PageLines Platform includes an "Extension Engine" built right into the Platform. This provides an easy method to extend the functionality of PageLines Platform plugin.

Extending your Platform

To extend your PageLines Platform Functionality, navigate to the "PageLines → Extend" submenu from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.


Note: Extend can also be accessed from the front-end via the PageLines menu located in the WordPress Admin Toolbar.

Access Extend via Admin Toolbar

There are two types of extension "Free & Pro", these can be plugins, sections, and/or themes. If you have a "Professional" license, you can install all Pro extensions as part of you Professional license. Free license users can purchase them individually.

Installing Extensions

To install an extension, simply click the "Pro/Free" button underneath the extension. This will open a new tab/window to the installation status page. Once installed, you will be able to activate the extension or return to the extensions directory. This experience is similar to installing plugins via the WordPress plugin installer.

When an extension has been installed, the "Pro/Free" button will be replaced with "Installed", allowing you to easily distinguish which extensions have been installed and which haven't.