What’s New In PageLines 2.1

PageLines 2.1 will be officially released today and it adds some new features you’ll love.

This version adds new default meta controls, a brand new Sharebar, support for integration with bbPress/BuddyPress, and a bunch more. With 2.1, you’re site is going to be better than ever…

Meta Setting Defaults

New 'Default' Meta Settings

Since PageLines 2 came out, we’ve had a ton of requests for a way to set defaults for ‘meta-settings’ or page-by-page framework options. The reason for this is because often people want to set something up ‘site-wide’ and tweak on an individual page basis. That’s why we’ve built this functionality into version 2.1

Now you’ll be able to set up your sections in the global defaults panel, and these settings will be overridden if set on a individual page or post.

New Sharebar

New Social Bar & Options

Justifiably, the social ‘sharebar’ included in prior releases was feeling dated. It simply used images and links as opposed to all those new fangled, javascripty, social sharing buttons you’ve been seeing.

For that reason, we’ve rewritten the core sharebar section to use newer, dynamic sharing buttons and functionality.

We’ve also included a couple new options to go along with it, like a site hashtag, and ability to show/hide different social networks.

bbPress and BuddyPress

bbPress and BuddyPress for PageLines

Our old friends bbPress, a popular WordPress forum, and BuddyPress, a social network for WordPress, are back!

Since the launch of PageLines 2 we’ve heard a lot of clammoring for better support of these popular extension suites. That’s why we’ve spent some serious time building deep support into the framework.

In the Store, you’ll now be able to find the bbPress for PageLines and BuddyPress for PageLines plugins both for free.

Other Stuff to Rock Your World

New Search Toggle

Overall, there were something like 200 code changes between 2.0 and 2.1. So again we can’t cover every little improvement. Also in 2.1 you’ll see a new search field, better color handling, improvements to thumbs, a bunch of new sorting functions, etc..

Template Names

New Template Naming

We’ve also changed the naming convention for templates. In prior releases it’s always been something descriptive like ‘banner page’, ‘feature page, etc… This quickly became a problem with drag and drop, because the template wasn’t always representative.

The least we can do is change the template naming to not be descriptive. That’s why we’ve changed the template naming convention in 2.1. There won’t be bugs or upgrade issues because of this…

(Sidenote: Ideally, we’d love to allow you to rename templates, but because of a WordPress quirk we can’t. See the WordPress Ticket here.)

Auto Upgrade!

If you have an active Pro or Dev PageLines Framework account, you should see the upgrade notification in your WordPress admin. Simply follow the in-admin instructions to auto upgrade to 2.1!

67 Responses to "What’s New In PageLines 2.1"
      • @kidrichmond

        According to the database your install logged in on the 17 jan. Are you sure the credentials are set?

      • @pross found the credentials section, I’m definitely logged in properly with my launch pad creds. Still not seeing anything for an update. I’m currently using version 1.5.3 is my version too old?

      • @kidrichmond ya the update path is currently on the 2.0 series. You can upgrade, but its a manual process to get stared (e.g. uploading as a theme and activating.. not too bad ;) )

  1. when i update automatically: will all my adjustments i made to the german language file go away? what is to do to conserve them?

      • @pross @FrankKarmeyer sure, but there have been about more than 20 words that are hardcoded and in english or translated in bad grammar – and the translations have been away with last updates…

      • @FrankKarmeyer @pross don’t know why, but the following phrases and words are the ones i had to translate again after update. can someone explain it to me? here they are: Leave a CommentShareTagged withSearchone response tox responses to

      • @pross don’t know why or how: but after the update i had to translate the following words again: Leave a CommentShareTagged withSearchone response tox responses to

      • @arpowers With experimentation I find that it is only when I go from a 1.5 to 2.1. It does not happen when I go from 2.x and up. Actually it was wiping all widgets clean that I used the htmljavascript plugin in. But to be honest it is such a quick fix, I wasn’t paying attention. I cannot say for certain that it was only THAT plugin but that was the one that I noticed wiped clean.

      • @showpeople @arpowers Yes it does that when going from 1.5 -> 2.x since it is a new platform entirely. Installing any other theme would do the same thing. It’s always recommended to move widget items to the inactive area before changing themes. :)

    • @aidanBOX Click the themes link under Appearance it will force a refresh. As long as you are logged in under PageLines/Account.

    • @brothercorvo basic setup is pretty simple.. with bbPress install and activate that WP plugin, then install the free bbPress for PageLines plugin… It will activate options and handling for you..

      With BuddyPress install it and the BuddyPress Template Pack; the template pack installs some templates so we definitely recommend using a child theme like Base (where the template pack adds its files)

      Once this is done, again install and activate the BuddyPress for PageLines plugin and it should be supported in the framework (e.g. will work and look good!)

  2. So I’m logged into my wordpress admin and looking everywhere and don’t see the upgrade option any where. Some body, any body. Thank you

      • @simple_mama @kidrichmond Thanks for the quick response Simple mama! What does dd stand for? I’m logged into my wordpress admin and I’ve looked in every section and don’t see anything. Can you give me some more guidance please

      • @kidrichmond That should have said “add”. :) Typing too fast.. lol.

