The “problems” pageline mentioned are completely lost on me… I’m perfectly happy with the framework as it was… I’m not making templates on a day to day basis… I just use the framework on my own site…. And spend over 14 days during the Christmas holidays tweaking and fiddling to get my site the way I like it.  Am perfectly content with the way it looks now…
        I would really see the “old” product side by side with this “DMS”… Which only serves those that do a lot of designing….

    • Martin Bay I am the same. Framework is a platform that can be developed on for years. It wasn’t even out for two years. DMS might be ok but I have built a robust site on Framework and I am not willing to spend the time to move it to DMS as I spent 6 hours with it yesterday on a localhost installation and couldn’t figure it out. It’s almost too simple for those that want to do things.
      Where can I control the header? The H tags? There are sections in the DMS store that I added that were from Framework that broke DMS and returned invalid function calls.
      Web development is not my focus, I like it, but my business is my focus which is athlete coaching. 
      I now feel vulnerable with Framework and hate to say I have looked at other options in the meantime…

  25. This is very frustrating…. I was told if I bought framework (on top of my already purchased plat pro) I would …and I quote…”You can easily upgrade your site from Framework to DMS and we will provide steps to take to perform this….Here it is almost 24 hours later, I have no idea where to download it (the full activated version, not the open source half ass version asking for an activation key), how/where to get it, and on the dashboard my credentials don’t work (even though I can login with those same creds on this site). Of course there is no support, no forum, nothing. I get it, problems happen, but they should have had better redundancy in place for this. Oh,,,and more informative updates would be helpful instead of “We thought it would be fun to show a video”..>Really!?!? Do you honestly think I give a <bleep> about a “fun” video? I want the software I paid for to work, updates and support…thats what I want, not a freakin video!…sorry….venting rant off….Please…Someone from staff give us a heads up that we can USE

    • Matthew01970   No answer because they do not know how to handle the situation. They created a mess. 
      They needs a striking gesture to get out otherwise they will lose a lot of customers (including me).

      • mattmatt Matthew01970 its 7:52 A.M where those guys are at, and they were likely up to 6AM again just liek the night before. Why not cut them some slack? Have you ever been hacked? Twice within 24 hours? Have you ever had to rebuild an entire system from backups? It’s not just the site, it’s the site, forum, activations server, sales api, product api, etc. Just relax. I’m sure everyone will get worked out.
        FFS I haven’t even received a key yet, and my activations don’t work either. It’s everyone.

      • nphaskins mattmatt Matthew01970 I worked IT server security for20 years (retired)…Its called redundancy, with DMZ. They said they were not hacked (in later announcement) but rather it was a corrupt files on the server undetected. Properly planned redundancy makes instances like this completely front end translucent (ask the banks how they do as 5 mins down could mean millions to billions of dollars, not that I expect them to have that sort of system) What I am completely over is they knew the load for launch, they failed to plan properly. now they are paying for it. Sure I am forgiving, but this is business, not personal, they are charging good money for their software, so no, they do not deserve the kind or leniency that you are serving.

      • nphaskinsMatthew01970mattmattthe CEO said none of this was related to PageLines software. It was a corrupt file already present. Still a hack admittedly, but not as originally thought as someone who was trying to stop the launch. Thats for the most part what it sounded like.

      • nphaskins Matthew01970 mattmatt and working till 6am or even all night without sleep. been there done that, but that is exactly why you have mirror redundant server behind a DMZ. So you dont have to do that. So again, no sympathy, this is business, and esp. in software it is fickle, cold and unforgiving.

  26. It’s amazing that there still is no word from Pagelines. I would actually like to WORK, you know? 
    “We’re looking forward to what you guys do!”    …maybe get some other framew..oh sorry we weren’t supposed to call it that.

    • MichaelDevaney the guys are working to get everything up. They were hacked twice within the last 24 hours and DNS to the new servers has just propagated.

      • nphaskins MichaelDevaney thanks for the quick response man. I will wait and not complain like everyone below ha.

      • knowtheoffers MichaelDevaney nphaskins everyone is cheap, i don’t mind paying/supporting pagelines, they have always been good to me. Plus it’s all goes away during tax time. :)

      • knowtheoffers $8 a month. That’s like a starbucks drink. You have to understand the monthly model. Let’s take a maid for example. DO you think she would keep coming back, month after month, after month, if you only paid her a one time fee of $100? How would she keep making money, and keep buying better supplies to clean your house more efficiently?
        So instead of a one time fee, you pay her only $10 a month. And you keep them working for you. Non-stop.

      • nphaskins knowtheoffers everything is becoming a subscription, i don’t mind. I’d rather not toss down a couple hundred bucks, 8 a month lets you decide if you like it or not.

      • nphaskins knowtheoffers Last week, $8 a month also got you the previous version developer edition, now you only get the feature limited lite version. Steep value dive.
        If Pagelines was offering DMS and maid service to clean my place for $100 a month then maybe ok.  A maid will clean the bathroom, Pagelines is skinning a freeware cms.

      • nphaskins knowtheoffers  I understand what you guys are saying, but if you have lots of clients, even though money is coming out of their ears they just dont throw money out that way, its Pagelines culture of roll out a new tool increase the price, yes they must live as they are not charity, I have my options ready part of me dont expect PL to change their mind ( so far they have maintained silence :) ) so assuming they dont throw loyalty of people like myself into wind and force me down subscription road, their is not a lot i can do, I will take my business somewhere else, so its no big deal for me, life goes on.

      • nphaskins knowtheoffers But if you decide to get a new maid, you can. If you decide to go with another framework down the road you’ll still have to pay the annual fee to keep your current sites updated. 
        So imagine letting the old maid go, but still having to pay her.

      • nphaskins MichaelDevaney so that means they cannot give us an update? Or better yet offer some form of a link that clearly states….”Download here”

      • Matthew01970 its like 9 am there where they are and they probably were up to 6AM getting you guys worked out like the night before.

      • Matthew01970 nphaskins MichaelDevaney again, i’ll wait. I understand. I’ve been hacked once or twice before, it blows.

      • MichaelDevaney thanks for understanding man. ya it sucks. I myself still dont have a key and can’t activate so we’re all in the same boat for sure.

      • nphaskins MichaelDevaney thats all well and good, I get it, but having a presence of a few mins to type something saying “hey everyone, this is where we are at and this is whats happening” would be nice….and ETA would be amazing!

      • Matthew01970 yes, that link was up ALL day yesterday. a link to a zip file. With the move, I’m sure its’ only been temporarily removed (its only been gone for 10 hours). I’m sure when they get going, it’ll be their priority.

      • MichaelDevaney ya it really really is. I have an article on my personal blog i’m trying to finish. It pits DMS against Headway and Genesis, and it only compares facts about the tech inside these frameworks. DMS clearly wins by a long shot.

      • nphaskins Matthew01970 It was? I wasn’t even able to connect to their site. the few times it did load I didnt see a link. Although I did see and try the link for the open source DMS-dev…but that requires an activation key.

      • nphaskins MichaelDevaney Are you guys using Chrome? The account section with the download link is right there.. bit messed up, but working.

      • Matthew01970 Ahh, so you did download it. It does not require an activation free. there’s a free version. If you want to unlock pro features, you can sign up for a subscription.

      • MichaelDevaney Matthew01970 ah. I have the free version. no use. I need the pro (which I did pay for so I guess I just need to wait for a key or something)

      • Matthew01970 MichaelDevaney it’s working now in the account i had to use FireFox to see it but the url should be something like this “”

    • MichaelDevaney I had a pro account too, and have a site actively running the old version of PageLines.  Still can’t log-in.  Have you been able to get anywhere yet?

      • merryeisner MichaelDevaney as has been noted several times, elements of the PageLines system are down as a result of yesterday’s hack.  they are being brought online as they are checked for security vulnerabilities and cleared.  hopefully in the next day or so things will return to normal.

      • jgiroux No offense, but I’m concerned about my LIVE SITE.  I’ll wait and download DMS and start playing when you guys have all your stuff worked out.  But I need to fix some settings on my site — and I can’t do anything because I’m locked out of my own site.  Is there anyway you can help me???

      • merryeisner jgiroux I just took a look at a site that I have on Framework and it seems to be working fine.  I couldn’t log in and access the store (as a result of the hack) but I could edit templates, drag and drop, deal with site options, etc.

      • jgiroux merryeisner This illustrates the issue with DMS needing to authentuicate with Pagelines and how if it can’t it reverts to disabling the pro features and reinstalling the credit link (which can be removed with CSS).
        Personally I am understanding of what has happened. Just not sure that DMS is right for me. Framework has it’s place and I’d hate to think I have to move to DMS and that workflow or risk a new version of WordPress coming out and breaking it.

      • jgiroux merryeisner I think the store and support for Framework is done. Would love to hear an official response from Pagelines on this to confirm though. The old store pages are all turning up 404s.

  27. Guys I am in the same boat as you
    guys from the looks at it. This will cost way too much if I have to get the
    developer version just to manage my personal sites.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mine purchasing new updates every few years as everyone
    needs to make money. I have being doing that with my OS’s for years, but they
    all had support for a few number of years, what I mean is Windows XP
    4/14/2009 what is for pageline products (link please)? (
    Also how does one explain the large jump in
    pricing between frameworks and DMS? (using my past payment)
    PlatformPro developer was 175 USD (one
    PageLines Framework 2.0 dev kit was
    $198.50 USD (one time)
    now DMS it’s around $288 / year.
    Is there a way you can go back to the old pricing model, as in giving people
    the option to purchase what they need and not to force people into purchasing a
    subscription for things you might or might not need? The store is a great thing as I have used it
    to purchase plugin’s, in the past, but I had the option to do so.
    The old plus subscription was 20 USD a
    month why is there three difference versions now of the plus subscription (10
    USD, 20 USD and 30 USD) if DMS is open source?

    Since DMS is open source (open source
    refers to a program in which the source code is available to the general public
    for use and/or modification from its original design.(
    ) this means the community is free to do what we like with it, right? So is
    there a reason for us to even purchase a DMS developer subscription as we
    can modify everything DMS has to offer?

    • dgosine it is open, you can edit all the code you want. But if you want features that pagelines is offering it will cost ya. and i’m fine with that.

      • MichaelDevaney is Unlimited Websites a feature?  if want No Link Credit how is that a feature? can you explain how these are feature?
         Would these not be part of the source code, hence we will have the rights to modify, or do we not?

      • dgosine MichaelDevaney I have to explain Open Source? The free one you can install on a million sites. For upgraded stuff you need to pay.

      • dgosine MichaelDevaney 
        * “is Unlimited Websites a feature?”
        Well yes, it is. The right to use the Pro features on an unlimited number of sites is a HUGE feature. That means my ONLY PageLines cost to have this tool for all my clients is $30. 
        * “if want No Link Credit how is that a feature?”
        My clients don’t want that logo there, so having it gone is a feature. Of course it is.

      • MichaelDevaney dgosine “But if you want features that pagelines is offering it will cost ya. and i’m fine with that.”
        I agree. Professional, dedicated development is not a charity – it is a business. The tool provides value – if the cost / benefit to a consumer is good, then that tool will thrive int he market. If not, then market pressure will force a change.


  28. No matter how many problems you face, the harsh criticism
    you receive and the objections you incur from pre-existing clients, I would
    like to sincerely commend you for the sheer efforts and dedication you have contributed
    in developing a new product. Absolutely fantastic job guys! Keep up the good
    If people could only understand the amount of time, planning
    and dedication that goes into a project like this, whilst trying to run a
    business which needs to meet the expectations of thousands of customers all
    with various personal expectations, only then could they really understand.
    No system is perfect from the outset, you only need to be a
    Microsoft Windows Customers to understand this, a platform takes time to be
    updated and improved from with community contribution.
    This platform is a great addition as a tool which optimises
    many problems faced by designers, developers and administrators. I look forward
    to seeing this platform grow with positive contribution from smart people by pushing
    this product forward and making it grow collectively.

    • ASARL
      The link in the docs, was incorrect and has just been corrected.

  29. For we have buy the only framework of the old version of pagelines what is the program for the new release?

  30. Thanks, The authority behind Paglines, i love this excellent effort. I am using the free version of pagelines and hoping to move to pro version, but after a while. What I need to know about the fate of pagelines and platform free version. Do these amazing free themes will be continued with support. This evening I log in to my free pagelines theme dashboard and saw the dashboard section of “STORE “is empty. I wonder why is this. And please do not stop the support on free pagelines version- Thanks with regards.

    • MDSiraz the store is down as a result of being hacked twice yesterday, you’ll hopefully be able to buy stuff again soon but I’m not 100% sure of that to be honest.

  31. Where is the forum?  How do I upgrade my old there a guide or step by step?  Looks great but I’m lost on what to do

    • MarkFirth great question.  the forums are down at the moment as a result of being hacked twice yesterday (your details are safe) but you can see for how-to’s and stuff.  not sure if there’s a lot of documentation on upgrading but within the DMS toolbox there are settings to help you upgrade.  It’s not automatic (because it’s a different product) but there are some options built in to make the transition smoother.

      • jgiroux MarkFirth so its not an upgrade, instead a bran new product?  I can’t just install the theme on my current site with minimum disruption?

      • MarkFirth jgiroux thanks for asking that, it’s helpful for others too.  It’s a brand new product installed in a different folder so you can’t just overwrite the pagelines folder in your themes folder and expect things to work.  You’ll have to do some finessing but as I said, there are some built in compatability tools to help you get there.

      • jgiroux MarkFirth Well, would not say some finessing… In my case have to start from scratch… And def not the experience I was expecting. There are number of assumptions you guys made that in my case are wrong: 
        1: I am not a designer not will I ever wanna be. The options are similar to someone opening Photoshop, and seeing way too many options, and not being able to the most simple things in the eye of the “user”…..
        2: I have to use Chrome to edit the DMS…. Not everyone wants to use Chrome. There are other browsers out there…. 
        3: Even on a MacBook Retina, the real estate on my screen that is lost to white spacing of the “flashy” looking icons to drag and drop is huge… I’m unable to see the final result in one overview…. And it just feels wrong to me, to edit “on the front” I want to be able to bring my site in Maintenance and do some stuff at the backend… This can include tweaking my front end.

