PageLines is for Web Professionals

PageLines has been around a long time and we’ve gotten to know a few things about the web tools market.

Here’s some key points:

  1. Web design is a large, competitive, and fragmented business
  2. Different skill levels mean different tools
  3. Different business needs means different tools
  4. If a product doesn’t cater perfectly to a specific customer’s needs it won’t be used

So eighteen months ago, at the start of the process for creating Platform 5, we decided to tightly define who the PageLines customer is.

What is a “web professional?”

While there are services like that help websites rank higher, a web professional is simply someone who makes websites, or other web materials for a living.

Usually these people identify themselves as “web designers.”

So are you a web professional? If you build websites and get paid for it, then you are!

Note: If you are building websites for yourself or your own small business or doing web design for mattress companies that you own or any of your businesses,  then you are what we call a DIYer (do-it-yourselfer).

Squarespace et al has made their fortune targeting DIYs with less-sophisticated and simpler products than are used in the WordPress ecosystem.

Are PageLines products created for you?

If you are a web professional, or want to be one, then the answer is YES.

We have decided to target professionals with the following characteristics:

  • Web professionals designing client sites
  • Build 3 to 30 websites per year
  • Charge between $1000 and $15,000 per site
  • Work alone or with a team, as an agency or freelancer

What “web professional” problems will Platform 5 solve?

As part of this targeting effort we began interviewing people that fit this mold.

The goal was to discover your hidden frustrations and problems. Especially the ones you might not know you had…

We found the following:

  • There’s a ton of frustration related to the back/forth content editing when working with clients.
  • Speed is very important, professionals don’t want to be caught up dealing with bloat.
  • Building a reproducible toolkit that can speed the creation process is a necessity.

So with that, we started building Platform 5.

When we launch it, it will be:

  • The fastest way to build and edit websites using WordPress.
  • Designed perfectly for the interaction of clients and professionals (allows clients to edit images/content easily)
  • Extension based, and designed as the core to your own “professional toolkit” for WordPress sites

Hopefully that clears things up as it’s a common misconception about us. We don’t make software for beginners or DIYs. We make drag & drop tools, along with point/click editing, not so “anyone can build a website” but because it saves you time and makes your clients happier.

End of the day, if customer driven research counts for anything, you guys should love it.