The Karma System

Today we’re excited to announce the PageLines Karma System. A fun new way to generate credit and build status with PageLines, simply by contributing to the community and platform.

So what is the Karma System? Well, that’s what this article is ALL about… Let’s go through some specifics.

Why a “Karma System?”

“You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” – Steve Jobs

PageLines is 100% driven by community. We are extremely thankful for help and support we’ve had from users over the years, so much so, that we built this system.

The Karma System is designed as a way to reward and incentivize positive contributions to the PageLines community.

What can I get with Karma?

While we believe Karma is its own reward, we’ve designed the Karma System to have some serious real world value within the PageLines ecosystem. There are three primary ways to redeem and use your karma:

Use Karma as Cash
Using and Receiving Karma on a Product
Using and Receiving Karma on a Product

First and foremost, Karma Points can be used like cash with PageLines.  Pretty simple! When purchasing products in the PageLines Store, you’ll have an option to redeem your current karma points for a discount. Currently, there is no limit to the size of your discount so you will be able to effectively use Karma Points as cash.

Use Lifetime Karma to unlock free extensions
My Karma Panel and Extensions (on My Account Page)
My Karma Panel and Extensions (on My Account Page)

Over time, as you build more and more Karma, you’ll unlock special premium extensions by PageLines. For example, 100 Karma points will unlock the extremely useful Salebar Plugin. This is in fact, the only way you can get these extensions. (Note: Plus customers don’t worry, you’ll get access to Plus extensions)

This way we are rewarding you for contributions with special tools only you can use to enhance your website.

Use Karma for Status

Finally, large lifetime Karma scores will give you status within the PageLines community. We will list you as a PageLines expert and you will get access to additional services and capabilities. For example, top members will have their feature requests made top priority or get priority/complimentary access to future services or products.

Top karma members will also get special invites and access to top secret information that will be helpful in building your websites.

How can I get more Karma?

There are TONS of ways to get karma. Basically, we are making it so that almost ANY positive contribution to the community is “Karma worthy.”  Here’s an overview of the primary ways, along with what you need to do to get them..

Method Points Delivery Details
Purchases 1 Point/Dollar Automatic Simple. Just spend money with PageLines and you’ll be awarded points. This applies to store purchases AND subscriptions.
Referral 50 Points/Referral Automatic ( See Below) Awarded when referred customer uses your “karma link” to visit the site, sign up, then activates DMS.
Blog Posts Up to 100 Points/Post Karma Form Points based on quality and reach of the article.
Forum & Docs Up to 100 Points/Month Karma Form Karma can be awarded for help with PageLines docs or in the forums.
Reviews Up to 50 Points/Review Karma Form PageLines reviews on sites like or similar can earn you 50 points per review.
Word of Mouth Up to 200 Points Karma Form Simply advocating the PageLines brand across the internet can earn you karma. For example, responses on Quora, Stack Exchange, forums, etc.. (Add your links to the Karma Form)

Notes on Referral Karma
Get Karma for Sending Emails to Friends (via DMS)
Get Karma for Sending Emails to Friends (via DMS)

Referral karma is earned when a few steps are followed:

  1. A user clicks on your Karma Link (found in DMS or My Account page) in a blog post or email invite
  2. The user then signs up for a new PageLines account (which will keep track of your referral).
  3. The user activates their account in a new DMS install (free or pro version)
  4. After they activate, you BOTH receive 50 Karma Points. Cool huh?

A Special Gift to Plus Users

Good news! All the amazing people that were Plus customers and have successfully made the transition to Pro members are going to receive a special gift from PageLines.

We’re going to be giving all Plus members 200 as of this week. We’ll also be giving Plus members access to any extensions they had access to via PageLines Plus, once we successfully port them to DMS Karma Extensions.

43 Responses to " The Karma System"
  1. This is cool.  Fun way to grow community and loyalty.  My only issue is having to earn Karma to enable PostPins which I already bought with real money for Framework.

    • jdbrasesco We’ll get you that, we’re workin on special exemptions for purchases. Just email the desk and we’ll take care of you :)

      • arpowers Not sure to fully understand for people like me who where Plus customers.
        For instance, the PostPins Framework section I’ve got was free for me as a Plus customer if I remember well: does it mean I have to buy it now for DMS with my Karma points?
        Will it be the same for all Plus extensions I had access to, i.e. “rebuying” with the Karma points you give me “once you successfully port them to DMS Karma Extensions”?

      • Yemoonyah For me too of course, I would not otherwise had written what I wrote. Hence the question remains: as an ex-Plus subscriber, do I have to buy the PostPins with my karma points or will have access to it differently ? Period ;)

      • erwanlescop sorry, totally misunderstood your question in the first place. I was thinking ‘normal’ Karma points but you were talking about lifetime Karma points. Good point, would like to know that as well.

      • Yemoonyah erwanlescop Lifetime Karma points (from what I understand) do not expire or go down. Each level that is reached will unlock “a special extension”. Normal or regular karma points can be used like cash in the store. Therefore, they decrease as they are used.

      • blackice088 Yes, I finally more or less understood this too ;) Either I’m very very tired, either the combo of infos from this blog post + the refreshed free store inside DMS 1.01 + the account on PL site is rather confusing when it comes to Lifetime vs. “standard” points, and the way to use them. Anyway, all this looks GREAT for everyone whatever their respective situations, and I’m quite sure we’ll get used to all this very quickly ;) Yemoonyah

      • Yemoonyah erwanlescop I’ve been advised by their customer support that you have to use Karma to get the extensions I had previously even though I was a plus customer.  I’ve asked for clarification but its been over a week now and no word. Pretty disappointing.