      • Arnold_iOSDev jgiroux MarkFirth I opened my site with DMS coming from Framework and the result is I would have to completely relearn and rebuild everything. The site was beyond destroyed. Thus, I am sticking with Framework for now and might end up having to go somewhere else if it isn’t supported.

      • MarkFirth jgiroux “so its not an upgrade, instead a bran new product?”
        Yes, essentially. It installs in a new folder, and WordPress sees it as a totally separate theme. You should think in terms of “migration” not “drop in upgrade”.
        That said, there is a compatibility mode that helps some, but I have not used it myself.

      • Arnold_iOSDev jgiroux MarkFirth What gets me is that the free version is FILLED with teasers and blatant messages about upgrading to the Pro version. Seriously? You can’t just let the base product stand on its own and let our curiosity about more capabilities lead us to the Pro version? I don’t want to be working in a sales environment.

  32. It works now! 
    You’re A Pro!
    Congratulations! The latest and greatest DMS tools and features are activated. #yay

  33. This may seem a silly question ( I cut my teeth on build a web site when Pagelines was still called Platform Pro) but having jumped in with both feet and bought DMS todsy and now downloaded it to my desktop…what do I do with it?! Upload the whole folder via FTP to my themes folder? I was looking for a read me file…etc. Is there a ‘base theme’ like the old Platform Pro? Help?!?! Thanks!

    • alexbulgo Go ahead and install it as with any theme. 
      It IS functional out of the box, though the basic “theme” that you build from is fairly…. basic. Still, it will operate, and is a good starting point. There is also a build in landing page style template that you can set up through the templates tab of the DMS UI that helps a lot.

      • Thanks! So I just dump the whole DMS download folder into my themes folder? Where’s the activation key that people are talking about come into it? Not that I’ve had one either…

  34. hi i paid PageLines CMS Developer through my PayPal account, but I do not know where can I find the activation key. Please advise me

  35. Hi there. Folks I’ve paid PageLines CMS Developer through my credit card, but I do
    not know where can I find the activation key. Please advise me. Tried logging into my account (no joy)

      • Many thanks for getting back to me. Actually unable to log into my account – will leave it for a bit until the dust settles. Canvas by woothemes here I come tonight!!
        hanks again

  36. Remember what was said about Framework less than a year and a half ago: Why are we excited? Because this new release solves a ton of web design problems; for both beginners and professionals. It builds on the concept of “drag and drop web design,” and we really think it could change the way people build websites, forever.
    I bet the follow up to DMS has already had some code laid down. Not having an upgrade path is maddening. Could you imagine if you couldn’t open up old versions of Excel spreadsheets from year to year.

  37. hey, nifty little system!
    Maybe I am missing something but I purchased the pro developer this yea with Pagelines Plus, do I inherit the pro version of DMS? Aldo within my account (coxis) it states the following:
    You have no active subscriptions.
    Thanks for putting such a cool product out there are making it freely available to all, kudos. 
    ps – hope you can help

  38. Hi there – sorry if this is in the comments already  (I tried doing a search) but when I log into my account it just says “subscriptions” and then my addresses. There is no where to view my orders or download the products that I bought in the past year…  Also, will I be able to pay a flat fee  for DMS or do I have to sub?

    • DianeRuiz721 I have the same problem, no editing controls for front end..or any end. Just a mess of a site with elements exploded all over the page, without any styling.

      • artohoff DianeRuiz721
        I have the same exact problem! I tried re-installing both a clean new version of WP and new install of DMS and still same problem!!
        Also I bought activation key for 1 site (personal account, now I cant even use the same key b/c I get a message that the key was
        already used on max number of sites. I contacted Pagelines, but who knows when I’ll get an answer.

  39. I can’t find a way to contact pagelines. Do I still have my developer account with Pagelines? I’ve tried my username and password both in the admin section of my sites, as well in the login section, but it says this doesn’t exist? What’s going on? I have many websites for people that I’ve developed with pagelines. Is DMS taking over completely? Is Pagelines 2.4.4 the last update for the old pagelines?

    • reformedmedia [email protected] – but I think they are working on the login issues at the moment. I’m also a dev pro/plus? (don’t know, but I have an active subscription) member and I can not login. yesterday I got the message, that I have no subscriptions. today there is no way to log in at all. I emailed, but I have not received a reply so far. Looks like we have to be patient with them. cheers :)

      • PetraNiedermoser reformedmedia 
        your reply is helpful. I wasn’t following on the glitches. thanks!

  40. I just purchased PageLines DMS for $288 after purchasing PageLines for $197 + $20 a month earlier this year along with hundreds of dollars in sections. I went to the PageLines DMS store and see that DMS-ready sections I’ve already paid for are seemingly wanting me to pay again. Hmmmm. What’s the deal?

    • Sean Clifford we’ll take care of you, give us some time to get the systems back up please. We’re doing the best we can and not sleeping.

      • arpowers Sean Clifford I had the same questions. I love the DMS, even with the hickups of the newborn, but it would be a great to give a quick Q&A for all the things that are stuck in the pipeline so all those nervous people that it is part of the update process. Especially for all those people who are just looking at their PL admin and wondering where all the stuff is gone…
        Keep up the good work and don’t forget to get some sleep. We will too :D

  41. Anyone see this message on new DMS install?
    “Sorry preview is disabled, enable PageLines Framework.” How to fix?

    • DianeRuiz721 visit the front end, that is the WP editor which isn’t supported (since DMS has its own system)

      • arpowers DianeRuiz721 our front end is messed up, elements exploded all over the place. reinstalls don’t help.

      • artohoff arpowers DianeRuiz721 
        I know, but at least I feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one with that problem. Did you see my site? Does yours look like that too?

      • artohoff arpowers DianeRuiz721 

        Did you see comment by arpowers? He said that WP editor is causing the glitch. Do you know how to disable the WordPress editor? If I find out how to fix this I’ll let you know, and maybe you can do the same for me. Thanks a bunch!! You’re not alone!!  Diane

      • DianeRuiz721 artohoff arpowers  
         I use Better WP Security which has a switch to disable the editor.

      • DianeRuiz721 James Hatch artohoff arpowers 
        Front end still messed up, using Better WP Security to make editor disabled

      • James Hatch DianeRuiz721 artohoff arpowers 
        Ok I installed the plugin but cant find the switch. Can you help me?

      • artohoff arpowers DianeRuiz721 Most likely an extension, look for JS errors on console as well (created by plugins)

      • DianeRuiz721 artohoff arpowers that was a different issue. If there is a JS error on the page, it can break the editor.

      • arpowers DianeRuiz721 artohoff  
        I have no plugins at the moment, deleted everything.

      • artohoff arpowers DianeRuiz721 
        Disable JetPack plug in and disable the WP editor!  This solved the problem for me and I hope it works for you as well!

      • arpowers DianeRuiz721 
        How do I disable the wordpress editor and allow DMS to take over?
        Thanks for the help!!!!

      • arpowers DianeRuiz721 
        How do I disable the WP editor and allow DMS to take over? Thanks so much for the help!!!!

    Be patient. I’m a pagelines user too. I have an active subscription and I CAN’T WAIT to use DMS. I can not log in and the only good idea is to LEAN BACK. The guys had a few problems (the servers have been hacked) AND as you may know – a launch is always the point where something fails which previously has worked perfectly)
    So do yourself a favor and wait a few days. I am sure they are giving their best to support us, after some of the biggest problems are solved. Nobody will be left behind, nobody is going to lose money. They can not solve everything at the same time.
    Cool down and you will see, in a few days (not a few HOURS) everything will be okay :)

      • arpowers PetraNiedermoser  
        I’d like to apologize my heated posts few hours back :) Petra, you are right.

      • artohoff arpowers PetraNiedermoser YEAH!  You are so awesome! That’s courage. Some day we are going to launch OUR project and then we’ll also hope for understanding (<< don’t know if this is english :D :D)

      • artohoff arpowers PetraNiedermoser 
        My front end is messed up again for no apparent reason. I cleared cache and cookies and it reverted back to being messed up! How is that even possible? I deactivated Jetback and shut off WP editor and still the problem exists.
        Did you get your front end fixed?? 
        Diane Ruiz

      • arpowers PetraNiedermoser 
        PROBLEM SOLVED! DMS front page/front end was messed up and scattered files all over.
        DISABLE: JETPACK WP plugin, and WP editor!! 
        i still need NEW activation key b/c I had to reinstall DMS 2x now it’s asking for new key, saying the one given was already used! I purchased personal license for only 1 site. Can someone help with this? Also discount coupon 10% did not work initially.

      • arpowers PetraNiedermoser

    • PetraNiedermoser Agreed. I think most of it just comes from the anticipation of playing around with a cool new tool. /waits patiently

  43. I always felt coding a web site was like if I had to write postscript to have a layout printed. We are entering a new era. Thanks for all you coder and backend genius to give us the tool to spend our time n what we are useful : communication and design.

  44. Thanks for all the hard work on DMS. It looks great. Will the activation codes be available at some point? Also, I used the coupon for the discount when I signed up for pro, and it said it accepted the coupon, but no discount was applied (my account name is different with Pagelines). I am definitely aware that you have more pressing issues right now. I have been around for a few product upgrades and changes with Pagelines. The whining is always the same and when the dust settles everyone is happy. I really encourage people to take a longer view here.

    • Mindtrain if you’re still having problems with activation email [email protected] and include the time you tried along with a screenshot (if possible).. 
      we’re working through issues, one at a time. :)

  45. As fellow designers and developers we definitely understand that updates to an existing platform take time and patience, and even more so that circumstances beyond our control can make things even harder. You guys are great and we’re confident that you’ll have things back up and running in no time. Just keep us all updated when you have the time available, as I’m sure that everyone is eager to get things back on track, and a little insight as to progress would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • William Soenksen thanks a lot for that, lots of people question the motives behind what we do, we’re just trying to create great products for you guys (without getting yelled at for doing so!) lol

      • arpowers William Soenksen No problem, you guys are pioneers and with new territory comes new issues, it’s just part of the job, and personally what I think keeps things interesting. We purchased Pagelines Pro Framework a little over a year ago, and have been a Plus member ever since, currently paid for through February of 2014.  Will we be grandfathered into the new system or need to purchase a DMS subscription separately, also will Pro Framework continue to be supported in the meantime?

      • arpowers William Soenksen You’re not getting yelled at for creating great products.  You’re getting yelled at for rebranding products, obscuring details and limitations with insipid marketing, more than doubling the prices, zero customer upgradability, and crying victim every time you screw something up.  
        You’ve gotten plenty of money from your customers in the past, you’ve crowed about how adopted Framework v2 was, so however you’ve screwed up your business is really just your problem Andrew.  Just like the server crashes, and other developers not wanting to work with you.  There’s no conspiracy beyond Pagelines own problems.  From what I see, Pagelines advantage was styling, and you’ve let it slip in favor of excessive monetization schemes.
        So get to work… fix those horrible left and right margins on your site (which look ever worse on tablets), fix those stupid oblong video boxes on the front page, clean up all the typos, deliver some actual product/plan specifics, and figure out how to cut your existing customers a break on your massive price increases.  Asking for more, while delivering less is really pathetic.

  46. To everyone who can’t find their activation key, here’s how I found mine:
    1) Log in to your account: (reload if it says bad gateway, it will eventually success, it’s a cloud host thing..)
    2) click on the order number link under you subscriptions, then it will show you your licence key at the top.

  47. Hey folks,
    First let me say that I am thankful for the Pagelines crew hard work and no sleep. Clearly a launch of this size and site issues is causing major stress. In the words of Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys “Oosah”.
    I have full faith that once the site issues are over we will see them start really extending this platform out and make it super smooth and very widespread. Thanks guys!
    That being said, my activation key won’t work. Ha! Oh well, can’t all be roses. Any help would be great!

    • MJMediaDMV are you still having issues? if the pagelines servers are slow (cause of traffic) if may cause the activation request to time out…

      • arpowers MJMediaDMV Working now! No worries. I just frantically clicked activate for 10 minutes. :)
        Thanks for being so responsive!

  48. arpowers  Taking on board what people have said I feel that PL is great platform and ive even recommended it to friends. 
    Problem ive got with the new pricing is the amount ive invested PL framework, support ,sections plugins and themes I also spent many hours learning PL platform.  I think if software has an update such as Iphone with IOS all future updates are compatible with previous Iphone’s. In this case your saying to all of us that have invested into PL Licences’ we now have to start from beginning again which is causing most of us to consider and looking else where at other frameworks. 
    Not only have I lost money and time waiting for the DMS to launch ive now got to find more money to use new DMS platform. 
    Really annoyed, I wish that PL announced this subscription base months ago.

    • If I were you I’d cool down a bit. It is really simple: either Pagelines is a good product and worth it, or it’s not. If you find the product useful, then … Adobe has already adopted subscription pricing. It is hardly an anomaly. Either it is useful or not. From what I can see, so far, DMS is really useful to me.

      • Mindtrain daryldyer  This is exactly right, the subscription stuff is incredibly important in creating a stable product and business over time.

      • arpowers Mindtrain daryldyer I agree from the subscription base model but to introduce it when existing customers have already adopted the old structure. Thsis change completely changes us freelance developers cashflow forecast and now have to consider our options wether to continue and adapt or explore other options.

      • daryldyer arpowers Mindtrain “now have to consider our options wether to continue and adapt or explore other options.”
        Well said.
        I am confident you will find it is for sure worth it. $30 for this tool MORE than pays for itself. Heck, the first client I showed a site to with the BETA paid for more than a few years of the subscription will cost. 
        This tool helps me make money. Full stop. As such, it si a great value proposition.

      • arpowers daryldyer From what I can see its still expected to not have an activation key, or the download to activate anything of the sort? I got another email saying “DMS is here!” but I log in (with difficulty), no place to download, no activation key. I should have access but don’t. This is still being worked out?

