The Embed section is a quick way to create custom HTML content or embed custom HTML such as a video.


As with all sections, the Button section includes the Standard Section Options such as padding/margin, background options and etc.

The Embed section includes one configuration option which is a large text area that supports custom HTML. This allows you to insert custom HTML such as headers, paragraphs or even embed videos such as YouTube or Vimeo to your page.

Embed Section


The Embed section can be inserted into a page, post or widget using the shortcode below. This is used as a quick reference and we highly recommend including a unique ID.

[pl_section section="embed" id="Enter_Unique_Id_Here"]


We recommend using your own custom classes via the Additional Styling Classes option to customize sections. However, you can use the classes below as a quick reference or in your own styles, if you prefer to use the default class(es) instead of your own.

/* pl-sn-image class is assigned to the <section> element */
.pl-sn-embed { ... }

/* Assigned to a <div> that wraps the text/html. */
.pl-text-wrap { ... }

/* Assigned to a <div> that can be used to 
 * style the text/html.
.pl-text { ... }