PageLines in Your Language: The New Translation Center..

If you’re using PageLines in languages other than English, or with plugins like WPML, today we have a nice announcement for you: PageLines Translation Center.

Since 2.0, the framework has been completely localization ready; including in your site admin. However, there is a quite a bit of text, so we needed a tool to cut the overall translation workload.

This new tool will allow PageLines users and developers to collaborate on translations. We’ve already had some good work done, but we’re going to need some help from the community to build a comprehensive set of language options.

N Translation Center (Spanish Translations)

How it works..


First, if you don’t see your language listed in the center, you’ll need to request that it’s added.

Once it’s there, just login to PageLines Translate using your main PageLines account credentials. It’s pretty easy to start adding your translations for the English strings in the core.

Once the translation you want is sufficiently finished, just hit the export button on the bottom and add the .mo file to the PageLines Customize plugin language folder and rename it depending on the locale you have set in wp-config.php for example (or select po and import it into any localization plugin that accepts .po files).

Once you’ve done that, WordPress should be able to use that file for your localization, and you’re good to go.

47 Responses to "PageLines in Your Language: The New Translation Center.."
      • @pross @bngmonster Ok i started with translation, hope ther will be some others too. Then we could get an good german translation fast. The google one was very funny ;)

      • @[email protected] Would be cool to see actually 2 German versions, since we have the “formal” and “informal” way to address people (“Sie” vs. “Du”) and while it does not matter much for the backend, it certainly does on the frontend. One more reason why I suggested splitting up the language file in my comment above and earlier on the forums.

      • @TheShamanMarketer @pross @bngmonster I think this is a good idea! We should split the translation in backend and frontend. I like the Backend in english because support is english too. A formal und informal version for german is also a good idea. I already started translating random things without testing of context. when there are better translation please ad them! by the way: lyfe fire login is very slow…

      •  @pross @bngmonster @TheShamanMarketer  Howdy! As an »old« pagelines-customer i recently started my  migration-project of iBlogPro4 to 5. Since this threat started 5 month ago, I wonder what happened within that time to german translation.
        I did localization for iBlogPro3 some years ago for Andrew and now I am back for the Framework-translation starting correction of some minor translation mistakes. But since I am not a validator, there are now 2 or 3 translation for the same stuff in the file. I did that by mistake, sorry. So pross … maybe you could give me validation rights, so I can help finish this language-project.
        I am afraid that your customers are cooking their private soups with Poedit, until you don’t split languages into front and backend! So please give us a frontend-only file like »German-frontend-only«. Thats what is needed most! And lets keep the »German« file as a complete translation. I will help you guys with the backend also. But that’s much more work and needs a little time!
        Aloha from Germany – Tang

      •  @pross  Simon, I wrote you the Email. I want to finish german translation tonight. Need validation rights to clean up the file. You’ ll have a 100% German back + front end very soon :))

  1. Good to see you do something about the localisation issue! And even if I think that a 200-bucks-per-theme+paid-plugins company might not want to (ab)use their paying customers as translators… well, better that, than nothing. And definitely better than the unusable Google-translated mess we had so far… *lol*

    Two suggestions to make it easier for all of us:

    – split up language files and translations for backend and frontend. 90% of webmasters have no problems using an English backend, but need one or more 100% legible and complete translation(s) for the frontend. Would reduce translation efford by 95% ;-)

    – It would be great if the online interface included a feature that we know from Poedit: to show where this string is actually used. Poedit shows it for the source code, even better would be a man-made comment like: “shows up in the byline in single post view”. Esp. for small snippets like “by” you have to actually see them in context before you can translate them correctly.



  2. Please, add the Portuguese (Brazil) language. I can’t login at the New Translation Center. The error message prints: Invalid password, but I used the same login and password of PageLines Launchpad.

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  4. Hello,
    i’m trying to add the spanish translation. i have downloaded both .mo and .po files, but i’m not sure where i need to put them.
    “PageLines Customize plugin language folder and rename it depending on the locale you have set in wp-config.php”???
    so in the PageLines Customize plugin/languages/ES_es folder????

  5. Where do I upload my file? I just exported the .po and .mo files from the translation center, renamed them to nl_NL.po and and uploaded these to the childtheme /language directory.
    I assume this is right, but nothing is happening. Hope someone can help me out.

  6. Hi, how do I export the translations including the unconfirmed translations? Italian language is very very incomplete, but I added some strings. It would be useful if I could export them without having someone to verify them (actually I made them and so I’m sure they’re valid).

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