PageLines Store Update – 4/18/12

PageLines Store launches, price drops, and updates…
All in one place.

It’s been a busy month since the last PageLines Store Update and we want to fill you in on the activity going on inside PageLines. We hand-picked some fresh store product that can help take your website to the next level!

Looking to extend your website’s functionality and add some cool new features? You’re in the right place! Scroll down and imagine your website sporting these brand new apps:

Transparency Child Theme

Price: $49.99

Transparency Child Theme
Transparency - PageLines Child Theme

The Transparency child theme is what you should choose if you want your background image to shine. Built on the PageLines Framework, Transparency will deliver where it matters most: ease of use, professional look and incredible design. It is developed by Adam Munns of Whet Interactive and is a gem waiting to be unearthed. It has incredible potential which is only limited by your imagination. Put it to good use!

Transparency Client Reviews:
“Superb! Thank you Adam. I am very pleased with this theme. Great work!” Margaret
“Wow Adam, it’s so beautiful and unique! Good work.” Tutspress

PageLines Child Themes Honorable Mentions

  • Orbit by Stewart Wood. “Orbit is a multi color theme for Pagelines Framework 2.0.”

If you’re not looking to change the whole design of your website but just add new elements to your Drag’n’Drop customization options, then take a look at what these sections can do for you.

Let’s say you want a way to show off your awesome blog posts…

Latest Blog Entries

Price: $19.99

Latest Blog Entries - PageLines Section

Enrique strikes again! One of his sections was featured in the last update as well, and we just can’t omit this one. Latest Blog Entries provides you with a classy way to display your latest blog posts. Stylized boxes and a bunch of effects can only equal awesomeness, and we’re pretty sure this is gonna be the next big hit of the Store. We really enjoyed testing it and thoroughly recommend this one. A real game winner.

Latest Blog Entries Client Reviews:
“Love the plugin! It’s very slick looking.” GoodProductions
“Nice work!” pehja

PageLines Sections Honorable Mentions

  • Looks Like Tumblr ($14.99) by Nick Haskins. “Looks Like Tumblr is a custom PageLines section that completely transforms your WordPress based Pagelines blog into a one-of-a-kind Tumblr experience.”
  • LinkedIn All-in-One ($9.99) by Chris Johnston. “The LinkedIn All-In-One section lets you insert five great LinkedIn Plugins on your website: Apply with LinkedIn, Share, Member Profile, Company Insider, & Company Profile.”

If you want to add extra functionality to your website and make changes to ease your website creation experience, you can look to one of the PageLines Store Plugins such as…

Sexy Snips

Price: free

Sexy Snips
Sexy Snips - PageLines Plugin

When activated, the Sexy Snips plugin will display a special tab full of codes that you can copy and paste into the Custom CSS area. No more hunting down how to center the branding icons, or how to put a background on a post title. With quick, professional design snips that are ready to go, there’s no excuse to get this totally free plugin to make your life easier and your website better!

Sexy Snips Client Reviews:

“This is such a huge time saver!  Brilliant!!!” Meilena Hauslendale
“Sweet! Thank you for Sexy Snips-Pagelines.” showpeople

PageLines Plugins Honorable Mentions

  • Social Excerpts ($14.99) by Aleksander Hansson. “This plugin gives you four popular social media sharing buttons on top of your excerpts. This plugin will give you a lot more traffic because your users can Like, Tweet, +1 or share via LinkedIn even without reading the whole post.”

That’s all folks! Until the next update, that is.

Stefan loves social media, extreme sports, engaging audiences and being the hero Gotham deserves. He also battles vampires from his home in Transylvania. And all of it is true… Connect with him on Twitter or Facebook!

Share your thoughts: Which PageLines Store products have you used and what were your impressions? Don’t forget to show the store developers some love and give them a positive review on their products. :)

3 Responses to "PageLines Store Update – 4/18/12"
  1. Very nice article and congrats on Pageline 2.0! As a seasoned designer and developer, I’m very interested in hearing from your team, a response to the following question: If I decided on WordPress as my LAMP/CMS-Blog Platform and Drag ‘n’ Drop’s Pageline works only within WP’s Framework than aren’t you actually creating a “Framework within a Framework” with your Community Store acting and delivering the same and more importantly, competitive plugins/widgets for only your framework, while WP already has a Framework, thousands of free and for purchasing themes with 1000’s of plugins that do the same. Unless I missed something, Pageline 2.0 does not work as a stand alone app and needs WP to function. As a customer deciding if to customize his theme and drop it into WP or license Pagelines 2.0 and additionally pay for plugins (that are free in the WP Community) to build out functionality? I ask this with all due respect in search of my next steps in my development decision process.

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