When You Say You Don’t Need A Website, Think Again

Nowadays, there are so many people who aspire to be influencers. Actually, lots of people already are. But for what valuable reason? Some want to influence just for the sake of helping out and giving back to others. But for some, they find it as a lucrative career. Being an influencer seems to be considered as one of the most “in” things among millenials today, and so some find it as a way to make money as well.

Let’s make a list of people who are commonly known influencers today:

  • Bloggers
  • Writers
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • News Anchors/Reporters
  • Politicians
  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Filmmakers
  • Celebrities
  • Models
  • Standup Comedians
  • Philanthropists

And a whole lot more. I have met lots of influencers from different areas and with distinctive backgrounds. The pattern I came to realize after connecting with these people is that some of them still aren’t convinced that they need a website to market themselves, and this is how their minds similarly work:

“I don’t need a website. Everyone already knows about me.”

But what if these people who know you start forgetting about you? There are no ads that promote you, your brand or your product, no articles written by you or about you, no events planned for you. There is nothing that reminds people that you still exist, or something that makes people remember that your brand, your product or your company is still alive and kicking asses in the market.

“It’s okay, I have Facebook and Instagram. It’s like a blog anyway.”

Well, they have a point. There are successful entrepreneurs out there who make money simply by showcasing their products on these popular platforms. All they have to do is post high-quality photos and content, throw in their contact numbers and e-mails, and voila! The product orders and inquiries start rolling.

But why is it still more lucrative to set up a business website for most influencers? Here are some reasons why:

01 A bigger platform is always better than microblogging sites.

You need a bigger space for all your thoughts, your brands and your products. You would want to share every brilliant idea that you have, and if you are only relying on popular but smaller platforms, that is almost impossible.

-Need all these ideas in just one place!-

A website provides a bigger, wider space for everything you need. You can upload and showcase all your photos, write longer posts, share your music or videos, and more. You can put your products in one page, your articles and gallery in another, and you can have a separate page dedicated to your profile. One may assume to have the ability to do these things on microblogging sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but remember that you can’t always include everything in just one post on these platforms, especially Twitter which only allows a limited number of characters.

02 You would want everyone to approach you in a more professional way.

You want your potential clients, customers, sponsors and partners to contact you the easiest way possible, of course. You can do that on your social media accounts — both personal and business. However, it is more preferable to separate your personal social account from your business account. With a website, you’d always sound and look more professional, and people will be able to address you and do business with you in a more professional way.

Social Media

03 Your website defines who you are professionally.

It may sound ridiculous to say that you are who you present yourself on the Internet, and how you put yourself out there says a lot about how legitimately professional you are. You want people you do business with to respect you because that is what you deserve.


Setting up a website is just the first step to everything. You will have to make sure that it attracts potential clients and other business-minded people you wish to target. Your website is one of the ways people find you.

04 You would want to market yourself in any way possible.

That’s right. If you want to target many people and get them to know about your brand, you might as well want to do all the things you think can help and benefit you. And that includes conquering all social networking sites and websites, and using all kinds of electronic devices and mobile apps.


05 Having your own website lets you connect with people who have the same interests as you.

Its simple. People who do and like the same stuff as you will most likely be on WordPress or on other website platforms you decide to engage with. And as you start establishing connections with these people through your website, your business AKA your world also starts to grow.

It does take a lot of time, money and effort to set up your own website, but as a persistent influencer and a business person whose vocabulary doesn’t contain the words “cheap” and “mediocre”, you gotta do what you need to do. And yes, that’s setting up a website. We don’t need to keep saying that over and over again.


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