Upcoming PageLines Showcase

While there are tons of awesome “built with PageLines” sites out there, PageLines has no formal “showcase” of sites in the wild. Stop! Don’t even say it, we already know it’s a problem ;)

In the meantime, there has always been constant stream of awesome sites being posted in the forum and on the Facebook page; but its pretty clear we can do a better job of helping you guys show off.

In our last post, we talked about some upcoming changes. Here’s another clue: one change will be a comprehensive PageLines showcase! While there are several things that are ‘standard’ about this showcase, a couple things will be different. (One note, the showcase is still a while out, so please stay tuned.. )

Anyway, before we launch we’d love to have some sites to consider for addition. So in this post we’re asking you to submit your entry to the PL Showcase!

Why should you submit now? There will be several advantages to being listed, among them:

  • Recognition – PageLines showcase sites will be acknowledged as some of the best websites out there.
  • Links & Traffic – Each showcase item will link to your site, and have a description.

While not every site submitted will make it to the showcase, we will notify you by email if your site is accepted. Accepted sites can add the spiffy “Featured in the PageLines Showcase” badge to their site.

Ready? If you would like to have your site included in the Showcase please submit your site info here.

24 Responses to "Upcoming PageLines Showcase"
  1. this is really great to see happen – one thing though: all the sites are fine if they’re online, but what about Intranets and offline sites? any opportunity to submit screengrabs in that category?


    • Hmmm, well each Showcase post will have a description, screenshot (s), brief overview of techniques used, link, etc..

      That said, I think its probably best that the sites are online to be in the showcase.

  2. Sweet! I can’t wait to see the new updates. I’ve, for some reason, never used pagelines with Buddypress cause I had a host of issues. If there is more support for Buddypress, then we would be talking!

    • Interesting point, there is something coming that *should* address this.. timelines are indefinite as BuddyPress is relatively difficult to work with.

  3. The product’s being easy to use even to novice like me and the ever helpful forum gurus are already enough.Pageline Showcase?More than a bonus!

  4. Hey Andrew….I know this is boneheaded…but I just submitted a new design I completed a few weeks ago but I didn’t find in the submission where it asked for the URL for the design??

    Anyhow..I can I add the URL to an “already submitted” design?

    Thanks, RC

  5. Hey, we purchased your product and are currently under construction again on our site. Likely a silly question, but can the PageLines2 be used as a skin for an existing e-commerce online store?

  6. Well… Still testing my site css offline with pagelines platform… Your themes are great… Except it would be nice to actually see them exhibit complete compatibility with wp-ecommerce, buddypress and the latest bbpress 2.0… If you guys can do that then that’ll be cool… But i cant wait to see your theme capability in the showcase. Hopefully, there’ll be some amazing sites with great styling.

  7. Hi
    I am planning to buy one of your theme. I am not an CSS builder, so i really hope it will be “kind of easy” to work with. :-) Change language and stuff like that i think will be easy??

    Best regards Paul.

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