Lax is a simple parallax section that will allow for parallaxed background images as the user scrolls down the page. It also supports nested sections, as well as some basic content options.

Installation & Activation

Lax can easily be downloaded from inside WordPress using Extend.

  1. Download the plugin from Extend. It will now appear in your Plugins tab.
  2. Click Plugins, and find your Lax plugin (titled PageLines Section Lax).
  3. Click Activate to be able to use the plugin inside your editor.
  4. Go to your PageLines Builder where you will now find Lax in the Components section.


As with all section, the Lax section includes the Standard Section Options such as padding/margin, background options and etc.

Lax Basics

The Lax Basics options panel, is where you can upload a background image and set the height of the image.

Lax Image
Allows you to either upload or select an image from the media library that will be the background image for the Lax section.

Section Height
Allows you to control the height of the section. You can either input your own value or click-and-hold on the input option and drag up to increase or down to decrease.

Lax Content

The Lax Content options allow you to add an option header, sub-header and button to the Lax section.

Enter an optional header for the Lax section.

Enter an optional sub-header for the Lax section.

Action Button
Lax supports one button that appear beneath the sub header text.

  • Button URL: Enter the URL for the address you wish to the button to navigate to.
  • Button Text: Input text to label the button.
  • Button Color: Select from several color schemes.
  • Button Size: Select from four sizes such as Standard, Large, Small and Mini.
  • Open New Tab? Choose whether the button upon click opens in a new window/tab.

Note: The action button is optional, to disable do not enter anything into the URL field option.

Nesting Section(s)

The Lax section supports nested section(s) via the Builder. Simply drag-and-drop a section into the Lax section container and then configure that section. You're not limited to one section, you can house several if you like.

Nesting Sections in Lax


The Lax section can be inserted into a page, post or widget using the shortcode below. This is used as a quick reference and we recommend including a unique ID.

[pl_section section="lax" id="Enter_Unique_Id_Here"]

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