  49. Hello does anyone know why when i have the DMS basic on the left i see the text with a blue background and it looks unorganized when i click on a tab such as sections and to the left the options are with a blue background

  50. Hey guys, I am trying to sign up for the Dev Pro and using “dmslaunch” for the coupon code and it’s saying that the first month will be $20 and then $30 monthly after that? I am selecting the monthly payment option. Shouldn’t the discount apply even after the first month? Any help ? =)

  51. I will start with the Good.
       It looks and feels good.  I am sure for newbs it is nice to feel like they can do it themselves now.  To not have to beat their head against the wall trying to understand what they did wrong. For pros, yes it may feel a little cluncky at first, but doesn’t all new work-flows.  I also like the drag and drop WYSIWYG interface, and you should definately be rewarded handsomely for your work.  It is your fluglebinder (little plastic piece on the end of your shoelace).  Singers and actors get royalties why shouldn’t you for your poetic code.
      The Bad: I don’t like the fact that things are disabled when you stop paying your dues.  If something is broken in my house I throw it away or try to fix it.  I also don’t like the fact that you will no longer support the old, which for me and a lot of others may not even be that old as we just started working with your framework.  People who bought a Framework Only and didn’t get your subscription before did so for a reason.  They liked your foundation but didn’t want the hassle of dues.  I am fine with one or two version updates only till the point when it becomes uncompatible with a newer version of WP.  What about all the many clients that programers already built sites for on top of your old framework.  What happens when WP has a newer version that is no longer compatible, or plugins for the same reason.
      THE SOLUTION:  When people stop their payments have an update sent to their dashboard that reminds them to pay or it will be disabled.  At that point if they “Choose” to stop payment and they click on a “Finished” button (indicating that they are finished using your AMAZING tool set) let the finished button install a version that is similar to the “Framework Only” version.  In this way you can continue to update your AWESOME foundation but for those who are ready to hand it off to there client it will not come with broken or disabled parts.  Maybe it is just me but I don’t think my clients would apprecitate paying through the nose for a website that my company just designed for them and see items that they can’t use.  Those are just questions that I would rather avoid.  
    Or at the very least give us all an option like before and continue to support the old.  I don’t want to be the one to say I told you so when things start to break in the future because sites that were already built on your “FABULOUS” old framework becomes uncompatible.  Then people start talking smack about PageLines when really the only thing that is wrong is discontinuing a masterpiece.  Pablo Picasso’s old works of art didn’t stop selling just because they discovered a newer and better one.
    Remeber when you read this: I am not coming down on PageLines.  I come in piece, and I am simply pointing out that their fly is down and they might want to zip it up.  I offer a solution not just picking on the bad.  I also started this thread with a compliment.  So please if you comment back to me keep that in mind :)  I love all of you my fellow veteran programmers…Ok you too newbs so be nice lol

    • Brenden There is a solution to your issues Brenden. For the sites you use DMS on, just simply enable your DMS login info and enable the Pro features, fix whatever you need to, then remove the login info. DMS should still have the basic installed and you should be all set. The awesome thing about the basic (free) version of DMS is that you don’t need a login or account to use it. If you are the one doing all of the maintaining on your  client’s websites, then you basically have them as your primary go-to-guy anyways right?
      So in reality, if you signed up for the Pro version of DMS, it’s pretty worth it for unlimited sites. If you ever decide to stop paying on it, the DMS sites you worked on will still function, just the extra goodies won’t be accessible.

      • AlexJuchniewicz Brenden   Thank you for your suggestion however, I don’t have an issue.  I have the Old Pro version before DMS so getting DMS is not a viable solution unless they plan on implementing my idea.  I am very happy with the Framework Only. 
           My issue if I have one at all is that I paid nearly $200 for a Framework not even 2 weeks old and it is not going to be supported any longer.  This creates a huge problem if plugins or WP itself ever becomes uncompatible with PL.  All of the sites that I have already built on PL or others have built will break.

      • PetraNiedermoser Yea, I just got an email from them that said, “for the lifetime of the product”  which in laymens terms is their legal loop hole.  If they decide to dump it or shelf it then the lifetime of that product will expire with it.  Not good for us that is why I am trying to talk them into selling the old platform to our company :) We would never do that.  It is just unethical and not good business.

      • Then be ethical too and do business where business takes place. Maybe public comments are not the right way…
        I don’t think, that they let you down with the framework. Let us wait a few days. I am sure, that all questions are going to be answered on the FAQ page in a little while.

      • PetraNiedermoser Business takes place in public all the time.  Coffee shops, elevators, restraunts.  Besides there is no better place to start with something like this.  It lets others know not everyone is willing to dump them after the first date :)

      • PetraNiedermoser I will cash in my chips with that smile :) have to go but I will keep you informed on :)

      • Brenden AlexJuchniewicz If it makes you feel any better, if your subscription lapses, all of the settings, etc remain. The site functions as is, you just won’t be able to make changes to those options that require a subscription.

      • Brenden PetraNiedermoser All products have an EOL, and warranties almost always are dictated by terms of lifetime of the product, not lifetime of a person. This is especially true in the software industry. I’m not sure why you have unique expectation of PL…

  52. Can you explain, please what a “Pro” DMS subscription vs regular DMS is? I’m really unclear here on what exactly a subscription gives me.

    • blogmylunch
      Sure thing.
      The “Basic” version, which is the free one you can download, gives you the core functionalities of DMS without making you pay for a subscription. 
      “Personal” gives you 1 account to use DMS on to unlock the goodies.
      “Business” gives you 6 accounts to use DMS on, “” “”.
      “Developer” give you unlimited and you can use multisite and receive priority support.
      Does that help?

    • blogmylunch If it is like the old way then the difference is : Support, Bells & Whistles, & unlimited sites that you own.  Either way PL is a great solution for   Your concept is awesome but your theme is killing you.  On my screen stuff was everywhere out of place.  Just my opinion but if I had a great idea like that I would get myself into PageLines right away :)

      • Brenden blogmylunch Brenden, actually it’s a new theme and I am really fighting with Themeforest for a refund on it because it is incompatible with WP Engine hosting. Try registering and posting from the frontend, which was the whole point. You can’t post an image. I have to have a theme that allows users to post their stuff easily, or I have to open it up to multisite, which I can’t afford on managed WordPress. I need help with the site. I tried raising money. Got $35. 

      • Brenden blogmylunch At this point I’m willing to give away 20% share of the site for some real help.

      • blogmylunch Brenden use that money to put it on PL & where are you raising money my co. will donate.  What do we get for our donations?  Every minute spent on that is killing you.  Especially with those that want to invest.  Fortunately we can see past the mess to see the potential.  But like I said get into PL NOW don’t wait.  You can always cancel later.  Or when your site is doing well continue for the convenience.

      • blogmylunch Brenden by the way Themeforest is obligated to refund anything that does not work.  Keep pushing them.  Sometimes you have to throw the words lawyer at them to get them to respond.

      • Brenden blogmylunch I was on Indiegogo and it’s way over. I needed better partners on the campaign. I was giving away Blog My Lunch mugs for donations.

      • Brenden blogmylunch But if the file works on GoDaddy but not on WP Engine, whose liable for that?

      • Brenden blogmylunch I was actually looking at DMS for another site I want to build, a website for photographers to have their own blogs and be able to sell photos, find jobs, etc. I want it funded by advertising only and not to charge like other sites do $99 a month for an outdated platform.

      • Brenden blogmylunch To have to hire a lawyer to get back $40 is ridiculous. It’ll just be my first, last and only purchase from them.

      • blogmylunch Brenden Does it mention any requirements in the informaton about the theme.  Sounds like a PHP issue  Godaddy is I believe using PHP 5.3  Have you tried disabling any plugins that you have?  It could also be JS conflicting.

      • Brenden blogmylunch The WP Engine team has tried everything. They can’t even get it to work on the staging platform.

      • blogmylunch Brenden No I am not saying hire one just tell them, “I don’t want to have to get my lawyer involved but I will if I have to”  However, you may want to check into those things first.  Cause if it is a requirements thing like needing to have PHP 5.3 or some other scripting language avail then and it mentions that fact in the about the product on TF then unfortunately it is on you.  However, again if it were me I would get into PL asap.  Just saying.

      • blogmylunch Brenden So where are you taking donations and do you have a contract in PDF drawn up for partners?

      • Brenden blogmylunch I am considering launching a new campaign or setting up a donate button. Doing everything by myself is like reinventing the wheel. Contracts Have to look for one of those.

      • Brenden blogmylunch I’m going offline. I’m exhausted. Please keep in touch. I actually took the site offline now. grrr….

      • blogmylunch knowtheoffers I have a developer license for PL framework so whatever license you have you must sign up for a subscription if you want to use DMS. 
        Its a fresh start, if you want DMS you pay period, plugins and section that you bought from them will still work.

  53. Hey PageLines.  My company would like to purchase your old platform since you will no longer be supporting it.  We would like to pick up where you left off.  Let’s talk $  How much?  We just don’t want to see people left on the curbside who built their clients sites on top of your old framework because of an incompatibillity with future WP versions or Plugins.  Let me know :)

  54. I just buy one activation key, but it dont work at all,
    and there is not a support link, you can only go to an empty forum!!!!

    • bfrye26 oflain ok, but my site do not have jetpack installed… 
      anyway with the message “Exceeded maximum number of activations” they missed the point that the first time must work and do the registration….

      • bfrye26 oflain im now chequin my php sets, because pagelines requiremntes are version 5.2.4 or greater (5.3 recommended) version 5.0 or greaterAt least 40MB of memory dedicated to PHP

    • oflain
      Have the same problem…..
       “Exceeded maximum number of activations”, so now I sit and wait…..

  55. bfrye26 Give it some time, they are still experiencing some tech issues. Give it about 20 minutes and then try again =)

    • bfrye26 AlexJuchniewicz No way, Andrew has posted numerous times that they will stand behind their product. Their goal is to make us happy. Do not worry, but I will tell you that right now it’s a patience game. 
      So hang in there any keep trying until it work :)

  56. I bought the Developer package and spent about 350 bucks in total with the store. I was able to activate it on one site, but can’t for any other sites. Alternatively, I can only download half of the items I purchased. Every time I try downloading again it says “must be logged in to download”….even though I’m already logged in. It continuously loops. No responses to my emails so far either, so I’m really hoping this is the real deal.
    Also, the dmslaunch coupon never applied to my account. I’m pretty pissed to say the least, and was so excited about this. If I don’t hear anything back soon, I’m just going to do a chargeback on this. Its so upsetting that there is no support to handle this.

    • simplesites Hey simplesites, let’s give them a break shall we? They are working SUPER HARD on bringing everything back to life and jsut released one of the best innovations in the WP community. 
      Some bugs are still trying to be ironed out and will take a bit longer to process. Give it some more time, maybe try back again tomorrow and you will probably see your other store items be working.

      • AlexJuchniewiczsimplesitesHmmm that really isn’t a good excuse though Alex.  If you just bought a new car and the breaks went out because of a bug, would you be so quick to say, “let’s give them a break shall we?” knowing that you just smashed your new car and are out all that money?

      • Brenden AlexJuchniewicz simplesites Software is a bit different than mechanical. I can see your point, but there have been posts stating that they are “in the process” of restoring their servers after being attacked. But then all of these people are blasting about things not working and complaining when they should be waiting until the dust settles.

      • AlexJuchniewicz Brenden simplesites yes but invisioning made a good point.  You don’t throw out the old until the new is working and it is no different both ways you are out of good money spent.

      • AlexJuchniewiczsimplesitesLook at poor ol’ blogmylunch he just spent good money on a theme that is broken as well.  Do you think he wants to “let’s give them a break shall we?” No he wants what he paid for. Not less then what he paid for.

      • Brenden AlexJuchniewicz simplesites I don’t think anything was “thrown out” – the attack blasted everything indiscriminately. DMS just has the higher priority (as expected) right now.

  57. Decision time is close by following the response from Pagelines that my developer license and loyalty earns me nothing on the new platform than to pay for subscription in other to use DMS, i thinks its time to say good bye to PL… and best wshes for the future.

    • knowtheoffers They might not have thought about all the implications with their excitement for the new product. Why don’t you write them a letter, not just here, and send it to them, with your concerns. If you look to them, expecting them to find a solution in a friendly manner, you’re more likely to get what you need. Just my 2 cents.

    • knowtheoffers You don’t need to pay the subscription to use DMS. As well, those with a previous dev subscription are rewarded with significantly reduced subscription costs since they are grandfathered in.

      • etcknowtheoffers Well it seems that you do have to pay for the subscription if one want to remove the credit link or use it on unlimited websites.
        At this moment it seems that the grandfathered packs is only if you had the plus subscription not if you had the dev kit. If there is a significantly reduced subscription costs I have not received any mail on it.

      • dgosine etc  You are correct, it was the plus subscriptions that are grandfathered in.
        You can use DMS for free on unlimited websites, but you are right, the credit link will reappear if your subscription lapses, but all other features already implemented will stay active.

      • etcdgosineThe problem I have is that I like pagelines and been using the dev package for a few years now, but did not need the plus subscriptions so did not purchase it. 
         Now it seems that they are forcing us to pay for something we did not in the past and want to charge us more for it because we did not have the plus subscription, even though we are loyal users of the software.
         If i purchase the software, why do i need to keep paying for it to have the credit link removed or any of the other sites i build for clients. I should have the right to choose if I keep the link on it or not. I did buy the software did I not or am I renting it?

      • dgosine I understand your perspective and frustration, but I think this move is reflective of a maturation in the industry, and isn’t unique to Pagelines. There has been an existential realization in the industry at large that one-time fees aren’t sustainable in the long term. It’s a bit like social security – you need an exponentially increasing user base to help cover the long term operating/maintenance/support costs of this kind of a product. This is why almost all substantial software has a maintenance fee associated with it, and why you’ve seen so many WP plugins, etc, opt for a low initial but recurring fee as their model: it’s the only thing that’s really sustainable.
        If you’re a loyal user, doesn’t that mean that PL has been a valuable solution for you and your business thus far? Have you not made money hand and fist over what you invested in it? Without a viable business model, you just won’t see the platform flourish over time.
        Also, yes, PL will make money, no different than I hope you guys do. Although I understand why you might disfavor the subscription model, the monthly costs seem pretty reasonable, especially if you’re a prolific dev, and come with a bevy of services/support/options that, at least in my opinion, are well worth the cost.

