PageLines Battleground #5!

Good day everyone!

The arena floodlights are switched on as we prepare once again for the weekly PageLines Battleground! Only the best of the best get nominated, and there can be only one website standing at the end of the fight! Let the Battleground commence…

Battleground #5 Contestants

The voting goes on for two days – until Friday, February 10th, 2012, when the lucky winner is announced!

You can vote for this week’s favourite site here:

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Last Week’s Winner

Battleground #4 Award Winner - (Escola Nabi)

“The PageLines framework gave me the tools to build in a short time a site that needed a lot of customization without getting my hands dirty with code work. Almost every page needed a custom layout. The PageLines framework allowed me to change the structure of each page, and with sections like Boxes and Features create a rich design that brought WordPress to another level.”

This is how the winner of last week’s PageLines Showcase Battleground, Mr. Riccardo Piattelli, described the process of building his website with PageLines! Congratulations once again for his work on the awesome Escola Nabi website!

While he earned a permanent featured spot in the PageLines Showcase and a chance to win one of the prestigious PageLines Awards, the contest is wide open again this week! You guys submitted some awesome websites again and only one of them will win the fierce contest that is the Battleground! So call your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and your pets to vouch their vote for you because we have a feeling this will be a close one as well! :)

About PageLines Battleground

As most of you already know, every week we are showing off 10 sites from the PageLines Community and let you vote on the best site to include in the PageLines Showcase.

Weekly winners will be entered in the PageLines Awards and go on to achieve great fame, publicity and fortune when their website is showcased to thousands of community users and the general public!

Keep posted on Twitter and Facebook for showcase submission calls if you want to participate! ;)

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