Relaunching the PageLines Affiliate Program

A few years ago PageLines launched its affiliate (partner) program, for a long time it was a great deal for us and for affiliates. Everyone was happy.

However, early last year we began having a ridiculous amount of problems from fraud to spam and everything in between. For that reason, we temporarily suspended the partner program down until we could get a handle on things and reassess.

Now that DMS 2 is here and we’ve moved on to a new product paradigm, we feel its time to relaunch the affiliate program to help people earn some extra money referring PageLines.

About the Program

How the Partner Program works
How the Partner Program works

The new affiliate program works much the same as the old one. You earn a commission for all PageLines products that are sold via your affiliate links.

We are working with a well known affiliate network, ShareASale, and we’d love to have you involved!

Program features & Benefits

  • 30% Commission on all referred sales of PageLines products
  • Paid monthly
  • Lifetime referral cookies
  • Supporting Media and Graphics
  • Access to PageLines affiliate and developer community

Note: In order to combat some issues with fraud, we will be reviewing accounts closer and disabling any commissions for coupon sites, spammers, etc..


Ready to get started?

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13 Responses to "Relaunching the PageLines Affiliate Program"
  1. I only just realized the affiliate link on all my sites is a dead link! :-( Is it possible we still have commissions sitting somewhere?

  2. Hi!
    I would like to apply and spread DMS2 in Germany – however I can not sign up because of my website’s language.

  3. I signed up as an affiliate through shareasale and the commission structure shows 20% payout instead of 30%.  Also the cookie has a 30 day expiration instead of lifetime? Did I miss the fine print?

  4. 416wingman Same here. I also see 20% commission and 30 day cookie expiration. I’ve been a PageLines affiliate for a long time (before they abandoned the program).

    What gives?

  5. As I recall it, you had two affiliate programs running simultaneously. One at Impact Radius, and another at ShareASale.

    Shortly before your DMS launch, I emailed you to ask which was the right one (as I was enrolled in both). The reply was that both of them were usable, legit and running fine.

    However, when you launched DMS – all commission tracking stopped! There was no info from you, regarding the discontinuation of the program. Both programs were just left hanging in the wind, active, but defunct.

    So I must admit I have a hard time relating to the text in your blog post Andrew.

    As an affiliate partner of yours, it was quite frustrating to look at the large amount of clicks I had sent you, but not a single sale/commission being tracked! Looking at the click amount, and using just a conservtive 1% conversion rate, a few hundred bucks in commisions should have been registered. But they weren’t.

    I honestly feel it was handled very badly by you as a company. An affiliate program is a _partner_ program. We who help you promote your stuff should get both treated well, and paid as agreed to, until at least a proper email has been sent out, notifying of a coming discontinuation of your affiliate program.

    So again: I must admit I have a hard time relating to the text in your blog post Andrew… Maybe I’m wrong and missed an email notification? But regardless: it shows a rather sad hole in the communication skill set of PageLines as a company.

    I’m sorry to write this so bluntly, but it hurts my heart and integrity to just sit here passively reading this blog post.


  6. webmatros 416wingman Hi guys. If you could let our Affiliate Team know any concerns they will be able to address these directly for you. 

    With Regards the 20% Commission, new affiliates start at 20% and are upgraded to 30% when the requirements are satisfied. 

    This particular information is available on the Sharesale sign up page.

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