      • am not frustrated, Unlike a lot of other people I do like to read
        the fine print and ask question before I purchase something. From reading this
        statement “Does my site break if I stop
        paying? No! What happens is you lose access to
        your professional-only editing tools and effects, the ability to add and edit
        Professional sections, and a credit link will be subtly added back to your
        site.” It would
        seem that one is only renting the software from pagelines. If one owned the
        software why would they lose access to things they have paid for?
        I understand
        the yearly subscription model and have no problem if it was for services/support/options/updates/etc, but it seems that they are
        trying to combine the subscription model with a leasing/renting model that is
        the problem I have.

        As for
        your statement NO I have not made money hand and fist, the only reason I got the dev kit was that
        it was the best deal at the time as it did not have any limits on the software. Also much money one makes is not the point of this conversation.

  58. Understanding that it will take time to work out the bugs is fine.
    As a software dev company ourselves, we never pull the plug on the old until the new is rolled out, as many bugs as possible are worked out and everyone applicable has migrated.
    As we’re trying to dev a new site today, with commerce, is was unexpected that we’d lose all communication with the tried and true PL platform and purchases.  They could exist side by side…

    • Invisioning We are right there with you on that one.  We have a client that hired us to develop a non profit site before he dies.  He was given 6mo in Jan so he is already on borrowed time. We don’t have time to start over.  We were counting on PL.  They have let us all down :(

      • Brenden InvisioningWell, I’m sure they didn’t intentionally let us down.  Just might not have thought through completely with what it would mean to pull the plug on the PL.All I’m asking is that they restore the PL Platform and let us make the decision to migrate or not.  Forcing our hand is a potential backfire.

      • Invisioning Brenden Very well put and I completely agree.  I am a huge fan of their old framework that is why I am trying to get them to sell us the old platform.  We will pick up where they left off if they do :)

      • Brenden Invisioning Development on DMS is exponentially faster than v2. As well, the end client is much more empowered. The transitions aren’t all smooth from my experience, but the investment is well worth it, and will probably be made up for by the end of the project in the efficiencies gained with DMS. If you have some questions, there are some IRC channels where you can collaborate or ask questions of other devs. Let me know if you’re interested.

  59. I may be missing something, but after installing and activating DMS, I don’t see anywhere how to access Pageline DMS controls.

  60. Trying to enter the ‘dmslaunch’ coupon and only get a one time $10 off discount. 
    Isn’t this supposed to be a 10% off discount on the subscription?

    • DavidEade
      Coupon didnt work for me either and I received a message upon trying to activate
       “Exceeded maximum number of activations”, so now I sit and wait…..
      Contacted Pagelines this morn, no answer. Paid for Pro version and can not activate.

  61. Sorry you guys got hacked.  What a bummer.  Perhaps this is why I’m having the following issue.  I was already a member; however, I signed again so that I could obtain the “Activation Key.”  So, I used the key that came with my new, additional membership, but it didn’t change my status within my development site?

      • arpowers MelodySharp 
        Can you please let us know that the investment we made with PL and plugins is not just going to be thrown away?
        And ensure us that if we choose to continue using the purchased pagelines platform, our sites will still work?
        Thanks and I know you’re swamped right now.

      • Invisioning arpowers MelodySharp PL will probably have to respond in an official capacity regarding the plans for long term support, but at least in the short term, I believe support is planned and in effect.
        Regarding the plugins/sections that you’ve purchased, it is up to the author to make sure they are compatible and working with DMS. There are quite a few architectural changes to the framework, so it is more likely than not a prior v2 plugin/section would not be compatible. However, I know most of the major devs like Nick, Ellen, Aleks, Evan, etc have been working to make sure their stuff is DMS compatible :)

  62. I usually do my client editing in Safari. There is a message telling me that I need to use Chrome to access the PageLines editing tools. Really? I can only use Chrome?

    • leahwc7 That is correct – the chrome js engine is best of breed, and for technical as well as performance reasons, dev was concentrated on that engine.

  63. working now!  yeah.  Now I just gotta figure out how to transfer my grandfathered account to the new acount.

    • MelodySharp This should be handled automatically, although because of the technical issues, I believe they are a bit behind schedule. :)

  64. I understand you guys got attract. But will be nice a clarification on what happen with those who support your work now. Your website say grandfathered into the Business (Pro) membership or the Developer one at no additional cost. What is that plan? do I keep the same access I had before?
    Business (Pro)? I only see 3 options. In addition I can’t access my account but I guess that was expected.

    • Mictlan My understanding is that the individuals that were on the $14 plan will be grandfathered into business. Those with the $19 plan will be grandfathered into the developer plan. Not a bad deal :)

      • etc Mictlan I guess I  have to seat and wait until debris is clear. My question  I have business  or had the business plan from which I had unlimited use of  framework I am not that advance like many other customers. But now I am grandfather and its only 6 website I can use the software? I would like to know what is going to happen with my other websites? do I have to only chose 6 or get the developer plan to have what I had before? how is going to work the licensing for sections? Do I have to pay per website or will be standard like before? That is the kind of answers I can’t find. Do you have any inside on this information?

      • Mictlan I’m assuming you’d be able to upgrade your plan to the next level at a discounted rate, but I don’t know specifically what that would entail, sorry. Might want to reach out to PL for that.
        Re: sections, the licenses are no different than before…even on the free version, you’ll be able to use the sections as you like.

      • etc Mictlan Thank you for take time and answer my post. No luck getting access to my account just yet. we just have to seat and wait.

  65. I need to create my own database driven widgets on various pages (MySQL/PHP).  How does this DMS support that?

    • gigaboy easy. you’d create a custom section in a child theme or plugin:

  66. Seriously DMS Team, save the Pagelines company and restore the previously available functionality or at the very least, tell us what’s going on with the PL customers.
    Roll out DMS as a separate product that shares a store with the PL Framework.
    There is no shame in resetting.  My company has had to do it a few times and we’re still in business because we did.
    No offense intended, just some honest B2B advice.

    • Invisioning You are mistaken if you think the issues with the “previous functionality” are a DMS issue. There has been a significant, and unfortunately disruptive, server downtime event as the result of a security problem. The PageLines folks have made the very, VERY wise decision to move their systems to new servers for security reasons, but that has caused a lot of problems for a day or two.
      It is my understanding that you will retain access to 2.x, and all your extensions / sections etc… they were not taken away but rather are simply unavailable for a short time.

  67. So… still no specific details on Business vs. Developer.   Pure incompetence Pagelines.  DMS = Deceptive Marketing Strategy.
    Keep up the bad work, and thanks for zero customer loyalty and upgradability.  Every upgrade pulling the same shady marketing garbage.
    DMS is mostly just new limitations and restrictions on the same v2 framework.  I’m also surprised at how thin the style options are, I guess the idea is to re-sell you a framework and then cripple it just enough to make the overpriced additional PG store themes attractive.  Kinda like selling you a box of Legos, but with no Legos inside except three pieces glued together.

    • redefiler You are easily one of the most caustic and belligerent people I’ve ever encountered, and that says a lot considering it’s the internet. You really have some issues.
      Do you possess some misplaced sense of self-worth which manifests as an entitlement complex? Are you always so apoplectic with rage? Do you really lack any sense of decorum, or is this all just some crazy machismo act made poetically ironic by your brony image?
      Really, why are you here? If PL is as incompetent and treacherous as you purport them to be, what are you still doing here? Why would you even endeavor to learn more about the product? Why would any company, PL included, want anything to do with you when you carry yourself in such a manner? I really doubt you’re going to be missed. Good riddance.
      If you’re really looking for more information, you can find the answer to your question about the differences here:

      • etc redefiler  Seems like I’ve been getting a piece of email every other day from Pagelines, very likely they wanted a response/reaction to their efforts.  Whatever emotions & gender confusions you’re feeling are entirely your own.  Enjoy.
        As I’ve explained, when v2 came out many of the v1 customers were complaining about similar things.  While I missed the   grandfather cutoff before, I didn’t really know the situation that well and bought v2.  I wish I hadn’t because those few complainers were absolutely correct, this wasn’t Pagelines growing pains, it was just lame company practice repeated with every release.  So my experiences might help someone considering v3 or maybe even down the road on v4 when Pagelines does the same again.  It’s a minor to major pain for any existing customers, and anyone considering upgrading might want to square some of the same concerns before spending cash.
        So there’s nothing to the Developer package except unlimited/multi-site support?  No Vanilla or bbPress style integrations?  No additional styling/editing tools?  Just the same stuff in the freebee?  Still sounds like a more expensive downgrade with some fiddle knobs for the noobz.  The freebee doesn’t really do much without having to use custom CSS, so I’m wondering where the value is on the more expensive plans?  It just buys you less across multiple sites?

      • redefiler You’re right, perhaps I was foolhardy to assume that someone so downright pugnacious and antagonistic was male. Maybe I was giving females in general the benefit of the doubt. It’s typically a pigheaded broseph that’s so hostile and acerbic, but no – you just have no class.
        Regardless, let me get this straight. You came here, on a personal mission, to try to steer potential users away, not with calm, tempered, rational arguments, but by acting like a damned buffoon?
        That mail you received was not personal, although with your sense of entitlement, I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought it was. If you don’t want to get it anymore, unsubscribe. It’s that simple. It’s amazing, though, that you are still basing all of your comments on conjecture, and based on your troll-time investment, it isn’t for want of opportunity. You really are here to do nothing more than rabble-rouse.
        You are the very definition of a troll.
        It just so happens that you have a messiah complex, and believe you are bringing salvation to those potential heathens and wretches that would dignify PL with consideration! How unfathomable!
        BTW, if that’s what you gathered from the pricing comparison, you might want to ask someone else to read and explain the chart to you. Oh shit, there we go, back to your “semantics” again.
        Get a life, and stop roid raging in the PL comments.

      • etc redefiler ….Wow etc…..You really need therapy. After reading what you posted I was floored at how viscous you are. Compared to who you are addressing I think you need to take a step back, breath, and consider yourself. What you see in others that you despise lives inside you…

      • Matthew01970 I’m a bit perplexed. How you could read that as being “vicious” is beyond me. Perhaps you misread? A little over your head?

      • etcMatthew01970see now..right there…That is a pretty hubris statement (over my head?) and if you cannot see the harshness of your words I don’t know what to say to make you see it…I just felt compelled to say something as I was really floored at how arrogant, hubris and mean you were being….But I have no interest in a tête-à-tête. If you cant keep it professional or have nothing nice or constructive to say, move on, its not worth the blood pressure…you can have the last word, I’m out….

      • Matthew01970 It’s quite obvious it’s all over your head given your penchant for the misuse of the word hubris. You do know it’s a noun, right? The word you’re looking for is probably hubristic. The fact that you didn’t actually understand the post explains why you’ve made the blunder of claiming my post was “vicious.”
        It is mind boggling that you have the temerity to claim I’m being unprofessional, given what I was responding to. This must be a joke. Please tell me you’re not being serious right now, because if you are, God help you.

        If you can’t keep it rational and rooted in reality, move on, it’s not worth blowing out your brain cells trying to put together a cogent sentence or coherent thought.

      • etc Matthew01970  When people complain about Pagelines, you get personal, which kinda outs you as a not a very serious user. 
        Pros care about tools, babies whine about feelings.
        My offer to clean up your avatar graphic still stands.  I’ll get rid of the artifacts on the background, fix the washed out gray on your shirt, pump up those white trim details, etc.  It would be a general improvement, when you’re looking all sharp it might even help your confidence.  
        $300 “friend” price, if you send a higher res copy, I can work off that, and you even get nice picture of yourself that you could give to your mom or someone special.

      • redefiler etc You’re delusional or lying to yourself. Most of your posts cover the gamut from purely irrational to downright abusive. It’s only when that fact is mentioned do you magically find the ability to post constructively, and in a tempered manner. The notion that I respond primarily to you, because you’re complaining, is spurious.

        “Pros” act with a sense of decorum.
        Also, are you trying out some new comedic timing style, where you try an unfunny joke over and over, hoping it might be a hit on the third try? Either way, what is your obsession with my avatar anyways?

      • etc redefiler ETC i find you a little arrogant, i do understand REDEFILER
        I don’t know if you are aware of this:
        After that, try to understand why a customer is complaining, and then try to setup a dialog to help them.
        And if the customer as no reason to complain, don’t tell him/her that he/she is wrong, just explain why you disagree.
        Remember when someone has a complaint, there is a reason for that (which you probably can’t see or undertand) you can be sure of it!

        BTW: there are, really a lot of PageLines customers out there who have been with PageLines for years, and i understand the disapointing from them. 

        Having the personal experience with other frameworks like Thesis, Gensis, iTheme Builder and HeadwayThemes (i have Dev licenses for all of them) i can image the existing customer cannot appreciate the pricing model of PageLInes. 
        Also i can tell you this, iThemes Builder and Headway (which i have grandfathered!) always give huge discounts to recurring customers. 
        PageLines has never done this, not with the launch of Platform Pro nor when they launched the next evolution of it: Framework.
        And the launch of Framework was also a compleet chaos!

        PageLines as done well in development, DMS looks to be a really good product with a lot of potential!

        I know that there are a lot of happy people out there, but if you have followed the tweets/blogs and forums, you CANNNOT DENY that many many CUSTOMERS ARE UPSET!

