WordPress 3.0 Menu Support

All of our themes now have built-in support WordPress 3.0 menus and are available for download at your PageLines LaunchPad account. A fresh menu may have to be applied initially to get the main navigation updated, but here’s a look at what you get with the new menus.

Goodbye Plug-ins

3.0 menus are going to replace the need for plug-ins like “Exclude Pages” and “My Page Order” which modified the code to achieve custom navigation solutions. Here’s what WordPress states in the codex about the new feature…

“The Menus feature allows you to create a navigation menu of pages, categories, custom links, tags, etc. that is presented to your visitors.”

Custom Menus on the Fly

You’ll also be able to drag and drop items into the desired order/hierarchy, create multiple menus and even link to specific posts as needed.

We have created three locations for you to use these menus right out of the gate. The main navigation and two footer locations, one for the default Pages widget and one for the Stay in Touch widget.

You also get to add one of your custom menus to any other widgetized area via the widgets panel!

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