The New Affiliate Program

Since Platform 5 has been released, we’ve been wanting to create a way to help people make money by referring PageLines to their visitors, clients and customers. We just wanted to do it correctly.

So recently we started development of a custom new affiliate program, managed internally, that we think will help us successfully solve the issues we’ve had in the past, while rewarding people who actively refer PageLines products.

Today we are ready to release the brand new affiliate program.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for the new affiliate program is simple. All you need is:

  1. A PayPal account for your payouts
  2. Your PageLines account username

Then just visit and signup.

Affiliate Sign Up
Affiliate Sign Up

Payouts and Commission

The commission structure for the program is very simple. PageLines will pay you 50% of any sale you directly send to PageLines through an affiliate think.

This means:

  • For a $500 sale you’ll make $250
  • For a $100 sale you’ll make $50

Pretty simple!

That said, we will likely be adding additional incentives and improvements as the program matures.

Monitoring Your Results

Internally PageLines has built some tools to help you monitor your affiliate referrals and payouts via your standard PageLines account page.

Just login to your account and view the affiliates tab for a quick overview of your performance.

My Account Results Overview
My Account Results Overview


The sole reason for the affiliate program is to simply reward and encourage PageLines fans when referring the software. 

To avoid scams and other common affiliate issues, there are a few key rules and guidelines…

  • In referring PageLines, Affiliates should have tried and sincerely like the software
  • No fake coupon codes and other poaching
  • All transactions and payouts will reviewed for signs of fraud

The full terms of service for affiliates is covered via the affiliates portal.

Make money this month!

If you start now, you could make extra money this month! So there’s no reason not to sign up now for the affiliate program.

Signup for Affiliate Program

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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