Updating Your Content Will Definitely Skyrocket Your Traffic

Contents drive traffic, that’s a given. When you write and share more contents on your website, you boost your traffic more and you attract more audience.

But as you create more content over time, some of your older content get stale and forgotten. When that happens, you will have to make a wise and careful decision of whether you keep them or you have to let them go.

Now, how do you decide which content needs updating to get more traffic?

Here are some things you can consider:

01 Are you selling an outdated product?

Pages that contain products that are no longer available should definitely be updated. If not, your credibility as a seller will be affected. You do not want angry customers complaining how they keep coming back to your website only to get disappointed that some of your products are no longer in stock.


If the product no longer exists or is unavailable but you feel like you need to keep the page, you may:

  • reiterate to visitors that the product is not available
  • explain what happened
  • tell visitors the reasons why it is no longer in stock
  • create a CTA button or make a suggestion to visit another page that may be similar to the product

02 Did you change your brand or your company name?

It is inevitable that a company changes its name and products. Sometimes, it is its form of leveling up. Even popular and well-established companies do this sometimes. And for some instances, companies do this because they don’t have any other options.

When you change your brand name and your products, you also have to update all the products posted on your website. If you do this, you will also have to explain what’s going on.

The reason why you need to do this is because when you update your page and decide to redirect the old page to another, user experience will be ruined and people will be confused.

03 Is the page an old review of something?

I used to do a lot of blog reviews on my website, and people I do reviews for would of course share the reviews’ link especially when it was a good one. Each of my blog reviews had been shared many times and so I did it for a couple of months.

However, it didn’t take long until I got tired of doing it. I stopped making reviews without feeling the need to tell anyone. Every now and then, I would receive e-mails from people who wanted me to review their blog. And because I didn’t inform anyone, I had to explain every time that I no longer do it. That was something you should avoid doing because it could get tiring having to explain all the time.

If you did a lot of reviews in the past and you want to keep them, you can update them by:

  • finding out if the product, the brand, the place or the person you made a review about is still active
  • checking if there are changes
  • if there are changes and it affects a part of your review, you might want to change that as well
  • explain that the page is an old review and that there may have been changes in the product/brand


04 Do you have pages of old guest posts?

Having people write for your website is sometimes a good way to collaborate and gain more visitors. However, if the guest post is already way too old and no longer attracts visitors, you may want to update it. I don’t think you should delete old guest posts, but revising it is also not recommended. Doing it will be a form of disrespect to the person who wrote it. Nevertheless, you may add a separate column below. Then, add anything you think is relevant to the post to make it interesting to your visitors.

04 Do you have a membership registration/login page that has already been closed?

To inspire and support young writers to write more and to encourage them to share what they know, I transformed my website into a membership site where people can register to join and share their talent and creativity. As the community grew, we decided to close the registration for a while.

This example happens especially on websites or companies that offer products or services to a limited number of people as their way of promotion. When the limit is reached, the registration will then be closed.

In that situation, the page that directs to the membership registration form should be updated. The best way to do this is to:

  • revise the page entirely
  • tell users that the registration period is over
  • change the registration form into a wait-list form


05 Is the page about a past event?

If the page is about a past event and is no longer interesting to the public, maybe it is time to update it. Sometimes you cannot make any changes to it since it is past event, but you can always update it by proposing and redirecting to another page that is relevant to it. A possible destination page may be a new event that is similar to it.

Updating your content is very crucial as it makes your website look fresh and credible. It builds good user experience and help you boost your traffic. What other things do you think should be considered when updating pages?

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2 Responses to "Updating Your Content Will Definitely Skyrocket Your Traffic"
  1. hi Diana Marcos

    I just learn a lot things from the posts. I am excited to use the tips in my site.

    I want to add one thing. I read an article by James Cruz that content republish can increase organic traffic by 300%. Do you think that that is so powerful strategy?

    For you, I have added the official post here:- http://roundes.com/organic-traffic-content

    Anyway,Thanks for the awesome post.

    • Hello! Thanks for the feedback and for sharing the article. The way I see it, based on other blogs I have read and constantly visited, content republish can actually increase traffic, but to increase organic ones by 300%? That is a wow. It does seem like a powerful strategy as you are giving people another chance to stumble upon your old content. Other than that, it saves you more time and space.

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