PageLines’ Core Values

Every day we come to work at PageLines we try and reflect on something we call “PageLines core values.” These are the guiding principles of the company and the basis for ALL decisions we take.

The values of PageLines are something that we are proud of and something I thought would be interesting to share with the community. As we grow and evolve, I’d like these principles to remain unaffected.

If you like this, I may share more of PageLines’ foundational documents. I think it would be a good thing if more companies followed principles like these.

So without further ado here they are…

PageLines Core Values

Create Awesome Experiences

Experience is the first priority. Every decision made at PageLines is made with this in mind. We don’t focus on maximizing profits, we strive to maximize value. Centering the product, support and outreach around customer experience makes this possible.

Be an artist

Everything you do should be done 100%. No exceptions. With every message you write, line of code you create and presentation you deliver, make it the best you possibly can. Remember, “no one remembers how long it takes, only how well it’s done.” Don’t accept work if you can’t deliver positive results and reinforce a positive reputation.

Karma Comes First

When approaching new projects or initiatives, look to find ways of helping people – altruistic intent. If we are successful at helping the world, we will be taken care of. Reciprocation is the most powerful force on the earth.

Have Fun, Be (a little) Quirky

Bring your own flare and personal style with you. Have fun, interact with the community and enjoy the work. Never forget to smile and to appreciate the opportunity to do great work with great people.

Focus and Get Stuff Done

At some point, every project needs to make the transition from concept to reality. People at PageLines know how to deliver things to the world, learn and iterate.

That’s it.

Simple and to the point. Have thoughts on this? Let us know…

22 Responses to "PageLines’ Core Values"
  1. The Karma bit is true, if DMS comes in at a reasonable price I would probably recommend it to my friends. Currently the conversation is something like… “Yeah, you could use this theme but you’re probably better off with one of the free ones.” Angst… yes that’s how I feel about paying more for a great theme that I only licensed to use on one website. (I’ve also never used PageLines support services) If it’s reasonable, I’ll bite and so will my friends.

    • NateGay Cool, I’m interested to hear your thoughts once it’s out. I’ll give you a hint though, DMS isn’t a theme. We’ve spent two years designing it to eventually obsolete theming; a lofty goal a realize. My point though is that we’re really trying to get away from being called a ‘theme.’  =)

      • arpowers NateGay I am eager to try a product with such a lofty goal. I will surely give it a shot.

      • arpowers NateGay I agree with Nate. I’ve used Pagelines on a couple projects and always a fan of the idea, but for many projects it wasn’t always worth it. interested to see what comes in DMS :)

      • arpowers NateGay I was hoping someone would make theming obsolete. I work in WP most days, have used Pagelines (as well as other frameworks) extensively, and killing theming is the next step. So excited about this!

  2. I think this is very impressive Andrew.
    I also think the decision to go open source with DMS is gutsy; the more you tell us about DMS, the more exciting it sounds.
    “Top action!” as the Irish say :-)

  3. Price not withstanding, the PR is being very well orchestrated for the so called DMS revelation.  The curiosity factor is looming large, and for that I tip to my hat to Andrew for some great marketing.  If the steak is as good as the sizzle, we might find ourselves being early witnesses to a real game changer.  Lot’s to live up to!

    • JarrodBassin haha, thanks, we really believe in the product, and early people that we’ve shown it says it surpasses the hype ;)

  4. I have to say, I’ve never had as much fun creating website as I have on PL, especially in the last few updates.

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