Using the Builder


This article will cover the basic features of the PageLines Platform 5 Builder.


The Scope panel provides control over the scope of template layout handling. Controlling how the template changes are performed both for type and individually.


Current Page Only
Applies changes to that page/post only, useful for individual page layouts.

All of Type
Applies changes universally to the same post type, useful for creating one template for multiple pages/posts.

Page Layout

The Page Layout panel controls the design and layout of your template(s), drag-and-drop sections into position, create columns and nest columns.

The Page Layout panel is divided into three sections header, template and footer.

Page Layout

Add Sections to Page

The Add Sections to Page panel provides control to add sections to your template(s). The panel is divided into several sub-sections called for easy section management.

  • Basic
  • Content formats
  • Components
  • Navigation/Menus
  • Gallery
  • Social/Local
  • Widget/Sidebar

Adding Sections

To add a section click the section you wish to use. This section will automatically appear to the top of the Template region, you can then use the Page Layout panel to position the section using drag-and-drop.

Adding Sections to Page

Section Controls

Clicking the section name on the Page Layout panel will bring up the Section Controls.

Section Controls

Cols are based on a 12 column grid system. This grid system is applied within the content width of the site and is the basis for how content sections are laid out. The system is percentage based, meaning each column is 1/12 the total content width.

Offsets allow you to adjust the distance in which a column or section is positioned, this can be offset left or right. Offset controls are only available when you have decreased a column or sections width.

Edit will bring up that sections configuration options.

The Show option allows you to quickly identify where the section is located on the page. The section becomes highlighted upon click.

The Clone option duplicates the section and appears beneath the original section. This allows for rapid layout and design workflow.

The Delete option as the name would suggest, simply removes the section from your page.

Enable/Disable the Builder

To Enable/Disable the Platform Builder, hover over the PageLines menu item in the WordPress Admin Toolbar then click "Builder" to enable and "Turn off" to disable.

Turn off Builder

This allows you to disable all Platform Builder functionality and allows you to view your site as visitors do whilst still logged in as an admin.