SiteMap Footer


A robust footer section that allows you to display a sitemap, logo, social links and more.

Installation & Activation

SiteMap Footer can easily be downloaded from inside WordPress using Extend.

  1. Download the plugin from Extend. It will now appear in your Plugins tab.
  2. Click Plugins, and find your SiteMap Footer plugin (titled PageLines Section SiteMap Footer).
  3. Click Activate to be able to use the plugin inside your editor.
  4. Go to your PageLines Builder where you will now find SiteMap Footer in the Components section.


As with all section, the SiteMap Footer section includes the Standard Section Options such as padding/margin, background options and etc.

Menu Title/Select Menu

SiteMap Footer supports three menus each with an optional title. Enter text into the title field and then select a menu from the drop-down menu.


The information options provide control for text that appears in SiteMap Footer, such as titles, terms and icons.

Enter text into the field, to add a title to the SiteMap Footer section. This is positioned to the right of the menus.

Text Description
A large text field where you can insert optional text to the SiteMap Footer, a basic WYSIWYG is included providing options for formatting the slider text.

  • Bold, Italic, Underline
  • Select text alignment left, center or right
  • Control the tag that wrap the subheader, select between header tags <h1> to <h4> or <p> tag.

Toggle Raw Text, allows you to disable the built-in WYSIWYG and use raw text only.

Enter Icon/url pairs. Format each entry on a new line, in the format:



Enter text into the field to display optional terms, copyright or any other additional information. The terms text appears to the bottom right of SiteMap Footer.

Sharing Shortcodes
Enter sharing shortcodes that will display at the bottom left of SiteMap Footer. See the Platform Shortcodes guide for a full list of shortcodes.

Alternatively, you can use this option to add additional text.


The SiteMap Footer section can be inserted into a page, post or widget using the shortcode below. This is used as a quick reference and we recommend including a unique ID.

[pl_section section="sitemap-footer" id="Enter_Unique_Id_Here"]