A simple revolving quote widget, great for testimonials or quotes.



As with all section, the FlyQuotes section includes the Standard Section Options such as padding/margin, background options and etc.


Control the navigation mode of your quotes. You can select between dots and images. The images option uses an uploaded image from the Image (Image Mode Only) via the quote item.

Time per quote

Control the transition speed of quotes, you can select between 0 ms to 20000 ms in 1000 increments. 1000 ms equates to 1 second.

Quotes Setup

The Quotes setup options are where you configure the individual Quote items.

Add/Remove Quote Items

To add additional Hero items, click the +Add Item button. To remove, click the X icon.

Add/Remove item

Ordering Quote Items

To re-order Quote items, simply place the mouse cursor over the navicon and drag-and-drop to change the order of items. The Item name will automatically change to represent the order of the item e.g. item 3 moves into item 1, item 3 will rename to item 1.

Ordering Items

Text / Quote

Enter text or the quote into the text field.


Enter the text into the field for the Citation of the quote.

Image (Image Mode Only)

Add an image to the quote by either using the Upload option or selecting an image from the WordPress Media library. The image is used in Image Mode only.