Welcome to the PageLines Store…

The PageLines storeIf you’re a developer, designer or simply someone who wants to build awesome websites (without coding…) we have a special announcement for you.

Let’s make this short and sweet, basically we’ve solved the major problem of c0de-heavy website design and our solution is called “The PageLines Store.”

The PageLines Store is the first-ever marketplace for drag-and-drop web design (think of it like an “app store” for drag-and-drop sections, plugins and themes). The Store makes it incredibly simple to buy and sell sections, plugins and themes designed that work seamlessly within the PageLines framework (which as you know runs on WordPress).

For developers, PageLines will be putting your products in front of hundreds of thousands of eager users. We’ll also be giving you a 70% cut of  each and every sale and you get to set the price.

The official launch date for PageLines 2.0 and the PageLines Store will be December 8, 2011 – you can pre-order your license through this link: 2.0 Pre-Order

What’s the big deal?

Before the PageLines Store when you purchased a WordPress theme or framework you were stuck with what it gives you. If it didn’t have the type of feature slider you want, or a carousel, guess what you’d have to do?

That’s right: custom code some good ol’ PHP, HTML, CSS etc.. Fun huh?

Thankfully, the PageLines Store solves that problem for good. If you want to add new type of widget, sidebar, slider, etc… you’ll be able to find it on the Store then simply drag and drop it into your site – Presto! And you’re done.


LeContest - PageLines

Along with the Store, we’re also announcing the PageLines Developer Community, Workshops and LeContest. These will all be focused around educating and helping designers and developers become successful with PageLines.

PageLines will be giving a few select developers the chance to launch their PageLines product with us at LeWeb 11′ in Paris this December. All you have to do is build an awesome app, section or plugin for the PageLine Store and you’ll be entered to win one of several all-expense-paid spots to go with us to Paris, France and launch your product at LeWeb. You can check out the details here for more information.

Please apply here to be a developer and stay tuned for specific workshops, and events.

86 Responses to "Welcome to the PageLines Store…"
  1. A great idea. Collaboration should prove to be a win win for all.

    If I purchased last October, am I better of pre-purchasing? I hate to sound negative, but I’m always reluctant to jump in with new launches (OS Lion as on example)

    • Lol…

      Well, we’ve done tons of testing.. The pre-order price will be approximately half off the after launch price.

  2. Hey, i bought this: PlatformPro Developer 03/26/2011 LIFETIME

    In my downloadsection is: 2.0 Pre-Order + PlatformPro Dev

    Do i have to buy this again or…..?

  3. Ok, officially excited, but I have a couple of questions. Does the platform theme have any enhancements itself, or is the only added functionality going to come from the modules or plugins that you have to buy? I mean, I’m all for paying a fair price to developers for their work, but why would I need to pay you for the ability to buy modules when I could just hire someone to write one for me? In other words, what does this fee pay for? I purchased a Dev license in April 2011 and I pay a monthly fee that was supposed to entitle me to all of the updates, but there have been no updates since then until now, and it looks like I’m going to have to pay another $100 for it. What is the $18 per month fee going towards, if not or upgrades? Not trying to be confrontational about it, I’m just trying to understand what I am paying for…Can you please explain it? :)

    • Hi Sabrina,

      No upgrade cost for all +Plus Membership Subscribers. On December 8th you will find the framework in your Launchpad account.

      There are lots of upgrade to the 2.0 framework, including new section handling and cloning, responsive design and smart page loading. We are including a number of core sections and plugs with the products.

      The new store is going to give anyone the opportunity to build new stuff for everyone in the PageLines community. You could pay a developer to build these for you but it might get expensive when you are looking at several hundred products. :)

      • So, just to make sure this is clear, if we’ve been paying the $18 per month for upgrades, we will get the 2.0 version as part of that… No additional purchases necessary?

  4. I bought Pagelines 1.0 and I’m curious to know what’s in the new Pagelines but I’m honestly not sure if I really want to spend another $100. I’m a developer as well and I know how important it is to get paid for your hard work, it’s just … well I don’t know what I’m getting.

    • Hey Jeff,

      Thanks for being a part of the community. More details are coming on whats new with 2.0 and the framework has been seriously improved. If you love designing with 1.0, 2.0 is going to be faster and easier than ever before.

  5. In my downloads I already see 2.0 Pre-Order + PlatformPro. Does this mean that I do not need to purchase the upgrade?

    It’s just the file structure looks totally different.

  6. yeah i have page lines PRO…. I am already heavily invested into pagelines? how are you going to take care of those who actually went all the way with the page lines theme?

  7. It’s cool: a pagelines store.

    All stores for wordpress have some problem to us in germany.
    before i buy my product, i must accepet the terms. than i can get ty the payments via paypal and so on.

    i hope, these featur is in this store on 8 december 2011.

  8. So…the $100 I paid last year for PlatformPro lifetime has to be paid again or no more updates? Will my current version still be supported?

