PageLines Store Update – 3/23/12

All of the important PageLines Store launches, price drops, and updates – in one place.

It’s been over three months since the launch of the PageLines Store and we would like to share the buzz and excitement associated with it and present a selection of the applications you can find inside.

If you want to extend your website’s functionality and add some cool new features, look no further,  we’ve got you covered! …Unless you want your website to pour your beer and make you fries – we’re still looking at ways to do that.

But in the meantime, would you like your website to look like…


Tenacious T - PageLines Child Theme

The Tenacious T ($29.99) child theme is what you should be looking at if you’re a microblogger. Built on the PageLines Framework, it is powerful enough to drive a successful website and caters well to personal websites/blogs. Developed by Nick Haskins of Spilled Milk Designs, it is a wonderful piece of work and we had a blast testing it!

* the theme is based on the Looks Like Tumblr section built by Nick, but it adds full website customization.

PageLines Child Themes Honorable Mentions

  • Ignite by Adam Munns. “The PageLines Ignite Child Theme is perfect for marketing your small business website.”
  • Dark Diamond by Natalie MacLees “Dark Diamond is a lovely dark theme with subtle fabric and stitched textures throughout.”

If you’re not looking to change the whole design of your website but just add new stuff and elements to your Drag’n’Drop customization options, then take a look at what some of the sections can do for you. Let’s say you want a new slider…

KenBurner Slider

Price: $24.99

Kenburner Slider - PageLines Store
Kenburner Slider - PageLines Section

The KenBurner Slider is a stylish section that is generally used to replace the standard PageLines slider,  add a bunch of new options and some great effects. Although most of its users replace the standard slider with it, we love it when developers put their own spin on the core sections, keeps us on our toes! :)

KenBurner Slider Client Reviews:

“It’s great. Love it! Thank you!” Margaret Saizan

“We use the slider on our home page and will begin to integrate it into client websites. It looks great and it’s easy to control. We were also able customize it using CSS. A+” Matt – Total Quality Media

PageLines Sections Honorable Mentions

  • ShareBar Extended ($4.99) by Jenny Dubinsky. “The ShareBar Extended replaces the default PageLines ShareBar in posts / pages and adds Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn social sharing options.”
  • Grid Portfolio ($14.99) by Adam Munns. “The Grid Portfolio is a responsively designed portfolio section that allows for taxonomy based filtering.”
  • Twitter Profile (free) by Chris Johnston. “The Twitter Profile section allows you to easily insert Twitter feeds into your website”

If you want to add extra functionality to your website and make changes to ease your website creation experience, you can look to one of the PageLines Store Plugins such as…

Simple CSS Lite

Price: free

Simple CSS Lite Plug-in - PageLines Store
Simple CSS Lite - PageLines Plugin

If you’re not a CSS guru, you should definitely check out the free plugin created by Jenny Dubinsky. It gives you options to customize  the background, text and hover colors of the PageLines navigation menu. Definitely a winner!

Simple CSS Lite Client Reviews:

“I love the Lite version of the plugin and can’t wait for the Pro version.” Stano7

“Thanks for the great plugin.” Alanmcd

“Great plugin!” Zoran Vodopija

PageLines Plugins Honorable Mentions

  • Bad Ass Shortcodes ($14.99) by Nick Haskins. “Quickly and easily bring some personality, and spice to your already awesome site. Instantly insert buttons, highlights, boxes, and more using a beautiful pop-up admin panel that’s available right from the post page.”
  • Mobile Menu ($4.99) by Enrique Chavez. “The Mobile Menu is a plugin that adds real support for mobile devices, iPhone / iPod Touch / Android, the Mobile Menu Plugin was created to support the native PageLines menus.”

That’s all folks! Until the next update, that is. Which PageLines Store products have you used and what were your impressions? Don’t forget to show the store developers some love and give them a positive review on their products :)

Stefan loves social media, extreme sports, engaging audiences and being the hero Gotham deserves. He also battles vampires from his home in Transylvania. And all of it is true… Connect with him on Twitter or Facebook!

8 Responses to "PageLines Store Update – 3/23/12"
  1. The store is definitely awesome… and I’m glad to see it picking up more sections… I definitely use this a good bit.
    One thing I would suggest is a feed that displays topics related to the support of each individual section/theme/plugin.  Like how when you go to and on any plugin page there is the feed in the bottom right hand corner that shows the trouble shooting or questions that users have and the response by the author.  This saves the user time (if he finds that his question has already been asked) and the author time (because he doesn’t have to keep answering the same questions via email! :)

  2. I have purchased several sections and plugins and happy with some, not so happy with others. Some I will not use often, but am happy to have them and be in line for any updates that come along. Prices, I believe are a little high on most of the themes offered. But if they are selling then I must be wrong. However, I must say that themes that sell for $50 are simply not worth the price, no matter how useful they could be. Certainly there is no question that sections and plug ins offered are fleshing out the basic Pageline Platform, very well. A few sections and plug ins do conflict with standard plugins. For instance the mobile plugin cannot be used when you have a Launch Page enabled, at least that is the case for me. I want these sections rushed out, so I do not criticize very often. I anticipate there might be updates necessary and am happy to communicate directly with the coders/authors when I do find conflicts or problems. Overall, it is a great idea and hope that developers will continue to push out sections that can help AND challenge our imagination.

  3. I am looking for an easy way to add a directory page to one of our Pagelines websites. Can anyone recommend a section or plugin that does not require us to change the theme?

  4. They all seems good But I like “Tenacous T” the most. It comes with elegant look and feel to convince the users and scope to add content to make site search engine friendly.

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