Video — “Why I Use PageLines in My Business”

Mike Zielonka of Tuna TrafficMy name is Mike Zielonka and I am the co-founder of Tuna Traffic (@tunatraffic).  Tuna Traffic is based in Racine, Wisconsin and we mostly do SEO and digital marketing stuff. I have been using PageLines for over a year for the majority of sites that we develop.

Last week I had an opportunity to present at a WordPress MKE MeetUp in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I had the pleasure of walking the group through why I use PageLines and why I think it’s the best framework/platform for WordPress on the market.

I have the 25 minute video of the presentation posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Check it out:


Cliff Notes: Why I Use PageLines…

Currently, PageLines is the only WordPress Framework that offers us:

  • A Store (custom sections, themes, & plugins)
  • Responsive Design
  • Drag and Drop

2.0 offers several rockin’ features that I think, set it above the rest:

  • MediaWiki & Vanilla
  • Forums Integration
  • API for LESS css
  • HTML5 & CSS3 w/Backwards Compatibility
  • Dozens of Hooks, Actions, & Filters
  • Special Pages Handling
  • Selective Script Loading
  • Full Auto Upgrades direct from Pagelines (includes sections, plugins, and child themes)

If you have any questions about using PageLines in your business..reach out! ! :-) -Mike

Twitter: @mikezielonka eMail: [email protected] Connect on LinkedIn Like Tuna Traffic on Facebook

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  2. Hey Mike,
    So, to be balanced….what are the honest to goodness downsides of pagelines?  There must be drawbacks.  I appreciate you taking the time to do this since you are just giving back.   Kudos to you and thanks in advance!

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