        In your WP Admin, go to PageLines -> Account. Add your PageLines account info there for updates.

  3. Eu instalei o Page Lines 2,1 e não gostei de algumas modificações. Não tem opções de editar algumas cores como no modelo antigo. Eu desinstalei de novo, prefiro o modelo que já estava instalado, as configurações de edição do modelo é melhor.

  4. Cannot manage to get the autoupdate to work. I’ve yet to update to Framework after the initial purchase (to allow time for kinks to resolve) so I’m still running in PlatformBase 1.0.4 and the “unactivated” PlatformPro 1.5.3. Not sure if this has anything to do with it. Furthermore, I have indeed updated the Pagelines Settings–>Misc Settings–>Configure Auto Updates …with my Dashboard Username/Password.

    Any help is appreciated

    • @Witte They are iFrames and objects defined by the providers… perfect positioning is impossible to attain until the scripts get better (from Google, Twitter, etc..)

      • @[email protected] Until this is sorted out you need to provide a bespoke option as this isn’t nearly professional enough for the brand you’re trying to promote. I can see offering these as a config option but you should “at least” offer the old style as a config option too. At this point I’d resist upgrading for this reason as it seems to cheapen the brand of my website.

        Sorry to be harsh but a little “javascript cool” can be pretty uncool when you’re using mixed implementations, it creates layout delays, you loose layout control, and the various providers have inconsistent layout. I really think for your target audience (aka, professional and willing to pay $$$ for the theme) they’re going to line up much more strongly on the “make it look professional” versus “make it look cool” side of the fence.

      • @[email protected] Interesting perspectives… I don’t see it as a designer I think the ShareBar looks and works great.

        The LinkedIn button for example doesn’t have a way to set width, so if you don’t like that formatting, you don’t have to use it…

        There are also some alternative sharebars showing up in the Store, so if you guys want to use a different approach there is always that + drag/drop..

        LInk: http://www.pagelines.com/store/sections/sharebar-extended/

        Its really impossible to make everyone happy, as I’m sure you guys know. We’re just trying to make the best, most professional, decisions for you guys.

  5. I like the direction but not the implementation of the new sharebar. I think you’re going to need to provide a few more config options to please the masses too. For instance having numerics against the share icons is good for some site and bad for others. Also, you need a simple way — not unlike what WordPress offers as part of their new Jetpack — to embed sharing at the summary level on the main blog page rather than just at the individual blog page. Let’s face it … people are often just reading summaries and then wanting credit for having read the whole thing. ;^)

    • @kensnyder68 Ya that’s definitely coming… trying to avoid option creep up front; we’ll listen to you guys as we iterate.

  6. Thank you Pagelines for for finally releasing bbPress and BuddyPress plugins! I just installed BuddyPress and everything went smooth. Now I can finally start building my communty :-)

    • @Yemoonyah Did you have a child theme?

      I don’t use it until now and still have issues with BBpress functions like the register page.

      • @brother_corvo I’m not sure what you mean by bbPress special pages.

        For now I just use BuddyPress with integrated (bbPress) group forums.

        If you use an extra install of bbPress (with or without BuddyPress), you need to make sure you use the BuddyPress Template Packs plugin and the newest versions of all components involved.

      • @Yemoonyah I use the WP plugin.

        under Buddypress / Setting click on the second tab “pages”.

        There you can associate a WordPress Page with each BuddyPress component directory. This works now for Activity Streams and Forum

        but not for “Register” or activate.

      • @brother_corvo @Yemoonyah Try redoing the template pack, we tested on all the dynamic page, and I just retested the register and activate links.

      • @pross @brother_corvo @Yemoonyah Did you tested with the child theme or without? Is this child theme suggested or required for the integration to work?

      • @brother_corvo I had no problems whatsoever with these pages. I just went through the setup process and that was it.

  7. I’m excited that you made such an extensive update so quickly and much in response to customer requests rather than just stuff you had originally planned. It gives me hope that some of the other little things that we’ve requested will get the same love sooner than later. Question — why no “Get Satisfaction” type of feature request area?

    • @Crispee Comment on the ticket at WP… let them know how nice it would be; maybe direct them at this blog post.. (I’ve contacted them multiple times on this)

  8. Update went really well, only minor problems with borders around the images. Fixed with img {border:0 none;}. The only other issue is to find the CSS for the post thumbnails as they now have a border, background and shadow. Not having much look with Firebug :(

  9. If you have an active Pro or Dev PageLines Framework account, you should see the upgrade notification in your WordPress admin. Simply follow the in-admin instructions to auto upgrade to 2.1!

    I have Platform Pro 1.5.3 and i dont have an option for the upgrade in my admin, when i bought it you guys said it would have a free upgrade to 2.0 how do i upgrade?

    • It’s all good found it in my account it’s now downloaded and installed on my WordPress. Now to have a play around, thanks.

      Someone needs to mention that you may need to manually up date from PlatformPro to PageLines 2.1

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