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We designed and built Viewer with the creative agency in mind. You’ll see this as soon as you land on the home page. A hero message, shelf viewer, and recent work with a splash of testimonials tell everyone what you’re all about.

Check out this theme and you’ll notice that it’s carefully crafted, built to be clean and easily customizable.

Viewer’s Custom Sections

We put a ton of time into some special custom sections, just for this theme. It all starts with a featured showcase shelf to get your viewers attention. And we’ve also added a flexible custom post type section: SuperGrid to impress your audience and more. Read about those below…


The shelf section allows you to display featured projects in a stylish way.



The gallery section makes it easy to showcase your work, it supports photos and videos.



The rotating quotes section comes with many options including the alignment, background and font size. Ideal for testimonials or simply famous quotes.



SuperGrid is a modern showcasing solution. it supports any custom post type.


Flexible List

The flexible list section allows you to create lists with custom icons from font awesome.



The shoutbox section helps you get your user’s attention by standing out from everything else on your website. The shoutbox can be hidden by your visitor after they’ve received your important message.


Social Bar

The social bar section includes icons and links to more than 20 of the most popular social media websites.


While Viewer is primarily a business or agency focused theme, the design can be used for anything from a standard blog-style layout to a website showcasing your company’s range of high quality products. With styling support on sections, your own design is just a few small tweaks away using PageLines DMS.

As long as you have something to show, viewer can meet your needs. Check it out!

20 Responses to "Viewer – New DMS Theme"
  1. Hey there Pagelines team, I like the viewer theme (just downloaded it for future use). I noticed on the theme demo that on your top menu the ‘home’ tab links back to your localhost/viewer directory, and so obviously the link is broken trying to get back to the main theme demo page. Also, at least on my end viewing in Chrome, the image on the core section previews for the Hero section and Media Box show as broken links; same for the Viewer logo in the upper left from the Blog page. 
    Great work on the theme though, with you all the best @Pagelines  today!

  2. When I try to install this theme by uploading the file I receive the following message: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the <code>style.css</code> stylesheet. Theme install failed.”  Please advise.  [email protected]

  3. ppakidis to get support for any problems please contact our support desk on hello @ and the support team will be able to investiagte this for you.

  4. I received the same message missing style.css(see below) 

    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the <code>style.css</code> stylesheet.
    Theme install failed.

  5. cygnusnow HellO Cygnus – Download the .zip file and then extra the files. You will see a folder called install – inside this is the theme .zip file. 
    This was done so you also have access to all design files too.

  6. Is there a limit to the number of sections on one page? I’m trying to put in order from top to bottom (shelf -masthead-supergrid-leaderboard-hero-quotes-ibox-socialbox). Have everything in but masthead and ibox but i can’t drop them in for some reason. Thanks

  7. ok think i figured the last question out – after an hour — I can drop them both in but they have to be in a same size section – full width with full width. Is this right?

  8. Just started playing with this child-theme. Thanks for providing it for free. I have a couple of questions. The description above for Quotes says “The rotating quotes section comes with many options including the
    alignment, background and font size. Ideal for testimonials or simply
    famous quotes.” But I do not see any way to control the font size or alignment and it does NOT take the assigned background color. Where is this being controlled? I’d like to also control the font used.
    And it would be great if the shelf allowed us to put links on each of the images and to easily control the fonts. I’m figuring most of it out using Inspect Elements and custom code. Just sayin’ it’d be nice if those options were built in. THANK YOU!

  9. I’ve made a lot of progress on my new new using your theme. The dev version is at I have newer questions (my old ones, below, have been figured out). 
    1) I see on the PL homepage that the shelf section they’re using allows for linking of the images but the version we have in Viewer does not. Any chance you’ll add that in or tell us how to add them via code?
    2) I’d really like to control the colors of the quote slider arrows.I haven’t been able to get rid of the black with CSS yet.

  10. No one seems to respond here and I don’t know where else to locate the developer but I just have one more issue/question. The Quotes slider by Royal Slider doesn’t seem to auto load. I found their documentation and tried adding the script to DMS but I can’t get it working. Seems lame to have multiple quotes but no one knows they’re there.I posted the link to the Royal Slider documentation AND the script I added on the forum here: then realized that was for the  section called Viewer not this theme. sigh.

  11. HI there, why does my logo get sized down? I can’t make it any bigger it seems even though I’ve changed the min height of the media box. Please advise. I need it to be 400px wide and 110px tall.

  12. td2 Hello there. Could you create a topic on the forum with this support question and we will be able to take a look for you. We can’t provide the best support in the comments section of the blog. You can find the forum here

  13. We’re using SuperGrid WordPress Theme on one of our websites, one of the best wordpress themes and smooth to customize.

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