      • x3mgroup etc redefiler Don’t be absurd. You have every right to be angry and complain. And you’re absolutely right, complaints should be listened to, intently. But when complaining stops being constructive, and cross over into abuse, libel and assault, it certainly doesn’t serve its ultimate purpose. Unless of course, in redefiler’s case, they lack all basic decency.
        For the number that might be disappointed in the shifts that PL has undergone. That’s fine. They’re not the type to listen to reason, or the rational basis of model shift either. They are either willfully ignorant, or can’t grasp why a shift to a recurring model is necessary. All they think in their troglodyte minds is “PL BAD, ME HATE SUBSCRIIPPPTTSSSION, MEEE NOOO LLLLIKKKEEEY.”
        But here’s the real kicker, x3m. redefiler is admittedly not a customer. In fact, it seems she/he made the decision long ago that they would abandon the platform. Furthermore, she/he states that she has no further interest in Pagelines. She/he is not a customer that is trying to provide constructive feedback. I don’t know why you can’t seem to make that distinction.
        If you don’t feel you’ve been treated properly by PL, and you have looked at their new software, and disregarded it since the value proposition doesn’t make sense, then in the end, you’ll go towards iTheme and Headway, and PL will have lost you as a customer. Vote with your money.
        There’s no need to become a embittered troll of a jackass who intends to do nothing more than rabble-rouse and abuse.

    • redefiler You have some issues to take care.
      No one is forcing you to buy it or even be here.
      If you however decide to buy it, please dont buy any of my extensions. I dont wanna deal with people like you.
      Try to get away from you keyboard and get a hobby that is making you happy.

  68. I have never used Pagelines and DMS is completely new to me.  There is a big hole in this right now and it is the descriptions of what the licenses are.  What actually comes with a Personal, Business, or Developer Membership and how can a Developer Membership be your “Most Popular” when you just launched DMS?
    What does the Free Download of DMS even do?  Sorry guys, I know you had some issues with hacking, etc., but the description of what your product actually is and does is very poor.  People who used Pagelines previously might “get it”, but I have no idea what this does or what you need to make it work right.

    • MikeJohnson Have you downloaded the free version of DMS? If you can install it into a sandbox and take it for a spin it may help clear up some of the confusion.

  69. I can’t login from WordPress into Pagelines. My account no longer has any of my subscriptions or purchases. If i try to purchase or upgrade it just says my cart is empty. I’ve been a member for over a year with plus membership. Now my site is all messed up because it dumped all my purchased sections and i cant access the store. My excitement that ws built up from the announcement of DMS is dwindling. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  70. Andrew, we could really use some answers here.
    If we want to use the old framework, will we have the option or are we being forced?

  71. Are people getting activation codes? I purchased Dev last night and have still not received an activation code. If you are receiving activation codes, how are you receiving it? I received no response or acknowledgement from Pagelines about my purchase. Only from Paypal.

  72. Many of the questions and comments and concerns posted here seem to have been answered just scroll below the pricing options:

    Andrew: I don’t remember signing up – but was browsing the site a week or so ago checking out your videos and received a signup confirmation! Signed in with my Pagelines account a few minutes ago (no problem) and do see that I am about to be billed monthly assuming at the non discounted rate. Would like to try DMS out (ugh Chrome) but would like the option to pay in full for the year and receive my extra 10% off discount…. after … an initial install and test run.

    My big concerns here are:
    1. that I am not a coder but this seems to have gone in the same direction as Platform Pro  and Framework with have to use CSS/Less coding to close up unwanted spaces and have real control color etc. with using CSS.
    2. that you will grandfather this just as you did Platform Pro and Framework and leave me in the dust as far as project support goes in the future – I think that you should address this – as if I do jump in this will be the 3rd time that you are leaving me hanging
    Do love so much about your work tho – which is why I am thinking about jumping back in – have been anxiously waiting for this to come out to start a site that just gave me the go ahead yesterday..

  73. As someone who uses PL daily (and have done for over three years now) I can honestly say that this is one of the best group of people I have ever worked with, and the framework is in a class of its own.  
    It’s like a Mac, once you use it, there’s no going back.
    I respect many other “theme” developers and recognize the sheer amount of work it takes to create something original and worth installing – but when it comes to being able to create ANYTHING from scratch in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME without having to be a code geek, PL is it!
    DMS is obviously a big enough threat to someone out there that they wanted to burn it down.  It’s happened to biggest of them, Google, Netflix, Evernote, Amazon, B of A, and many others.  And just like them, PL will work this out and get back on track.
    Just hang in there, take a deep breath and watch some YouTube for a while :)

  74. We are excited to use this, when trying to install the them on a Media Temple server we are getting this error:
    The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.
     Any ideas? thanks!

    • nextlevelplus You might want to contact Media Temple about that. That’s do to their system’s restrictions regarding file size. You may be able to override this with an .htaccess file or something similar, but you’ll have to get with them about your options as all systems are different.

      • @etc  thanks for the quick response!  How much size should we ask for from MT?

      • nextlevelplus It should be big enough to allow for the upload of the file. Or, you could connect by ftp, and just upload the unzipped package into your themes directory. :)

    • nextlevelplus Media Temple is notoriously under powered… they keep it all pretty small because they oversell the hardware by a large factor. You will need to ask them to increase the limit a bunch, as etc mentioned. I woudl try and go for double the size of the DMS .zip file or more.

    • JaredBernstein It’s an app store, like on your phone. The people creating most of those components charge a fee, because it costs them time to do that development and no one is paying them.
      An example is WooCommerce. I can pay for my WooClub, then I still have to pay for many WooCommerce extensions in their little app store as well. Third party devs get money… that’s good business.
      If you don’t need any extra components, then use the FREE version of PageLines and pay nothing.

  75. Another person stuck with the message “Exceeded maximum number of activations”, so now I sit and wait…..
    Contacted Pagelines this morn, no answer. Paid for Pro version and can not activate.

  76. Tried to upload and got this error “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature” Can anyone help?

    • LauraDLane You will need to re-download DMS from your account in the DMS store. This should correct the issue. Earlier today they were having issues while trying to re-upload all the site’s parts.

      • Lucas Garvin LauraDLane  I originally  purchased Pagelines Pro – how or when will the grandfathering take affect? So I can download the DMS Business Pro?

      • LauraDLane Lucas Garvin Pagelines Platform Pro or the Pagelines Plus Subscription? Sorry, I know this can be confusing, but there is a difference.

      • Lucas GarvinLauraDLaneFrom my invoice
        Product/Subscription Title Price
        PageLines Framework – Professional $197.00

  77. Shopping cart not working for me either.  First totally broken, now offering one-time $10 discount rather than 10% perpetual discount.  Guess I’ll wait.

      • I was referring to Pageslines shopping cart to buy DMS. Despite this debacle I was still going to give them the benefit of the doubt because I believe in their vision despite their crappy communication skills.

  78. Ok i guess it finaly works for me but is there anywhere where there is documentation so i can know how to do more customization thank you

  79. Is there a way around the following requirement?
    If we develop a clients web site for them and do the hand over, then proceed to lock out the editor so they can’t access our developers license then how do they edit the majority of their website, i.e Hero Box text and so forth. Seems like the system isn’t designed to cater for this type of use which in my opinion make the system pretty limited.
    Are there going to options at some stage that lock out the design features but allow end user access to edit the components that were added to the system.

    • CaseyGraffix  
      Hope not – defeats the whole purpose of even using WordPress. Need to ‘hear’ an answer to this as well before I begin my client’s site revision.

      • scoophk CaseyGraffix Open up you wp-config.php file and find this line define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);
        Now right after that line add the following:-
        define( ‘PL_EDITOR_LOCK’, ‘admin’ );Add a new user author and log back in, no toolset to be found? No way to edit those components text and images you just added using DMS, really hope there is a work around for this.

      • scoophk Another way around this issue is to use a custom widget called Easy which will allow you to insert anything as a looper and place it in a widitized box allowing the end user to still add post etc as required. 2046 allows anything to be looped based on meta, cats, post and so on.

      • CaseyGraffix scoophk So you are all saying that without plugins – my users will not be able to use DMS as a CMS?!
        Any further word on this – this is a dealbreaker – and I did love the concept of front end editing for them (clients).

  80. Hello Andrew,
    I just emailed you a few updates on my DMS experience so far, and attached a screenshot as well in the hopes you can help me out.  Also, I’m a new customer to Pagelines, I purchased my “Pro” or “Developers Package in full two weeks or so ago.  So, I had not really played with Pagelines much, however, I was thrilled about having all the extras that came with my pro acct like the themes, extra sections, plugins, etc… I am disappointed that you guys did not transfer at the very least some or most of those extra sections and plugins for the developers package.  Those are a deal breaker.   I have faith that you will still do the right thing and transfer most of the extra sections and plugins, even if you can’t give us all the themes.  The DMS so far works great for me.  I’m using Chrome on a mac laptop, and although I love Firefox and prefer it over Chrome, I am okay with it.  It’s working just fine for me.  I did re-installed my database from scratch just to be sure everything worked out okay.  
    So, for those newbies like myself still out there, or new customers I have zero affiliation to Pagelines, and I just bought their Pagelines a few weeks ago and started messing around with DMS as of yesterday with the basic, and then activated my pro acct and have been working on it since.  I found somethings a bit easy as a newbie, but others frustrating, possibly a matter of not knowing my way around just yet.  As a photographer, I like using big images, and there a few things that I would like to see improve in that dept, I have emailed you about this earlier.  This is a big deal to me because I have not been able to complete a wordpress website as of yet, and it’s because most frameworks, themes never plan out the way they look on preview, after you install it.  Which is what drove me to Pagelines, hoping to find my solution.  So, far it’s a lot easier than any other framework, and/or theme I’ve come across.  So, I’m hopeful for the future with DMS.  

    If anyone is interested you can check out what I’ve done so far with the first page.  Now, remember folks I’m not a web designer/developer like some of you out there, and I am totally new at this stuff so don’t rip me apart with it.  I’m going for simple for now, and hope that when I learn the ropes I can do some cool stuff.  I can design, I just don’t know the back end stuff well enough.  Here’s my new DMS site.  go to
    I’m still working on it.  And I’m still trying to figure things out.  But, please do add the “Pagelines Customizer Plugin” to the store “free” section where is supposed to be– I don’t have it available and I need it.

    • cindyjbryant Cindy, the other sections are coming. Some need to be updated to be compatible with DMS, and others have been obviated in one way or another. I can send you the customizer plugin, but you don’t really need it anymore because of the way less and section files auto load.
      If you’d like, send me a message on twitter (etc) and I’ll show you how, and/or send you a base theme/section file that you can customize :)

      • etc cindyjbryant Hi there.  Thanks for the response.  Okay, so I’ll try to find you via twitter, I’m not on twitter as much… I’m a Facebook girl.  But, I do have a question and hope you can send me another reply here.  When you say you can send me a “base theme/section file” what are your referring to exactly.  I ask because in my DMS panel, under templates I have 1) Default Template/Standard, 2) Feature Template, 3) Landing Page Template.  I believe I’m using the 3) Landing Page Template.  I did add two plugins that I found via WordPress that helped me out a bit with my left side menu and social icons.  So, back to your suggestion, is it another base theme?   Thanks.

        Oh, and I finally found where to get rid of the Pagelines branding logo.  I feel so silly that I didn’t catch it sooner, it’s in the navbar section… duh.

      • cindyjbryant This is probably not the best forum for me to help you. If you can hit me up offline, I’ll help you get connected to the PL user groups, etc, that will be able to help you navigate and get assistance with the framework :)

    • nokow I don’t know if this is the answer for ya, but try the “mediabox” instead and see if that helps you for now.  I went through that a few hours ago.  :)

      • cindyjbryant nokow I’ve tried mediabox, but i’m still in free subscription, so, i can’t align 4 mediabox side by side.

      • nokow cindyjbryant  I didn’t try that, but wondering if you can just add a colum section and inside of it add two mediabox, and just adjust the width via the little numbers arrow at the top of each box.  I know this sounds crazy, but I don’t know the correct terms, sorry.  Just trying to be helpful I guess.  That should be available in your basic version anyway.

  81. Hey, hope someone over at PL can help me but I appreciate you guys have a 1001 things going on. I now cant seem to login to my account (coxis) – password is correct. 
    Also I am a Pagelines Plus member with the pro developer edition of PL will this just translate into the pro version of DMS? ( I just need a little clarification).

    Many thanks

    • JamesCox1 @ Pagelines is working on that at the moment (got an email). As a member with an active subscription you are going to be able to use DMS without extra costs. That’s what Pagelines said. Because of the server attack they need a little more time for “reactivating” us and giving us full admission to all the great features.

  82. I cannot log into my Pagelines account in the Dashboard – on my Pagelines Framework 2 sites. Where is support and where is the forum? I can’t even find a contact email on you whole site?

      • Matthew01970 alexbulgo  Hello Alex, nice to read u so quickly…
        copy of the activation mail:
        You are now the owner of the PageLines Framework – Professional Edition.
        First, welcome to the club! We are SO excited to see what you come up with.

        Ready to get started?
        Check out the

        Need some help?
        For fast help and live-chat community support, try . (Plus Membership Required – Moderated from Monday to Friday 6am to 3pm PST.)
        Also, check out the, and hit us up on the with any technical questions.

        For your reference
        Your User ID is: echampaXXXX
        Your Password is:XXXXXXXXXXXXX
        We recommend you login to change your password and you can login to your account

        Thank you for your purchase.

      • Matthew01970 alexbulgo I logged into www, which took me to ‘My Subscriptions’. I clicked on the order number in the first table and it took me to another screen marked ‘Order Details’. A link to download and my activation key were there. I downloaded it, uploaded to my themes folder, entered the key and all seems well. The interface takes some getting used to…but I’m feeling my way through! :)

  83. CARREFULL, we paid 99 dollars in march, pay 15 dollars per month, and ours accont is closed , and no support or mail to talking about this with pageline staff… Amazing

  84. I still cannot connect via the dashboard, logging directly through the website yields pretty much a blank account page other than profile info. I have no DMS, no activation key and no idea where to get either (full version, not free trial)….Is there anyone who can assist or point me in the direction of what to do or is everyone still in the same boat? Just woke up and into day 3 here

  85. Does anyone have an email address on who to contact if you have not received a code? I did pay, but no code as of yet and I don’t even know who to contact as they don’t have support info up yet.

