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As we’ve been working on this MASSIVE community effort to launch DMS; we’ve had some really interesting new projects pop up. Stuff that we think you’re gonna love.

Specifically, there are new projects aimed at helping you get started building sites if you’re a beginner, or help you create & develop for DMS if you’re more of a professional.

For People Building Sites

If you build sites, you are probably looking for a good resource on the latest tips and tricks. James Giroux has started an AWESOME new site that you’ll love if you’re a PageLines user.

It’s called Using PageLines, and so far it’s a great way for the community to learn what’s new and who is working on something awesome.

A few community members have written up their thoughts on DMS here via Using PageLines:

For PageLines DMS beginners and people new to the PageLines community looking for help to get started with PageLines DMS there’s PageLines Academy. This is a great way to grow your skills and abilities in using PageLines DMS so that you can design great sites for you or your clients.

Anything We Missed?

If you’ve seen any new resources for PageLines please bring them up!

After the release of DMS, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn and create, and we’re excited to see what you come up with.

28 Responses to "Using PageLines: Articles & Resources"
  1. Great Articles and excellent community backing a superb product.

    Wrote my take on the subject and experience being part of PL 300 here:

    My current site design is a reflection of what can happen in a typical scenario of not using PageLines DMS. Thought I make it a bit more fun and exciting (I will be changing the site soon over to DMS in a few days). Enjoy the look. 


  2. I have to say. It doesn’t bode very well when you come to this site (after receiving the DMS key) and click on the download link and it takes you to page not found. Also, other aspects of this site appear to be borked as well.
    Also. I am logged in. However, the top nav still says “Login”….
    Hardly very professional. To have a website full of bugs, particularly if you are actually punting a product which is supposed to create bug free sites.
    I’m generally rather Hmmmmmmm. About it all at this precise moment in time.

      • arpowers AshWhiting 
        Oh Jeez Louise. What a bugger. Of all the times to be hacked… :(

      • AshWhiting arpowers I’m sure its related to the launch, they timed it that way…. lots of hacker competitors out there.

      • arpowers AshWhiting 
        That is really unsportsmanlike. Oh well. Best of luck getting it all fixed. I’ll be having a go on it tonight when it’s launched :)

      • arpowers I am keen to know how much you guys are going to charge me that will be what will make me stay or leave PL. I hope for us that have PL developer license are not forced to pay to access some much needed features of the DMS

  3. arpowers What will it be like transitioning from my current Pagelines site to DMS? If I change to DMS will my site’s basic look and feel remain though with better tools to improve it? OR do I need to build a new site from scratch?
    Big issue!!

  4. I just installed DMS, but I don’t see any of the options. I get “Sorry preview is disabled, enable PageLines Framework.” when I go to customize section in Themes. 

  5. I’ve clicked and read all of the links in this article, but I could find only one resource about how to use DMS: a video on installing a previously made child theme.
    Where can I look for documentation or videos for implementing DMS? I hate pestering the kind PageLines people with questions and then waiting for answers.

    • PeterStephensHey Peter.  Hopefully you’ve been able to find some help, if not PageLines Academy is a good place to look.  It’s not quite ready yet but in two weeks it’ll launch with a full suite of videos to help you get oriented on PageLines DMS.  If you can’t wait that long, check out for some help.

  6. For instance, here’s a question I would normally be too embarrassed to ask in a blog comment or in a forum: how do you even use the store? I went to purchase something there, downloaded it, but the download instructions don’t apply to the new DMS. Here’s another one: how do I lose the DMS banner at the top of my site? I have a pro membership, which I assume keeps me from having my theme name more prominent on my site than my site name. I’m sure there’s an easy answer, and I’d prefer to just be able to read it than to ask it here.

  7. bolvyk aerta Phew, thanks for this. I’ve installed Platform and all the Docs links are 404. Lots of great posts on using Pagelines, but pretty frustrating when just looking for basic definitions of various parts of the theme.

  8. bolvyk aerta Nevermind, that link for DMS is so completely different from Platform as to be no help at all. I contacted Pagelines via Twitter, hopefully someone can direct me to the basic user manual for Platform theme. Le sigh.

  9. Karma Bennett bolvyk aerta HI there – Platform is no longer supported and the documentation is no longer available.. The Platform theme will become more unuseable as web architecture continues to change and WordPress Core is updated to included new functionality.  The Latest Product, The  PageLines DMS system is free and available now from The link provided by Bolvyk is for DMS.  Alternatively, the product that came after Platform, The PageLInes Framework is free also and available from the PageLines Github The docuemntation for Framework is available from It is recommended you use DMS for your projects (or Framework at a push) as you can get support for these products.

  10. Martin (Pagelines) Karma Bennett  Well I installed DMS and that didn’t go well at all. I get this error on a white background: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 71 bytes) in /data/17/1/140/158/1629321/user/1756258/htdocs/careercrossroadscoach/wp-content/themes/dms/includes/less.plugin.php on line 2370
    On top of that, when I went to the settings page, DMS seems to offer zero options in regards to customization. Know I must be missing something, because that’s the whole point of DMS. But all I got was a section with links to articles and a place to put my own CSS.

  11. Martin (Pagelines) Thanks, I’ve made an account and posted in the forums. As frustrated as I am that there’s no support or documentation for the theme I’d chosen, I’m sufficiently impressed with your speedy customer service to try and get DMS working.

  12. I need help.  I have basic knowledge of wordpress and I’ve followed instructions on how to upload Pagelines plug-in and DMS zip file and I get this Only network admins can upload sections! Plugin from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the plugin…
    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
    Plugin install failed.

  13. Ziggy007  

    For help & support for PageLines products please first consult the manual here

    Failing this please create a topic in our support forum at

    We cannot provide support in Blog comments section.

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