Cleans up and allows you to brand the WordPress login and registration pages.


Installation & Activation

CleanLogin can easily be downloaded from inside WordPress using PageLines Connect and the Extend engine.

  1. Download the plugin from the Connect store. It will now appear in your ‘Plugins’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Plugins’, and find your CleanLogin plugin (titled PageLines Plugin Clean Login).
  3. Click ‘Activate’ to be able to use the plugin.


Once installed, a new options section can be located in the Global Settings named CleanLogin. These settings configure the CleanLogin plugin.

Login Page Image

Add a thumbnail image by either using the Upload option or selecting an image from the WordPress Media library. This image will be positioned above the login form.

Button Color

Control the color of the button in the login/register form using the built-in color picker.

Background Color

Control the background color on the login/register page using the built-in color picker.

Element / Text Color Scheme

Select the element scheme to match your background.