Stay Tuned: Platform 5 Launches Next Week!

After 18 months of development, PageLines Platform 5, the fifth generation of PageLines, is ready for public launch next week.

Backstory: Who Platform 5 will be for…

With PL5 we’ve gone back to our roots of focusing on web professionals. Web professionals are people that make websites for a living.

In this, we started by asking web designers what their frustrations were when working with WordPress. We found that there was primarily two frustrations we could address. Web professionals want to:

  • Create awesome websites, only faster.  Less reinventing the wheel and less debugging frustration.
  • Give clients something that the client can then edit without coding.

Platform 5 aims at solving both these problems and doing so elegantly.

Other stuff we’ve announced…

We’ve already announced many aspects of how PL5 is architected:

  • Javascript Driven – Meaning its super fast, real time and uses less server resources.
  • Extension Based – The power of PL5 comes from its core simplicity and the power and extensions.
The new PL5 interface uses the WP admin bar and sidebar style layout.
The new PL5 interface uses the WP admin bar and sidebar style layout.

Stay Tuned: A few surprises left

We are saving the coolest aspects of the new platform for last.  If you’re a web professional, or build professional websites, stay tuned next week for the official launch announcements!

In The Community?

PageLines has a bunch of community resources for web professionals these days.  Join the PageLines User Group, and make sure you have an account if you haven’t signed up already!