Themes Requiring Updates

Three days ago we were alerted by Sucuri via email that there were a couple of problems with two of our legacy themes, namely PlatformPro and PageLines Framework.

We take security seriously, so we wasted no time updating the free versions of these themes on the WordPress Repo and updating the pro versions over here at

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The following versions of the two themes have been patched and are available from your account area right now.

PlatformPro 1.6.2 [download]
PageLines Framework 2.4.6 [download]

If you are using the free versions of the two themes available on, those files have also been patched.

PageLines 1.4.6 [download]
Platform 1.4.4 [download]

In all cases you should see an update available in your WordPress admin area and should update right away.

In the event that you cannot update the theme we took the time to create a small plugin that will protect your site, the plugin will work with all versions of both themes and is available here:

Download Security Patch Plugin

Just install and activate it for immediate protection.

Note: Latest and final version of Platformpro is available on Github download.

12 Responses to "Themes Requiring Updates"
    • Update the theme as normal, either by using the WordPress auto updates, or uploading the theme files into the theme folder.
      Or you can just install the plugin linked above in the post.

  1., my webhotel host will update PHP to version 5.6 within 2 weeks. They tell me, it can have influence on installations of WordPress and themes. Im using Pagelines Theme version 2.4.6, just updated. They tell me, they don’t know if Pagelines will be ready for the PHP update. Do you know if this PHP update will affect on the Pagelines theme? I’m helping a lot of people with their WP websites with Pagelines theme, so I hope for good advice.

    • Hi Lillian,

      As far as we aware PageLines Framework which I assume you’re using given the version number, should be compatible with PHP 5.6. I have also just tested this locally via MAMP and haven’t encountered any issues.

  2. I’m getting this error and my website is erratic, will this fix the issue? I’m using the Pagelines “Ignite” theme.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method W3_Plugin_TotalCacheAdmin::flush_all() in /home/content/02/6239802/html/TheHairitage/wp-content/themes/pagelines/includes/class.render.css.php on line 671

    • As long as you have the latest version of PageLines Framework installed or the patch plugin you should be ok.
      The error there is caused by the W3 cache plugin. I took a look at your site but its very hard to see whats going on as some pages are mobile and some are desktop, the cache plugin is not setup properly, have you tried turning it off?

  3. Years ago someone built my website for me using platform pro.

    It really needs to be updated as does my wordpress, but I have no idea how to do this as I am not that great at the technical stuff.

    I love the Platform Pro theme and don’t want to change it. It’s great to work with and it’s perfect for the articles I write.

    I’m also having problems making the site fit on I-phones and Google really frowns on this, so I need it to fit properly when someone accesses my site with their cell phone.

    Is there someone who can do these updates for me as I’m sure I’ll crash the site and won’t know how to fix it.

    How much would this cost to have someone who understands Platform Pro to do this for me? Thanks