  86. After trying to install and activate DMS, I just get some minimal ‘things’ in my Dashboard. No drag&drop section like the demo, just a dashboard to go to the shop and some CSS/LESS boxes. What am I doing wrong (if so)?
    I am willing to do my best to accept all this, but PageLines should have prepared this enormous step ‘a bit’ better. After their experience with stopping with Platform Pro and their switch to PageLines framework, they should know how to communicate better with their customers to make another big step like this.

    • peterluit I have been going back and forth with them since Wed, I paid and I still have no activation key. I am trying very hard to be patient but its starting to wear really thin. My site is still broken and it makes no sense for me to invest in “fixing it” in framework when I am supposed to be doing it in DMS. I get that they were hacked, but how many days do they need, we are going into day 3 here

      • Matthew01970 peterluit hoooo °/° U find the way to contact us, …?  by “WED”, please , give us more infos… what is Wed ??? do y mean “web” ?

      • Matthew01970 but I don’t even see where I can activate anything. I can log into the pagelines website, but there it just lists who I am, and to their information I bought nothing, but I spent a lot of money already. And after downloading DMS I don’t see any ‘key’ where to activate anything….. So still puzzled but patient enough to wait and see……

  87. DMS Great news for you, but what about all your current existing paying customers who use the other platform!!!  We can’t access ANYTHING!  Our Accounts, Forums, Technical Support NOTHING!!! Not good enough Pagelines, I have lost 2 days worth of billing as I am unable to work + potential customers as I won’t be able to deliver their projects on time – It would be nice if you could let us know whats going on!

    • mattmatt Bad Launch maybe as it might had been better to re-launch once they cleared up the hack. I think you might be wrong on the service side of things.

      • echampagne dgosine mattmatt
        Awesome product.
        Service will pick up after all this is over. What are you guys problem?

      • AleksanderHansson echampagne dgosine mattmatt I would agree on the bad service. I understand they are having issues but this is business that they are indirectly effecting by lack of updates and response. I bought and paid for my upgrade and here we are on day 3 and I still do not have an activation code. No email support, no live updates by staff, no support, just frustration and waiting while my site is broken which is the front end to my personal business.

      • AleksanderHansson echampagne dgosine mattmatt I loved the Platform Pro and Framework…but they cut that off at the knees despite promises to support and updates. Instead they just dropped it and forced people to upgrade. (indirectly)

      • AleksanderHansson echampagne dgosine mattmatt problem ???? no staff contact, acount pro (100dollars & 15 per month) delated without raison and no comments from them Awesome service…

      • echampagne AleksanderHansson dgosine mattmatt 
        Why do you pay $100?
        It is subscription starting at $10 per month.

      • AleksanderHansson echampagne dgosine mattmatt I paid 111.00 (and that was with the discount.) As a Platform Pro customer of a few years. I was promised (in email writing) that if I pay for the framework upgrade before the 24th I would be given DMS for free…What do I have? No code, no response, no email, nothing…what I do have is a 111.00 charge on my visa!

      • echampagne AleksanderHansson dgosine mattmatt They have an upgrade plan for you as far as I know ;)

      • Matthew01970 AleksanderHansson echampagne dgosine mattmatt 
        They are working on it.
        Actually soem people started to get keys. I am one of them.
        Everything was set when they got hacked and now they have to do it all over again as I understand it

      • echampagne AleksanderHansson dgosine mattmatt Correction…I was told if I pay for framework I will get DMS for free as I was originally inquiring how to go about purchasing DMS if I am already a PL Pro customer of the past few years.

      • Matthew01970 echampagne AleksanderHansson dgosine mattmatt  we are  PL Pro customer, we just want to recovery our account….. since DMS start, a lot of pro accompts are just blocked, or deleted…

      • echampagne Matthew01970 AleksanderHansson dgosine mattmatt same here. I have not been able to access any of my Pro account info

  88. DMS Bonnes nouvelles pour vous, mais que dire de tous vos clients payants existants actuels qui utilisent l’autre plate-forme!Nous ne pouvons pas accéder à rien! Nos Comptes, Forums, RIEN de support technique! Pas assez bon PageLines, j’ai perdu 2 jours de dollars de facturation que je suis incapable de travailler + clients potentiels que je ne serai pas en mesure de livrer leurs projets dans les délais – Ce serait bien si vous pouviez nous faire savoir ce qui continue! AudentesM

  89. Perhaps it’s time for me/us to just wait and see what will be next. Except for those that are now stuck with their websites :(. I think all is said, over and over. I keep getting these replies in my maibox and I wonder how the people behind PL must feel at the moment. I know this is very bad publicity and I guess they have been overenthousiastic. Meanwhile I have been checking out some other ‘frameworks’ which make me think that the name DMS is unique, but not what it does, and so the whole announcement has been just too much, too bloated. Personally that was bothering me from the start.

    • Jack Tummers Dont get me wrong, I loved their past product as I have been a customer for a couple years now. I love the looks of DMS, but via earlier conversation I was directed to upgrade to framework, which disfigured my site, and told theres no use troubleshooting framework, just wait for DMS…I am still waiting and it certainly does not make my business look good when my site looks as bad as it does…Its very difficult to stare at a broken homepage and not be able to fix it.

      • Matthew01970 Jack Tummers Personally that’s one of the things that makes me think to move over to Genesis/Dynamik, because these frameworks don’t change anything to the normal WordPress logic and files. So if something goes wrong, you will always be able to makes necessary changes right in the template files themselves. With PL, I had no idea where it all went ;).

  90. AleksanderHanssonechampagnedgosinemattmatt problem ???? no staff contact, acount pro (100dollars & 15 per month) delated without raison and no comments from them Awesome service…

  91. I am really excited about using DMS!!! Currently playing with basic version but my god it is all over the place,  allowing me to edit one minute and the next freezing!! 
    Really nervous about starting a new build on this so not paying until it is working in full.

  92. Appreciating the hack, but good business practice dictates that you should put existing service back and support your current users first?  Afterall they are the ones that will vote with their feet!  
    Re: Pagelines Pro, they say that they are still going to support and you should be able to use it  I’ve lost 2 billing days so far due to their issues!  For that I think I should get a year free on the DMS due to income lost! 
    I’m a little fed up about hearing about the DMS launch and nothing about them resolving their existing customer issues.  And they do have UK support

  93. Dear Pagelines,
    I am very frustrated right now. I haven’t been able to log into my account for the past two days. I sent you a tweet and although I fully understand how busy you are right now, I would apreciate it if you could look into this. I have been a loyal customer for over three years. : ) 

  94. Dear Pagelines 2: As someone who has also been a loyal customer for a few years and has yet to get my issues resolved I know you are struggling to resolve your issues. But my biggest issue is the lack of communication to your customer base. Someone, anyone, should be releasing updates every few hours at a minimum. Its not like you all don’t know whats being said here since you have yet to open up your forums. Have some consideration at the very least and give us an update directly addressing the many concerns being aired out here on this blog, the ONLY outlet.

  95. So, is the old support forum gone? And all other remnants of PageLines I was beginning to love? Ha! I must say the new DMS is pretty ambitious and seems like a giant step forward… but I hate to be thrust into DMS without any of my old familiar PageLines to fall back on.

    • dhrcreate very possible that the disappearance of the forums and all old Framework knowledgebase articles are due to the old server being hacked and they I would assume working on moving the old databases to the new servers. Guessing that all they were initially concerned about was the DMS launch – not realizing that the loss of forums would freak out all who were relying on them.

      • dhrcreate Even when Framework came out – there were articles and experts old quotes and resources in the Forum – even when they did stop the actual support for Platform Pro. They probably just need a few more days to rebuild…. and become hackproof in the future.

  96. I purchased pagelines2 dev back in dec 2012 so i have only had for 7 months and still learning how to use it … then comes the whamy that its being replaced by DMS !  All i kept seeing during the hype of DMS launch is previous customers will be looked after and wait to see . Well I’ve waited and all i can say is I am really disappointed !! 
    No Clear structure for previous purchasers 
    A complete Launch Flop leaving previous PL2 with no Access to their account either
    No Support
    Very Very Limited Feedback
    Personally i would have kept the DMS launch separate from pagelines2 until you were 100% happy all was ok whether you were hacked or not ! Your support should be available and staff keeping everyone informed with regular updates. 
    I noticed people saying well its different time zones etc.. That’s no excuse if something was going this bad then i would have split shifts to ensure 24hr coverage while these MAJOR issues were being resolved . Your not a new company with no experience but at this present time your defiantly not portraying a positive image for page lines.]
    As a fairly new customer i’m sitting here thinking maybe I’ve seriously made a mistake and wasted $197 on a pl2 dev licence and would i purchase or even think about DMS and continue to my trust in Pagelines … Not to sure now . 
    I’m NOT a pagelines hater and i do understand problems arise ,i’m just a customer and i go on impressions and trust like many other do …..

    • rbarn I feel the same. A couple weeks ago I would have continued to build on Framework. I’ve actually spent the last few days a bit distressed realizing that my site is now dependent on their ongoing support of it which seems as if it will be dropped. If I had assurance that Framework and DMS would co-exist I would feel better about things. Now I am checking out what other options are out there. I also don’t want to have my site dependent on a subscription. I pay for the tools I use to develop it and expect that I have 100% control over things thereafter. Control over your website, customer list and everything without being tied to one vendor or ecosystem is essential. I can’t expose myself to risk.

  97. Er, after working on a site with the Genesis framework I have to say that the old PageLines was so much more featured and functional. Of course DMS is another story at this point, but hopefully they’ll get this fixed. I can’t figure why they didn’t just offer this as a second version like Squarespace did from 5 to 6? It would have been a lot easier and potentially less embarrassing!

    • dhrcreate I agree. DMS serves a different niche in my opinion. I would market it as a separate product rather than a replacement for Framework which we were told would serve as a platform for years to come.
      Not to mention, they are going to lose paying customers like me that can’t easily migrate.

    • Matthew01970 schutzsmith NathanMoss Yeah. Sorry. It was me. I was making a correction on my post. Pretty much the same post is right above this one.

    • NathanMossMatthew01970schutzsmithOk…then I will delete mine, I jumped the gun and thought it was the moderator

  98. Does anyone know what is causing the issues with DMS on ie8? I built a couple of sites using DMS yesterday only to learn they are a jumbled mess on ie8. Even has issues. I personally don’t use IE but 10% of the world ( still uses ie8.  DMS is fun to play around with, but at this point, if 1 in 10 of your browser-based visitors see a disfigured site I would consider this a BETA product at best. I would NOT go live at this point.

    • schutzsmith btw if you or anybody else needs to check IE browser compatibility for your site, in IE10, press f12 and then change the browser mode.

      • Matthew01970 NathanMoss schutzsmith I couldn’t find an easy way to test older versions of Firefox without manually installing old browsers so I am not sure. It works fine in Firefox 22. For the most part, I’ve had more problems with IE that Firefox with websites in the past, so I’m betting you have to go pretty far back in Firefox before it starts acting up. Has anybody tested old versions?

      • NathanMoss Matthew01970 schutzsmith I have Firefox 22. I at least installed the basic un-auth version of DMS only to get the message that I have to use Chrome. I am not sure if there is a way to make it work with Firefox and since my DMS is not lic I cant really do much with it

      • Matthew01970 NathanMoss schutzsmith I meant to say that everything loads normally for visitors on Firefox 22. There is no way to use the admin interface for DMS on anything but Chrome.

      • Matthew01970
        At this moment in time, the DMS Visual Editor is only compatible with Google Chrome, the reason for this is apart from being the best browser, it also has the best compiler and fastest javascript.

      • Dannyh Matthew01970 Do you plan on supporting design compatibility for IE 8? Even has issues with it. IE 8 is listed among the browsers that are supposed to be supported by DMS at

      • NathanMoss
        IE8 doesn’t properly support HTML5 or CSS3, we have always only provided limited support for IE8 because of this.
        I don’t personally have access to IE8 and I don’t really trust services like BrowserStack. Therefore, if you email me with some screenshots. I can pass them on our team for you.

      • Dannyh NathanMoss You can check  IE 8 browser compatibility with IE10. Press f12 and then change the browser mode using the dev menu. I’ve double checked what IE 10 shows in IE 8 compatibility mode with an xp machine running IE 8 and they are the same so IE 10 developer mode so it looks like this is an accurate way to test.  If DMS is not compatible with IE 8 it is unfortunate (and probably a deal-breaker for many) because from what I have read, it looks like 5-10% of browsers are still using IE 8.

      • NathanMoss
        Nathan, I think he is Mac user from my understanding most of the pagelines team are mac users. Also, I am surprised that DMS supports IE8.
        I mean serously are you designing website with IE8 compatibility on the agenda ?

      • Dannyh Matthew01970 It seems that you have a lot of confidence in Chrome. But a basic principle of everything on the internet is that it should work on all modern browsers. The platform you have built DMS on is one of the world’s foremost open source products, and it happens to work on all modern browsers. your previous product did not have this requirement of chrome.  Personally speaking I prefer using Safari and Lots of people prefer using firefox, so this approach of only supporting chrome is a bit blinkered.

      • asabharwal Dannyh Matthew01970 Only the design tools require Chrome. You may visit the site on any of the browsers you mentioned. Chrome’s JS engine is really just that much better, and PL is not unique in its focus on the Chrome JS engine for its dev.
        The principle you speak of refers mainly to visitors, not necessarily what browser is used to access the design tools.
        The previous product bears very little resemblance to DMS.
        Firefox will be dead soon enough. I believe it’s less than 20% market share at this point, relegating it close to IE8 levels.

      • MaxwellBoardman NathanMoss I could care less about IE 8 and personally I don’t use IE at all. However, many people are still on windows xp which I am pretty sure cannot support anything higher than IE 8. And yes, I know they can just download Firefox or Chrome, but we build websites for the end-user and unfortunately that person is not always tech-savvy. I am blown away that as many as 10% of browsers are still on IE 8 btw ( 10% !!!  For all you math majors out there that means 1 in 10 browser visits to your DMS website will result in a jumbled mess.