    • Hi Nancy,

      We will absolutely continue to support the current version. Our support staff will always be on hand to help with 1.5.3

      We are offering additional discounts on the pre-order price for everyone in the PageLines community.

  9. Having also received your email drop, I have the same questions as Nancy, Sabrina and JeffS have: what benefits are there to me as an end-consumer? Again, just trying to understand.

    • Also, it would be helpful if you could “dev-it down” the benefits in the new version. Any previews what is in the store to start?

  10. I purchased in mid-September and am still learning this software and trying to get up to speed with it. I’m not going to be very pleased if I have to fork out more $$ and spend time learning more.

  11. I have StatiomPro3 theme, and I’ll love to add more features. to it. I’ll to put Carucell and Features Where none is supported. I am wondering if the store will support StationPro3 with additional plug-ins?
    Thank, SHAZ.

  12. For those of us who have PPro Dev Lifetime (purchased 1/4/2011) is there any fee to upgrade to 2.0 on Nov 8?

    If yes, my question is why?

    If no, then thanks for honoring the lifetime purchase.

  13. Hi Guys,

    I got really excited when I saw the email for the 2.0 launch, especially since I own 1.0. My question is how big is the discount for current Platform Pro users? I received an email for %50 off, but looking at these comments, I’ve seen several different discount prices. I just want to confirm that the %50 message I received is indeed for the new 2.0, because that is what the email referred to.


  14. All sounds very nice but I purchased Pagelines on 13th September this year so I’m left feeling rather “done over” having to pay $95 more. If someone had told me that by delaying 2 weeks to purchase I would get the new setup then I would have done!

    I think Pagelines is great but I trust you can see my point. How will people who purchased on 30th September feel?

  15. Sounds great. Considering that you’re offering 50% off the launch price to new members, I’m assuming that the 40% discount to existing pageline community members is “in addition to” the 50% reduction.


  16. I’m excited, really am.

    But honestly, at the same time it really annoys me. I worked with the free demo quite awhile and thought long and hard about if I should spend my hard earned $95. After I JUST PURCHASED PageLines Pro LAST WEEK thinking I was going to get the latest, more full featured version, I’m hit with this. Now if I want the actual latest best version I need to fork over another $95. Wow.

    As others have said it’s not entirely clear to me what this 2.0 version will have. It wasn’t really clear to me what my PageLines Pro purchased was going to get me, but I enjoyed PageLines so much I went ahead with the purchase.

    I’m really disappointed with the way this is handled.

  17. Hi,
    I bought PlatformPro after oct 1 (fiouuu;- ) so I understand I am OK and the update will be free? I love the platform very well. I am designing two sites these days…
    1. Will I stll be able to use the custom codes and will they still work when I update to 2.0?
    2. Should I wait before I finish them? Will there be things I won’t be able to add from 2.0 in these sites?
    Looking forward to the apps store.
    3. One suggestion, how about adding a category in the store for submitting kinds of RFP to the “official” developper community If we don’t find the exact widgets we are looking for?

  18. when do PlatformPro Developer users get the discount to buy the 2.0 version?

    I just do not want to loose the opportunity to upgrade.


  19. Hi, sounds interesting guy’s but I’m not sure what level this get’s me in at compared to the old pricing on your website?

  20. For those of us who have PPro Dev Lifetime (purchased 1/4/2011) is there any fee to upgrade to 2.0 on Nov 8?

    If yes, my question is why?

    If no, then thanks for honoring the lifetime purchase.

    Either way, where do we locate the 2.0 version? It was previously noted in the Main Page of Membership information but now is in the Buy/Add on. Does this mean the Developer Lifetime we still have to purchased.

    I’m sorry for the confusion but looking for clarity. Thanks.

    • Hey Gary,
      To support ongoing licenses we do charge a reduced upgrade price for major releases like this one. (standard software model)

      The discount for existing customers to upgrade will be 40% off.

      • Hi I am existing customer PlatformPro Developer from 06/09/2011 LIFETIME for which i paid $175.00. Is it possible that you can send me link or code for the 2.0 Pre-Order + PlatformPro Dev (discounted) since i am existing customer. My email is [email protected].

        The first e-mail that i received is stated 50% off?

        Thank you in advance!And keep up the good work!

  21. I would love to create plugins for pagelines 2.0. I applied using the proces but still no word… and the deadline is approaching…

  22. I’m not sure I follow – I paid $175 for a Lifetime “Platform Pro Developer” License. I assumed that meant I would get updates for the lifetime of Platform Pro … NOT Platform Pro 1.x.

    If I was only paying for the current release, the word “Lifetime” is very misleading. Can you clarify why you don’t label it “Platform Pro 1.0” Developer License if that’s the only “lifetime” you’re supporting?

    Gotta say, guys, I feel kinda rooked.

  23. Hi,
    I’m a novice and am looking for a little clarification. I currently have Pagelines Pro and love it. Is the upgrade mostly for the ability to purchase plugins, etc. specifically designed for Pagelines or are there a lot of changes since 1.53? How do we get the additional 40% discount? I clicked the purchase tab and didn’t see it.

