PinsPro, Drag and Drop Theme Inspired by Pinterest

Today we’re releasing the first production ready ‘DMS core’ PageLines theme (for WordPress). It’s called PinsPro. The release of this theme marks a major milestone with the introduction of “DMS core” WordPress themes (more on that below).

PinsPro Overview

PinsPro is a stand-alone, drag and drop theme built on DMS. This means it tons of drag and drop features from DMS and a bunch of other features and sections.

PinsPro layout and features were were inspired by Pinterest, and its awesome for a site showcasing fashion, trends, or other graphic heavy content.

To install PinsPro, you simply add it as a theme inside of WordPress. Once you’ve done this you’ll get all features of both PinsPro and DMS framework.

Overview    View Demo

About PinsPro Features

In additional to the drag and drop features of DMS, PinsPro has everything you’d want in a cutting edge theme. It’s responsive (mobile ready), has a bunch of templates and auto stacking layout so it looks great on any device and screen size. It has infinite scroll, with posts loading automatically when you reach the bottom of the page.

Special Sections

Scroll Slider

A scrollable slider to showcase your important content that can be added anywhere on any page. The slider comes loaded with lots of useful options that are easy to customize making adding buttons or changing the slide order a breeze.

Responsive ScrollSlider Section
Responsive ScrollSlider Section


PostPins allows you to choose between lazy loading posts or allowing your visitors to grab posts via a button. It is 100% responsive and uses the Masonry framework to dynamically arrange the Pins.

New PostPins 2 Section
New PostPins 2 Section


PinBlog allows you to display your latest posts in style with social, like and comments buttons allowing your visitors to share your posts easily.

PinBlog Blog Section
PinBlog Blog Section


This section allows you to display 3 different WordPress menus, include a short excerpt about your website, customize copyright text and show your own logo.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 5.55.25 PM

Custom Features and Styling

eCommerce / Shop

PinsPro also has special eCommerce styling to match the rest of the theme.

eCommerce Styling (WooCommerce)
eCommerce Styling (WooCommerce)

Other Sections and Features

Masonic Section Styling
Masonic Section Styling

PinsPro has all the features and sections from DMS framework. That means you also get a bunch of gallery sections and other tools.

What’s a “Core Theme?”

About Core Themes
The functional advantage of Core Themes

Starting with PinsPro, we are moving towards a ‘core theme’ structure instead of using child themes. This means DMS is baked right into the theme, and the theme itself is installed just like any other WordPress theme. ONLY it will have tons of drag and drop features from DMS.

Advantages of Core Themes:

  • Easier installation
  • No compatibility issues from DMS upgrades (theme developer controls this)
  • Better compatibility with external plugins and sections

What do you think?

We have a lot more cool stuff coming so give us your suggestions and we’ll get right on it!

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