The Text section is a quick way to add text to your page. A flexible section with its support for HTML and shortcodes.


As with all sections, the Text section includes the Standard Section Options such as padding/margin, background options and etc.

A large text field where you can insert an optional text to the Hero item, a basic WYSIWYG is included providing options for formatting the hero text.

Text Format Controls

  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Select text alignment left, center or right
  • Control the tag that wraps the text, select between header tags <h1> to <h4> or <p> tag.

Toggle Raw Text

The Toggle Raw Text option disables the text editor tools (bold, italic etc...) and allows you to write or insert (copy/paste) HTML code into the text area.

This can be useful if you wish to insert already formatted text from an external source such as a word processor, text editor, web page or email.


The Text section can be inserted into a page, post or widget using the shortcode below. This is used as a quick reference and we recommend including a unique ID.

[pl_section section="text" id="Enter_Unique_Id_Here"]


We recommend using your own custom classes via the Additional Styling Classes option to customize sections. However, you can use the classes below as a quick reference or in your own styles, if you prefer to use the default class(es) instead of your own.

 /* pl-sn-text class is assigned to the <section> element */
.pl-sn-text { ... }

/* pl-text class is assigned to the div that wraps the text */
.pl-text { ... }