      • NathanMoss schutzsmith I agree. I went to great pains to make Framework v2 render correctly in IE8 with custom CSS. It’s a dealbreaker for me too. Not everyone keeps up with latest technology.

  99. I know you guys are having issues but just in case, I submitted a support ticket in regards to a refund yesterday and wanted to confirm you had received it, the support and live chat doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks! julianyoung

  100. Je suis très frustré en ce moment. Je n’ai pas pu me connecter à mon compte pour les deux derniers jours. Je vous ai envoyé un tweet et même si je comprends pleinement comment vous êtes occupé en ce moment, je serais aprécier si vous pouviez examiner cette question.J’ai été un client fidèle depuis plus de trois ans. :)

  101. “Chrome is required to use PageLines Editor” … This is the message I have got after visiting my site for editing with DMS. I am actually using the latest version of windows and internet exporer ! … Could you fix this problem  ?

    • Takenomori Same message with Firefox..It looks like your only option is being bullied into Chrome…Although of all the browsers, ie? Blech!

      • Matthew01970 Takenomori 
        The reason that Chrome was chosen was because of the faster javascript engine.
        IE will never be supported – install a better browser ASAP.. lol

      • AleksanderHansson Matthew01970 Takenomori As a confirmed FireFox user – i resent the idea that you think the rest of the world uses IE – they dumped all of us Mac users with version IE5 – or did we dump IE as Netscape had always been a better option.

  102. I have been unable to install DMS properly – I think I read in an earlier comment that there is something wrong with the zip file. I have no menu to customize it when I get it to come up. I’ve installed it several times and keep getting the same result.

  103. arpowers please have someone answer everyone’s questions. I am a long-time PageLines customer and I love you guys but we are all losing work days, not to mention a tiny bit of confidence. I can’t see any of my old account info, purchases, etc, I have no idea if I’m grandfathered in or not, I can’t logon to PL from any of my clients’ sites, etc. I have emailed [email protected] already. Help, please.

  104. dms worked great for me after initial install yesterday, but does not come up today.  paid for developer license, but cannot find support anywhere except for this comment section.

  105. Whatever the reason, whatever the excuse, the one most important thing the crew behind PL is forgetting or ignoring right now, is communication with their customers. Perhaps their thoughts were to first of all repair all that was damaged, but that’s not the mosts important thing. The most important thing is information and communcation. When my car is at the garage and something goes wrong, I first expect a phone call that repairs are going to take longer than expected. After that, they can get all the time in the world from me to take care of the troubles.
    As things are developing right now, I can think of no argument or excuse whatsoever that would justify or explain the attitude of the PL crew. I’m really sorry to say this, but this is a big big mistake and gives me a bad bad feeling, whatever comes next.

    • Jack Tummers I agree, as every day and hour that goes by it gets harder and harder to be any form of understanding. Its like they simply don’t care. I have one foot on a banana peel and other other to wanting my money back and leaving PL as a long time customer that most certainly will never recommend…Number one rule of business, one bad recommendation is worth 10 good ones….Prioritize!

  106. A blog post or even a quick video from Andrew talking about what is going on would be most appreciated. Would also buy them some more time and goodwill of their users. Probably even until Monday.

      • echampagne illinimatt81 I was just saying a blog post or video speaking to what is going on and what is being done would quell the concerns a bit and make people feel more at ease. There is a vacuum of information and this comment thread is filling that void.
        The hackers are getting exactly what they wanted. This could in fact hurt Pagelines for a long time, and that would be bad as Framework and my experience with their support thus far has been fantastic to this point. I’ve recommended it to several people but if support is dropped I won’t move to DMS because support will be dropped for that in less than 2 years when the next big thing comes out. I’m looking for a long term platform to be built upon and make it easy to migrate to – not having to rebuild my sites every 2 years. I have a business to run, not redoing my perfectly fine websites.

  107. Un lot est en train de changer et nous sommes en cours d’exécution dans certaines questions.
    Nous avons travaillé sur le site et les systèmes et certaines choses ne fonctionnent pas comme prévu.
    Quoi qu’il en soit, il se fait tard. Allez obtenir quelques heures de sommeil et arriver à cela le matin.
    Si vous voyez quelque 404 images ou des pages vers le bas (y compris le forum), ne vous inquiétez pas, ils seront de retour bientôt.

  108. I am not happy that my lifetime license with Framework did not apply to DMS, not even a discount other than the standard one offered to everyone.  Now I cannot access Framework or DMS!

    • buddhatunes thats not what I was told. I was literally told “buy framwork (since I owned platform Pro) before the 24th and DMS would be free” of course, define free since that upgrade cost me 140.00

    • buddhatunes Lifetime was in regards to PageLines Framework, meaning that you were entitled to support and all updates for PageLines Framework from 2.0.1 all the way to 2.9.9.
      PageLines DMS and PageLines Framework are two separate products, therefore your PageLines Framework license doesn’t continue with DMS.
      If you have any other questions, please contact our helpdesk – [email protected]

      • buddhatunes
        No, not in the slightest. PageLines Framework, will still be supported and will receive maintenance released and bug fixes. Since the release of DMS, the only thing that has changes with PageLines Framework is that it is now feature frozen.

      • Dannyh buddhatunes don’t make me laugh: ‘the only thing that has changes with PageLines Framework is that it is now feature frozen’. Look at what you are doing. You just remove about everything around PLFW. Is this the way PageLines handles their customers? You did this one before, do you remember? The step from PFP to PLFW was the same thing. Please take care of your customers…..

      • peterluit
        Not sure what you’re referring to, PageLines Framework is still a powerful framework and is still support by PageLines. Which will continue to receive maintenance updates and bug fixes. That is taking care of our customers who wish to continue using PageLines Framework, nothing has really changed. It is now feature frozen, you can still use it to create great looking websites.
        Can you go into more detail what your issue is Peter please.

      • Dannyh peterluit why do you remove everything referring to PLFW? You website is a mess, just like the time when you switched form PFP to PLFW? You should develop DMS (which is great by its concept) parallel to keep PLFW alive on your site. You should not have launched a new site as well. Your company is too small to handle two things at the same time. Sorry, but looking at all the reactions here, you should know better. Please listen to what your customer say. They pay you!!

  109. Dear Pagelines

    I do like to read the fine print and ask question before I
    purchase something. From reading this statement
    “Does my site break if I stop paying? No! What
    happens is you lose access to your professional-only editing tools and effects,
    the ability to add and edit Professional sections, and a credit link will be
    subtly added back to your site.”
    It would seem that one is only renting the software from
    pagelines unlike the previous versions I own of pagelines, if one owned the
    software why would they lose access to things they have paid for or why would a
    link back to pagelines be added?
    I understand the yearly subscription model and have no
    problem if it was for services/support/options/updates/etc, but it seems that pagelines
    are trying to combine the subscription model with a leasing/renting model and
    this is a problem as it would seem just like other online web builders were one
    does not own anything. Can you please explain?

      • rbarn dgosine I certainly would be open to buying upgrades when made available, but renting, no way….and I certainly and absolutely would not trust their service after this lack of basic communications. One day, ok, two days, cutting it close…day three? unforgivable.

      • Matthew01970rbarndgosine Calhoun Guys do not get me wrong I do not know if the software is rental or not. I would just like someone at pagelines to explain this point

    • dgosine Thank you for pointing this out. I was going to jump on the new system, but I think I won’t now. Too bad, it looks cool, but my hard earned money isn’t going to go towards ‘renting’ software. I especially don’t like the idea of “a credit link will be subtly added back to your site.” That’s not very professional in my opinion and bordering on sneaky.

  110. One of the primary features of a developer license is increased support.  I have developer licenses with Framework and DMS, and no support for either.

    • buddhatunes Out support is currently swamped, we have literally thousands of emails to handle, which are support team are handling now. There is a que and we are trying to go through as fast as we possibly can.
      Also due to the attacks to our server our support forum is currently down, we apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused and your patience is appreciated.

      • buddhatunes
        If you have contacted us via email, you will already be in the que. If you email me danny at pagelines dot com I can review your our que status and find your email. I will then assign your ticket to myself and when I start my shift again later on this evening, I will try and address your issue.

      • Dannyh buddhatunes and this is exactly what we have been waiting for…an update, keep us in the loop regularly and we may be a lot more patient.

      • Matthew01970
        I hear you Matt, but our engineer team worked over 30hours since the attack and had a few hours sleep in between. Our main focus is to get our services up and running so everyone can enjoy DMS.

      • Dannyh Matthew01970 I can completely relate. I worked network security for Intel for 10 years supporting banks VPN (before they sold to HP). I had those 3am sat morning all nighters. But with all due respect it takes all of 5 mins to post an update. It makes a world of difference to the customer base,

      • Dannyh Matthew01970 And this has been exactly the mistake by PL. First communicate so that people know what’s going on, not work for 30 hours and THEN let people know what HAS been going on. Sounds to me like a beginners mistake from the point of view of someone who worked in communitions and PR.

      • Jack Tummers

        We have already communicated via a blog post here –
        If the team create another blog post like people are suggesting, it will most likely contain the same information. I have however, passed these suggestions onto our team.

      • CaseyGraffix 
        PageLines DMS isn’t a CMS, WordPress is the CMS, can you go into greater detail what you mean please.

      • If I use DMS to create the design for the client and then lockout the features how would the client update the text and images, scroller images, basically maintain the content within their site. There’s more to CMS than a blog.

      • Dannyh CaseyGraffix I get what Casey is saying and was just thinking the same thing. My concern is that a client might look at the drag and drop builder (if i allowed access) and accuse me of short cutting even if i am adding my own custom code. 
        Will there be a way i wonder to lock out certain features to a client? E.g. disabling the drag and drop feature?  
        On a different note i think DMS is awesome having great fun here!!

      • florantcreative CaseyGraffix
        OK, I understand what you’re referring to, if you hit me with an email and going to further detail. I will then try and speak to one of our developers and see if this is possible.
        danny at pagelines dot com

  111. I’m new to pagelines and DMS and this was the first thing I tried, once the toolset is locked then there’s no access to edit the components at all,. I’m not sure how this can be the final product for a developer unless one is designing static sites for clients. It kind of defeats the purpose of using WP if a client only has access to blog posts and new page options.

      • Sorry this was a reply that ended as a new post, I was trying to figure out how to give a client access to the builder once I handover the site, usually I make them a author and handover that way, locking the DMS features using the wp-config as documented closes off any tools the client would have to edit hero sections and so forth, leaving the options open to the client leaves them with access to my activation code, how do we give a final design to a client and protect our account at the same time.

  112. dear pageline team
    the communication before the launch was great. the communication after the launch is unfortunately not a great example of how to communicate in such situations. the day has still 24 hours, especially in such situations.

    • kkwerbung 
      We appreciate that everyone is frustrated and that is completely understandable and that our communication hasn’t been great since the attacks to our servers but our team at the moment is solely focused on getting all our services back up and running 100% for everyone.
      All we can do is apologise for the inconvenience this has caused and we appreciate your patience.

  113. I’m glad to see that the PL team have responded. I seem to be in a minority in that I’m already building on the platform – not without a few false starts and some stumbling in the dark. Shit happens, and it did, and they are doing their best. There are questions I need answered still, but can we all stop carping on and let them get on sorting this out…

  114. PageLines is a great product and they offer great support (minus the honchos in the forums that tend to look down on many opinions and then quietly release updates). Give them time. Shit hit the fans. Raincoat the storm, because it will definitely be worth it.
    But, PageLines, instead of swarming through all these comments and emails and nitpicking them individually…write a blog post. Tell us where you’re at. Answer many of the key questions and concerns that seem to all be herding around the same problems. Communicate on a mass level before you try to tackle the often meaningless crumbs.

  115. Hi, several customers have asked if there will be any discounts for current license holders, like an upgrade discount. I’ve bought the Dev license form Platforom and Pagelines and I undestand that I’m not entitled to get anything more than what I bought. 
    However I think you raised our expectations, especially with a comment from @arpowers saying that the worst case scenario was a huge discount, maybe he was talking only about the plus members. And that´s the point, nothing is clear.
    Will you give any discount to current Dev license holders? It’s a simple yes or no.

    • fernal – I’m right there with you.  I paid for Pagelines Platform, then got the upgrade discount (still 3x what a premium theme would cost) to Pagelines Framework… now they want us to switch all our active websites (I manage close to 20 active sites) if we want to benefit from future features, yet won’t cut us a serious discount for the amount of man hours it’ll take to convert sites over!
      I’m at the tipping point of dumping Pagelines for kits like – and just go back to coding websites.  @arpowers, you’re holding your loyal userbase hostage by freezing Framework features and forcing us to pay the “joe blow” rate…  you need to work up something stat… its better to save the 10% of your usebase that’ll walk away over the mistreatment.

      • Stephen Salstrand
        Stephen, everyone is in a similar boat, I maintain a lot more websites than you do and a majority of them are powered by Pageines framework. However, I do have access to DMS and the conversion from framework to DMS is nothing. In fact it was a pleasure to work with.
        I have used 99Lime and it just fails in comparison, DMS as a first release is simply an amazing product. The speed in which you can create websites, convert existing websites using other themes/framework to DMS is just incredible.
        Honestly, if I was you and you seem to be a loyal Pagelines customers, I would just make the plunge like I did, forget a 10% or possible 20% discount and just get DMS Dev, you wont regret it.

      • MaxwellBoardman  Thanks for the opinions Maxwell.  Could you provide a link or two to websites that you’ve converted to DMS?  
        Regarding 99lime or other free tool sets – I agree, they are extremely basic, lack CMS and obviously DMS capabilities… but I don’t have to worry about my clients being without certain features if I’ve forgotten to update my credit card on file with pagelines – thus locking them out of editing things once I’ve built the site for them. 
        Btw, how long does a “seemless” transfer from Framework to DMS take?  And what if you’ve written on average 500+ lines of CSS per site to accomplish things for clients, as well as custom hooks and jQuery modes and PHP hacks in functions.php 
        Honestly, I bet that it’ll take a few hours for each site to transition smoothly… which won’t be billed to the client – thus putting me out $2k just to update my actively managed client sites.
        I’m not ragging on them or the new DMS – honestly I’m excited about it.  However, the fact that I’m going to have to put out extra time that’ll cost me money to transition sites – and then not even be given the “bro” discount is very insulting.

