The PageLines 300

For around two years now, PageLines has had a bustling community of  developers behind the scenes.  Many people in the community have created serious income using PageLines and we’re proud of what the community has done for its members.

What is the 300?

The 300 is a group of developers, designers and entrepreneurs that use PageLines in some fashion and work together for mutual improvement. We discuss PageLines, web design/development, techniques and best practices, and a host of other topics like business, politics, economics and pizza.

To get the full experience, you’ll need to try it and create your own opinion.

Be one of the 300 (Ω)

In the past, we’ve required new community members to apply and go through a bunch of formalities, but now, we’re changing the system.

As of today we’re opening up enrollment into our group and community based on a simple form. We’ll be giving people access on a “first come, first serve” basis, until the 300 member limit is reached. When the room is full, we’ll be removing people weekly to make way for new members based on two simple guidelines:

  1. You comply with PageLines’ Core Values (karma, etc…)
    The 300 isn’t a support channel, it’s a way for people to help one another; and to be part of something.

    Read About PageLines Core Values

  2. You are active in chat and come to weekly meetings (at least some of them)
    We are looking for active, constructive members of the community. If you aren’t active you’ll be removed to make way for new members.

Get on the list

Like we mentioned above, we’ll be adding people on a first come, first serve basis. After that, you’ll end up in a queue and people will be added as others are removed.

So if you’re interested, and can comply with the above guidelines, please do apply to be in the group and we’ll add you straight away.

61 Responses to "The PageLines 300"
  1. So I’m not the greatest coder. However I am very, very experienced in Photoshop, and very devoted to the Pagelines platform. Also I tend to be pretty vocal in my opinions (for better or worse) which I do think can be helpful in situations like this, where you and others are looking for critique, discussion, options, etc.
    Count me in.

  2. I’ve become such a huge fan of PageLines in the year or so I’ve been building sites with it. Very excited to learn more from this community.

    • I’m with you  davehime. It’s an incredible framework, isn’t it? I’m just about to launch my first PageLines site and am pretty stoked! Looking forward to moving some clients over to it, as well.

  3. Should I have used the email address registered with PageLines to apply? I’m a Pro Plus member but did not use the email address I use to log into PageLines…

    • Just to be on the safe side, I applied again with the email address I use to log into my PageLines account. Not trying to double me chances of getting accepted, just that I originally applied with an email address that would not be recognized as belonging to a PageLines customer.

  4. I signed up for this, even though I’m not a developer or designer. I can, however, grock the Core Values. I can also be quirky and artistic. If I can’t attend the live sessions, I’ll drop out to make room for someone else.

  5. NB: I tried to send response mail but from Italy the server response : RCPT address has non-existant domain <>.  I enclose it below.

    Hi Andrew,
    we are a web agency and most of our web sites are made with “Pagelines”;
    we have a blog as well, about new technologies
    and a web
    tv about all the north of Italy
    We will be pleased to join the beta tester and show the DMS launch on
    July 24th on our web sites.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best regards,

    • erbuc gonna be a bit, we have to go through and initiate everyone… several people are being added every day, but its a slow process.

      • JessicaSideways arpowers erbuc Me too. It would be nice to know if we made the list, at least (flutters eyelashes then remembers she’s too old for such nonsense)

  6. I assume there will be some training videos for us noobs ;)
    Would it be possible to make them a bit better resolution so they are not fuzzy.
    One thing I found difficult was that there were not many resources for graphics that could be readily used, Some that would be generic and usable anywhere. There are some free vectors online but it would be nice to have some included with the new DMS as that would not require newbies to try to figure of what size the images should be.
    More ideas coming :)


  7. Hey folks. Just signed up by got a 404 page upon submitting the form. Last name is Hayes. Please let me know if it went through. Many thanks.

  8. Help please – I have just tried to install Pro and I get error message which says, “The package could not be installed.  The theme is missing the CCS code stylesheet.  Sorry, but I’m on a mission and I haven’t got time for this – can someone tell me what the problem is please?

  9. Well I just got this and I am already designing my first site with DMS.

    If anyone has any tips or and videos I can watch to help me along i would be grateful!!

    I am very excited and hope i get accepted!

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