Chef Max Mariola

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About Chef Max Mariola

Max Mariola is a famous italian television chef. He's not a client for us but a friend so we wanted to create the best website we can. We worked a lot on this project to make the user experience flawless. The only request from Max was: "create a clean, minimal and beautiful website for me, i trust you". We know really well the target of Max so we decided to put interesting features based on that. Max wanted to create even a mobile app with his recipes, like most of the chefs, but he has no time to follow us on the developing side so we put a special plugin in the website to make it really similar to an app. This plugin is not just a "list", it has a really good search engine with many filters and it also has a checklist for the ingredients so the users won't live the page even when he'll go to the supermarket, and finally when he come back home to cook that recipe, he has an easy countdown for the preparation time and the cooking time. We hope you'll like our creation.


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