      • Dannyh artohoff  
        Did it 8 hours ago. I understand that the helpdesk is propably under some heavy load, but man I just can’t wait to start creating. :)

  116. I can’t believe the amount of negativity that is currently present on these comments. PageLines have just had a number of attacks on there system, during a launch.
    If anyone has ever done a big launch before then you will realise that their team has probably been working around the clock getting everything, then all of a sudden disaster strikes.
    I think everyone just needs to relax and give the Pagelines team the time they need, everyone who has made a purchase will get their product/license in due time. I understand that everyone wants to start using DMS, I’m on the same boat as you guys but we need to be patient.

    • MaxwellBoardman I know, I know, but they make the same mistake twice. From Platform Pro to PageLines Framework (they changed both product and website too) and now form  PageLines Framework to DMS. They are too smalle to do both things at the same time. Come on. I know it will be OK in 2 months or so. But learn from your customers, THEY PAY!

      • peterluit
        Still not sure what you’re referring to Peter. Our whole website and systems we ready for the launch before we our servers we hacked. Our team had to rebuild everything again from backups and again everything was ready and you guessed it, hacked again.
        So to prevent further disruption we moved to new servers, that is why it is taking so long now.
        Also not sure what you’re referring to when you learn from your customers ?

      • Dannyh peterluit Well dannyh if you don’t understand what I am referring to, find yourself another job. Look what is happening here. Stop trying to talk around all this, let Andrew make a clear statement on the homepage, discontinue this blog here on this subject (which by itself is very successful in the number of reactions). You better put your energy in doing the things for your customers. Don’t spend anymore time here. Close this one, it is the best you can do. But please a clear statement in a big font on the homepage. That will help.

      • peterluit
        That is rather rude of you sir.
        He is trying to put users at ease and all you do is reply and be rude to him. He is actually doing his job and providing customer services, remember there is no forums at the moment.
        Andrew has already created a post informing us of the situation, if there was anything else that needed reporting or updating I think they would have done it already.
        I was hear for the framework launch and I too have no idea what you’re referring to. They didn’t think they would be hacked twice in 13 hours whatever it was.

      • MaxwellBoardman peterluit maxwell, the simple point is that i don’t want to buy something that is not ready to use.  don’t sell me something that does not work, such as dms or the audio-player plugin, then not provide any support from pagelines or the developer.  
        if you have been hacked, then stop selling until you fix it.  as a customer, it is more than a waste of money, it is a waste of time – which is far more valuable.

      • buddhatunes MaxwellBoardman peterluit Postponing the launch a week would have probably been smarter and more responsible.
        They claim they were hacked, but I dunno, Pagelines has a recent history of whine and blame the “competition” for trivial or imaginary offenses.  Either they did get hacked, or it’s a cover for a totally bungled launch.

      • redefiler buddhatunes MaxwellBoardman peterluit C’mon man?! Have you got nothing better to do than to bash something for sh*ts ‘n giggles? Seriously. They were hacked. Twice. It sucks. 
        Since the hacks these poor guys have done EVERYTHING in their power to restore any and every feature, purchase, subscription, etc. They’re almost there. Give them a break. Please.

      • Lucas Garvin redefiler buddhatunes MaxwellBoardman peterluit You’ve got nothing better to do than chastise people complaining? Bash?
        Well they also said another developer “tricked” them into seeing a preview copy just so they could copy DMS.  Turns out it was Andrew freely agreeing to show it off in order to woo another developer.  SInce then they’ll cleaned the post entry a bit, but not the first time PG has cried wolf.
        Bottom line: a lot of us have Pagelines sites.  They REALLY need to post the exact cause, because it’s now our sites that are potentially vulnerable.  Considering the above, there’s a fair amount of skepticism is warranted for PG official responses as of late.
        Also here’s what doesn’t quite wash:
        Hacked via plug-in… so…. switch hosts?  That’s not really a hosting problem. 
        More plausible might be the additional backend for DMS, was beyond the old host’s capacity and PG only realized the problem when it attempted to go live.

      • redefiler Lucas Garvin buddhatunes MaxwellBoardman peterluit
        “You’ve got nothing better to do than chastise people” – this statement has to be the prime candidate for the “hypocrisy knows no bounds” award. Your delusion is breathtaking.
        There are plenty of people “complaining” here that no one is taking issue with. You’re just being an obsessive troll – one who has explicitly stated they won’t be a customer. Your purpose here is purely to disparage, not to “complain” constructively.
        I can also tell you you’re completely off base almost every time you speculate…your conjecture re: the hack included.

  117. So, I downloaded DMS, installed it, didn’t activate it but I clicked on preview to see how my site would look like on it and then it corrupted everything. Now my site won’t open anymore:
    Please, I need support on what to do now!

    • nandorj78 PageLines product that use LESS CSS, will not be compatible with WordPress Preview mode, as WordPress doesn’t natively support LESS.
      I have just this moment clicked preview on several of my test installs and not one of them has ran into a similar error as your site. Try logging into FTP and navigate to /wp-content/themes/
      and rename your dms folder to old_dms, then view your site again. It should load up using a default WordPress theme Twenty Twelve or Twenty Thirteen, then install DMS again.
      Its difficult to see what is the cause of your issue when there isn’t any error message, it could actually be server related.

      • nandorj78
        Then in my opinion it is actually server related, you will probably want to contact your webhost provider.

      • Dannyh nandorj78 The server is working. I have other WP installations on it with differente domains. they’re ok

      • nandorj78
        It could then be related to WordPress maintenance mode, login to your site via FTP and navigate to the WordPress root directory and see if there is a:
        .maintenance file
        If there is delete and see if this resolves your issue.
        If there isn’t any such file, I recommend contacting your host anyway, as there isn’t any error on your domain so its impossible for me to diagnose the issue.

      • nandorj78 Dannyh for what its worth, and it may sound crazy, it didnt work for me when the folder was DMS (in caps) but when I changed it to dms it worked. This I found after I got a kick back message that the install failed since it needed to be loaded from a folder called dms…not sure it that helps but thought I would mention. This of course is the basic un auth version though

      • Matthew01970
        Yeah the folder needs to be called
        In lower case, there should be a fail safe that notifies you if you have the folder name incorrectly.

      • Dannyh nandorj78 Dannyh, there was no such file… Contacted the host, and they had to disable all plugins and revert the site to a default theme manually. Now it’s back again. Maybe there’s conflict with DMS and some plugins?

      • nandorj78
        Could be if you’re using a cache plugin such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, these kinds of plugins should always be disabled if you plan on making changes to your site.
        Also check to make sure that your plugins are up to date and maintained by the author. I wouldn’t recommend installing a plugin that hasn’t been updated in the last year or so.

      • Matthew01970 nandorj78 Dannyh That is correct, directory names are case sensitive on many systems, and either way, can wreak havoc on the WP systems that traverse the tree to find files. Always stick with all lowercase.

    • newbrew The PageLines Launchpad, is currently offline. However, as soon as the system is back up and running you will be able to access all your previous purchases again.

  118. How does DMS control a website?  My tool features have turned off and on twice within the last hour.  Is this being done remotely from Pagelines?  Or is it a bug in the software?

    • buddhatunes 
      We do not remotely control your website. When you say they have turned off and on twice within the hour what do you mean exactly?

      • Dannyh buddhatunes the dms editing features turn off and do not turn back on right away – my guess is that it has something to do with the round button on the far left of the toolbox bar.

      • buddhatunes Dannyh What do you mean pagelines does not remotely control things? If they can remove the editing tool remotely and add back the pagelines link would not count as remotely controlling?

      • Dannyh buddhatunes Can you tell me if the basic DMS I DLd should let me add a media box to my page and let me save it? Every time I do this it says saving, saving saving… and nothing happens? No preview. I can see changes I’ve made on some of the site, but it won’t let me add any sections, boxes etc.? Do I need to sign up to test the basic??? Thanks!

  119. Is the old support forum coming back? As I had a question about PageLines 2.0 on my current site… Ha! I know that’s going to sound funny here but.

  120. And… to not miss out on all the fun, I have a DMS question. I loaded the DMS template on my test site (glad I set that up!) and all the sliders and boxes aren’t displaying. Do those all need to be set up with new elements in DMS? and what are those equivalents?

  121. Activation key: for other users having this problem (I purchased a subscription and never received an activation key), I’ve noticed that if you go into your account, there should be a heading called My Subscriptions. On the left there should be an Order#. Click on the order number and … there is something called a License key (you’ll see it along with number of activations left). Unfortunately, I cannot test if this is my activation key as I am on my ipad and DMS does not work on the mobile version of the Chrome

      • Hmm, did you purchase a new subscription?
        None of my old purchases–I was Dev without Plus before–are showing up as of yet, but I subscribed to DMS to check it out and that is showing up.

  122. ACTIVATION ISSUE:  Purchased single DMS Pro license.  Did a fresh wp install using instant wordpress so i can work on my site without putting it up on a server.  Entered my email and activation code, and nothing happened, it’s stayed in basic mode.  Entered the info again, and clicked activate, and now it says “Exceeded maximum number of activations”.  AND it’s still not activated.  Tried emailing [email protected] 3 times since yesterday evening.  No response.  Just tried tweeting, so now posting here.  PLEASE help me out here guys, I need to work on my site this weekend, and I can’t do anything until I can activate.  Shouldn’t you have a way to reset the activation through the pagelines site?  I’m DEAD in the water here.  Pagelines login is toddatkins.  Thanks.

    • batonrougecounseling 
      Having same exact problem. If you fix the issue, please post how it was resolved, and I’ll do the same!

      • DianeRuiz721 batonrougecounseling Thanks Diane, will do.  Glad to know I’m not the only one.  Still no contact from anyone.  I imagine it’s pretty bad for them at this point.

  123. What I am doing wrong? I am reading people is able to log in to their account. but I can’t, I click and nothing happen.  is there any other page to log in besides the login  on top of this page?

    • Mictlan Quoting Dannyh 2 hours ago: “The PageLines Launchpad, is currently offline. However, as soon as the system is back up and running you will be able to access all your previous purchases again.”. I really doubt there’s another way to login to account / access to Lauchpad than the one & only link you mention: And I really doubt some people are able to login atm.

      • Mictlan Ooops. Actually, there’s another link specific to Launchpad i.e. 404 atm, and same login process if I remember well anyway.

  124. I bought a DMS plugin that does not work – audio player – that has this note about support:
    “Please do not leave a review as a support question, they are for reviews. I am not notified of these reviews, and I have no way to respond to you. Please do not email me for support, because you will not receive a reply. If you need assistance, click the link in the box below – this link leads you to the forums where you can get support. Thanks!”
    Here are the ironies:  one cannot leave a review; one cannot email the developer for support; there is no link in a box below, much less a box; and there is no forum where one can get support.

    • buddhatunes Give them some time since they seem to be putting out fires, but if no one takes care of the issue just file a chargeback.

      • John Petrowski buddhatunes i forgot to mention the greatest irony of them all – the link to purchase the plugin did work!

      • buddhatunes John Petrowski I’d be curious if the audio player obfuscates links to local audio/mp3 files.  Since anything on Soundcloud is under freebee license, there is already a free WP Soundcloud player plug in that works pretty good for free material.
        A paid player should offer some additional features, and if it’s hoping to be a professional solution it should at least try to protect local audio files and assets.

  125. Guys, a status report is badly needed! I have bought the new system but want to test it gradually. You seem to have turned off support, Plugins, sections etc for the old framework, or is just because I can’t login? I’m praying we will still be able to use the old framework, I just finished a site using it with a deadline of next week. No time to start using a new system. Please help!!

  126. Ive got agreed to complete a clients site by next week please when will the old system back up and running? Can I use my sections and theme I purchased in DMS?

  127. Please Dannyh, could you say when we (probably) recovert our pagelines pro account access ?buddhatunes  and we are very sorry about the fucking pirates did. “courage” to all of your talent staff.

  128. THANKS FOT THAT Danny: buddhatunesWe appreciate that everyone is frustrated and that is completely understandable and that our communication hasn’t been great since the attacks to our servers but our team at the moment is solely focused on getting all our services back up and running 100% for everyone.

  129. Please reset my user license. Activated and everything worked alright, but deactivated in order to gather information from the old framework in order to migrate, and then lost my ability to reactivate the ‘Pro’ version on my site.

    PageLines username: MoreApplesADay

  130. I’m curious, is the DMS test I downloaded fully functional? I can’t seem to get any sections to activate… and or preview? The interface works, but every time I add something the saving button just spins? Trying to test this out but it’s not letting me do much?

  131. Here the same!
    No preview, online- editorbar has no function! shows no reaction.
    But: are there new “content” – ADS..!?

  132. S.O.S!!
    When I try to activate I get this message “Exceeded maximum number of activations”
    a lot of people are posting this same problem, so it’s not just me. Also the front
    end of my site is all messed of w scattered files all over the place. I installed DMS
    on a new, fresh WP install. I deactivated Jetpack, and the built in WP editor,
    and still no luck. PAGELINES emailed me (which was a miracle) and told me to clear                                                                                                                 cache and cookies (What??). I already did, but it didn’t help. Can someone pls help me?
    Thanks!! Diane Ruiz

    • DianeRuiz721 
      I removed WP entirely from server and deleted my mysql databases. Then fresh install and everything worked after that. “exceeded maximum…” was fixed by helpdesk.

      • artohoff DianeRuiz721 Wish helpdesk would fix mine.  I’ve sent 3 emails since last night.  No response.

      • batonrougecounseling artohoff DianeRuiz721 
        Yeah I was actually shocked when Pagelines responded in a timely fashion, clearing the cache and cookies as they directed did not help. Via which means did you contact “help desk”?

      • artohoff DianeRuiz721 That seems like a lot to have to go through to make it work, I certainly hope thats not the case for the future