Seven Things That Need to Appear On Your Sidebar

The sidebar is one of the most common parts of a website. For bloggers, it is a great place to put important contents as it appears  on all pages and can be easily accessed by visitors.

But what are the things that need to appear on your sidebar? How do you know exactly what to put there?

01 Profile Photo

The profile photo is one of the most important things that need to appear on your sidebar. It shows your visitors what exactly you look like. It gives them a photographic memory, so that the next time they hear your name or come across your blog or website somewhere, they would remember who you are.


For every company, their brand logo is commonly used as their profile photo as it is the one that represents them. PageLines, for example, could display the logo below as a representation of our brand. The website, however, has the option to use or not use a sidebar.


02 Brief Introduction/About Section

The sidebar needs a short text that tells something about the website’s author or the company itself. It is mainly a brief summary of who the author is or what the company does.


03 Contact Information

This includes your e-mail or any business phone numbers you have so people can easily contact you or connect with you. This is important since you never know when a popular brand or company would like to collaborate with you.


04 Social Media  Accounts

Social media is a powerful tool to share and promote your content or your entire brand. If you want to reach more people, it is important that you include your social media accounts in your sidebar so your visitors can share your website and eventually, connect with you.


05 Sponsors/Ads

Dedicating a space for people or brands that sponsor your website or support your company is actually one effective way to encourage more people to connect with you. The more brands you work with, the better you appear to your target audience.


Usually, for the sponsors, logos and brand names are shown with the link attached to each name. This element is mostly used by bloggers and companies that engage in affiliate marketing.

06 Subscription Box

One of your goals when you have a website is to increase your conversion and convince your target audience not to miss anything on your website through the content you share. Hence, you have to make sure that your visitors will be able to easily subscribe by including a subscription box on your sidebar.


07 Recent Posts/Popular Articles

Most websites with a sidebar include Recent Posts or their Most Popular Articles. The goal is, once again, to increase conversion. Hence, suggesting more articles for them to read is a good way to decrease bounce rates and gain more pageviews.


To summarize, here is what a sidebar with all these elements look like. It doesn’t really matter in what sequence you put them. It’s still all up to you as the owner or the designer of the website how you want to organize them.


There are websites that do not have sidebars because to them, it isn’t really necessary. Sidebars help a lot but it doesn’t mean that it has to appear everywhere. What other elements do you think that have to appear on a website’s sidebar?

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