New Affiliate Program, 33% Commission


We appreciate all that our affiliates do for us. To recognize this dedication we are upgrading our affiliate system to give our affiliates the tools they need to succeed.  This is why we are moving to the ShareASale affiliate network and encourage all of you to join us there.

As a part of the PageLines team on ShareASale you will enjoy robust tracking, on-time payments, great customer support, and much more.

In conjunction with this move we are going to step up our effort to get our affiliates off the ground by offering:

  • • 33% commission
  • • lifetime cookies
  • • better tracking and support
  • • bonus incentives each month
  • • data feeds & analytics

If you don’t have an account with ShareASale already, the sign up process is simple. Visit the PageLines Affiliate Page on the ShareASale site:

PageLines Affiliate Sign-up

-The PageLines Team

7 Responses to "New Affiliate Program, 33% Commission"
  1. Attempting to sign up – only problem so far I’m a US Citizen domiciled in the UK with no US assets etc, and I pay taxes here and am exempt in the US – the Shareasale structure doesn’t have an accounting for someone in my situation so I’ll have to ring them, I suppose, after the holidays.

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