  24. Hi AP,

    It looks like I arrived to purchase at an interesting time.

    I am interested in the Developer version of the theme without branding (to use for client sites), so until recently that would be what you call “Developer +Plus Membership” (price $249 & $18/mo.).

    On your 2.0 pre-launch page (https://www.pagelines.com/launchpad/signup.php?price_group%5B%5D=998&hide_paysys=paypal_r) there are two options.

    Question – is the “2.0 + PlatformPro Dev” on the pre launch page the same thing? If not, does the new equivalent of the “Developer +Plus Membership” version have a special price listed someplace.


  25. Hi guys
    I really didn’t expect to spend more on Pagelines – but since you made my life so much easier (the last few months I only accept clients who will use Pagelines) I’m happy to pay especially with your discount times two :-)

    Can’t wait to try 2.0!

      • Hey Hey Hey All!

        My name is Mike Zielonka and I have been testing 2.0 for the past few months and wanted to let you guys know its worth every penny.

        You have no idea how innovative and awesome this update will be. This is going to allow you to more customization faster and easier. In my opinion every feature has greatly been improved.

        1.0 was good…saved me a ton of time (I do SEO and Digital Marketing by trade) but 2.0 is another game changer.

        Its not like when Sega added Sega CD to Genesis…This is going from Nintendo to Super Nintendo. :)

        If anyone has a question or wants to hear how awesome 2.0 is going to be…feel free to reach out.

        ohh…I forgot to mention, the Pagelines Store is going to give you an really cool way to accomplish more with out custom code.

        Tunatraffic.com – Technology & Digital Marketing

  26. Hi,
    I’ve read the comments but still need a bit of clarity regarding the upgrade cost.

    I purchased Platform Pro for $95 in May.

    Your email offers a 50% discount for pre-orders on the new version and you’ve mentioned that existing customers will get a 40% discount on the upgrade from the 8th Dec release date.

    By that reckoning i’d be better to ignore the 40% discount for existing customers and just take the 50% discount on the pre-order right?

    Or are you offering a 40% discount on the 50% pre-order reduction for existing customers?

    If you could just clear this up so that I know when to best make my upgrade that would be great.


    • if you buy on pre-order the price is $95 not $197… current customers also get an additional 40% off if they buy on pre-order.

      I know its confusing, but there are lots of logistics involved. We’re definitely trying to give everyone a great deal; especially on pre-order.

  27. Guys…this framework is worth it! These guys work their butt off to deliver an awesome framework for the wordpress community!

    When the features come out…you will be impressed! :D


  28. Id like to know more details about what the store will offer. Id love to have access to developers and solutions to provide customized code for web design.

  29. hi there. i’m confused as to what level i would be getting if i were to order:
    2.0 Pre-Order + PlatformPro
    2.0 Pre-Order Including Drag & Drop Framework – $95.00

    Would this have the link removed? Is this the developer single equivalent?

    thanks, tan

  30. Hi, I want to know before purchase the following:
    1. Can I get somehow the top image to rotate on timed interval?
    2. Can I somehow ensure the top image that is rotating is on every page and just have it so the content changes when i click on a new page?
    3. If I were to install this theme on my web site, could it be auto populated just as you have it located here: http://www.pagelines.com/demos/platformpro/
    4. Lastly, if #3 is correct and it is auto-populated; can you give me instructions on how to do #1 and #2?

  31. Hi Pagelines,

    I still have not seen a clear answer to my earlier question (Nov 9). It appears that other current non-members as well as members are unclear about the “Developer” offering (see ksahelp November 13 and jdcogmon today at http://www.pagelines.com/forum/discussion/15009/pagelines-2.0/p1 ).
    Your regular pricing for Platform Pro lists 4 options.

    Your 2.0 pre-order offers only 2 options.

    Question – does the “2.0 Pre-Order + PlatformPro Dev” option include: Client development, bbPress addon, links removed – as well?


    PS – I appreciate the input of other members, but would like the answer to come directly from someone at the company :)

    • I am in touch by email with Stefan that wrote me: “Until the actual launch date (December 8th) it will be $175 – 40% if you get it from your existing account, or $175 if you get it as a new client.
      After December 8th, it will be full price ($350), but the 40% discount code will still work until January.”

      The only missing piece for me now is to get the discount code in time.

      • Hi Ugo,

        I found the following on another thread. It mentions a discount code, hope this is what you were looking for.

        “Question 1: What’s pricing for existing customers?
        As a current PlatformPro user, there are two scenarios.
        1. If you purchased before September 15, 2011; you will get a 40%-off
        upgrade price. This includes a 40% discount off the discounted pre-order
        price. (Here is your coupon code: DB04F97D3A for pre-order here:
        http://www.pagelines.com/launch/ )

        2. If you purchased on or after September 15. Then congratulations! You’ve
        purchased within the grace period and will get a free-upgrade. +Plus
        members also get free upgrade. “

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