      • Tinsky Yemoonyah erwanlescop Old Plus extensions are now available as “Karma Extensions”. What this means is that you need a certain amount of “Lifetime Karma” to access them. You don’t have to spend “Lifetime Karma”, as it only accrues over time – it is the total of the Karma Points you have gained over your PageLines Experience.
        Old Plus members have been granted the Lifetime Karma necessary to access these extensions in DMS. If you need the Framework versions, contact support and they will send you the zip. You don’t have to spend any Karma points or anything else to get them back :)

      • Tinsky  I had to mail back and forth a few times because of technical difficulties but I have all the extensions in my account now (as far as they have been released yet). So don’t worry, you won’t have to ‘buy’ them again, :)
        cc erwanlescop StefanC

      • StefanC Tinsky Yemoonyah erwanlescop “Old Plus members have been granted the Lifetime Karma necessary to access these
        extensions in DMS.” Well that doesn’t appear true.  I’ve been granted 200 points, but the post pins extension is 225.  I waited over a week for a response just to be polite, I’ll guess I’ll go back and see where they are at with my issue.

  2. Good choice for experienced users who can help others in the Forum & Docs and get something in return, also we learn of they (like me)  and help each other , respecting always to the moderation team to give the replys, to which I would like to congratulate it for your great work.

    • batmanmac It’s great that Pagelines are encouraging knowledgable people like yourself to provide/supplement their support service. As a Framework users of many years, my experience is that the community is much quicker to respond with a solution than the official support route.  Karma points are not new, but this is a great move forward. However, paying for reviews is not so good. Word will quickly spread that all positive reviews are paid for by Pagelines. This will undermine their value and so this is a step backwards. Paying a referral commission is also a good way of rewarding an unofficial sales team. Pity DMS is subscription based, I still feel no urge to move from Framework.

      • I too am a Framework user. I love it. I would love to get into the DMS as well however, for various reasons I cannot get locked into a subscription based approach. I’ve also had to dump Adobe products because of their pricing structure. My costs are so variable I need my reserves to cover the cash flow and have to minimise my monthly outgoings. I know and trust Pagelines products, but I wish they’d introduce a one-off payment option for DMS that is affordable for the little guy.

  3. That’s a great initiative to make the community more engaging…
    Quick q: How could I find my Karma Link ?? I couldn’t see anything under my-account page…

  4. Paying people to do your support and marketing work isn’t new. But at least Pagelines will give you something of value for your efforts. People need to decide if they are getting a fair return.

  5. for me sounds like “bad carma”… because – you already introduced the carma system with Platform Pro. i did some work for other people in the forum, but some day the carma system and my carma points where gone and i still don’t know why! and now you’re coming back with this old idea…

    • gdhjkasjkasjbh The Karma system that was in place when Platform Pro was released was a feature of our forum system at that time and has no connection to the Karma system now.
      The Karma system on the forums was similar to Likes, where people would click a thumbs up icon if the users reply helped someone or a thumbs down icon if the answer given didn’t resolve the issue.

      • Dannyh gdhjkasjkasjbh sorry, but i remember that the platform pro announcement at that time was similar to the new one: it was announced to earn karma points for the pagelines store – it was told that the function for using the carma points should appear later. than without any hint the carma system (and the points) disappeared from the forum. i’m worried and doubtful about the marketing at pagelines. it seems more and more unreliable.

  6. “This forum is for customers with an active DMS subscription. If you have a subscription and need access simply go to the account area and login, your account should then sync and you will be given access.”
    I’m already logged and cant access forums (i had access to them and suddenly i’m not). 
    And more….DMS Hype is over – its not that good guys… its much worse than Pagelines 2.0 !! And Pagelines2 is/was really good !!

    • butcherhomepl Its just one area of the forum that is locked to just DMS subscribers not the entire forums. I have already replied to your post in the forums, you had two wordpress accounts. You also have two forum accounts.
      If you want me to merge them let me know by posting on another random blog post.


      • pross butcherhomepl I was logged with ‘butcher’ account and I was actively browsing forums and suddenly I got this message above so your logic is somehow wrong. But yes, please fix it if you can and let me now through my email please.

  7. I just made two purchases too build my karma points up and help other programmers.  That is good karma right? 
    It is extremely BAD karma too dupe someone out of their karma points as PL has just done with me.  I waws only  compensated for 1 purchase.  The other 20 points never showed up.  So the one thing that I really wanted with my Karma points I now have too wait.  Shouldn’t I get more karma for having too wait, and for my inconvenience?  
    I am frustrated cause what I want is now out of reach.  What I wanted was once a part of the original framework but now in the DMS system you have too earn.  I want my “Post Pins” I earned them :(

      • Thank you Martin… Please let me know an ETA as I tend to grow very impatient when I spend money on things with the promise of something that I don’t get in the end.  Long story short, I am not fond of being lied too.  Thanks again Martin

      • Brenden No problem Brenden. You should have PostPins now. Please let me know if this is not the case.

  8. What is happening?
    I had an issue with being able to login to my account, so I filed sent a support ticket a week ago.
    No response…
    No new blog post…
    Very Little info.
    Starts to seem like a huge mistake to sign up for 12 months of Developer edition.
    What is going on???

    • KMPeterF Well they got a lot of money and laid back in glory… I also had high hopes with DMS but I’m kinda disappointed – not that it is bad…but I expected more…

    • KMPeterF You had a ticket dated 8th august stated you could not login with your key to the dashboard, the support staff tested your key and supplied a screenshot.
      Thats the only ticket in the last month.
      Random blog posts are NOT for support. Please direct support questions to the forum, or the dedicated helpdesk which is prefered as it is Guaranteed an answer.

  9. TurningHeadsAK Hello there – if you can let our support desk know on hello @ they will be happy to help.

  10. How do i install post pins plugin if i do not have enough karma points and also how do i pay to get the paid plugins?

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