The Radical New PageLines v2.3

Today we launched a radical new version of PageLines: version 2.3. In it you’ll find some very cool new features. That we’ll go through below. They include:

  • New Code Editors and Syntax Highlighting
  • New Icon Font
  • Forms and Inputs Library
  • Image Uploader: “Select from Media Library”
  • Other new stuff: 3rd-tier drop-downs, progress bars, pagination/pagers
  • Enhancements: All CSS moved to 100% {LESS} which increases performance, various bug-fixes and improvements to sections.

2.3 Video Overview

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”WLM9DyhOqaM”]

New Code Editors and Syntax Highlighting

Version 2.3 introduces new custom code editors inside of the WordPress/PageLines admin. These new editors make it fun and easy to add custom CSS to the framework. They ‘colorize’ syntax for LESS and HTMl; and work amazingly well.

PageLines Syntax Highlighting & Editors

PageLines Icon Font Based on FontAwesome

2.3 Rocks! 2.3 Rocks! 2.3 Rocks! 2.3 Rocks! (BTW You’ll 2.3)

Another radical new feature is a special Icon Font built right into core. Icon fonts are the latest thing in responsive/retina web design and they are super fun to use.

Why are icon fonts cool? Well, they are icons that work just like text! That means you can give them drop shadows, scale them, change their color all with CSS and without degradation.

The icon font is based on FontAwesome and we think you’ll love it..

New Forms & Inputs With Gravity Forms support

Consistency in forms has always been a small problem across frameworks. Every plugin has their own approach. Well in this release we’ve added a standard presentation for forms that can be customized by themers and should be universal across plugins.

Here is a live example of the new forms…

Image Uploader: “Select Media from Library”

New Media Selector
Until now there has only been a ‘upload from computer’ option for image options inside the framework. This was a little too limiting; so we’ve added a new ‘select media from library’ option.

The ability to select from your media library has another advantage in that you can now upload both a @2x and regular image; and support retina displays (with the help of a plugin).

Other Rad Stuff

Finally, we’ve added a lot of tweaks in the framework. For example, we’ve optimized the framework to 100% LESS, meaning there the graphical CSS is faster and more concise than ever.

We’ve also added a bunch of new interaction elements.. Here are a couple notable ones..

We’ve added progress bars


Better Pagination

Third Tier Dropdowns

33 Responses to "The Radical New PageLines v2.3"
  1. This is a nice update. It really adds some polish to what I think is one of the best frameworks for WordPress. I like to see the progressive addition of leading technologies like LESS CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, and icon fonts. Thank you for the improved Gravity Forms support. The “select image from library” feature is a logical and handy option to have. No more opening the media library to copy a URL to paste into the field. Great job!

  2. Looks awesome! My site – – is on PageLines, and I just realized I have 1.53. So out of date! I’m updating my site and I’d like to upgrade to the new version. How exactly do I do this? How do I download the new version of the theme? I tried to figure it out myself and was unsuccessful. Thanks so much!  

    •  @leslieforman  Your site is just a little behind…your on Platform Pro.  Last year PageLines Launched PageLines 2.0 which is a separate product but is 100x better than Platform was.  Looking at your site I would guess a migration would go fairly smooth.  Just make sure you have a copy of your widgets and their order (the way sidebars are handled has changed) and you should b good to! :D
      Happy PageLining! 
      If you have more questions hit me up on twitter mikezielonka  or find me on the PageLines Pro Page

  3. Love the changes.  But — it’s strange that you make such a big deal about a code editor and then right above it you basically tell users that if you use it then you aren’t being “professional”.

    •  @Crispee Probably could be rewritten for a little more clarity. Good catch. 
      There are cases for both; specifically, the admin editors are going to be a lot more ‘professional’ as of this update.

  4. Hi,
    please edit the following section re: image uploader, by mistake, it is a copy of the forms paragraph:
    Image Uploader: “Select Media from Library”
    New Media Selector
    Consistency in forms has always been a small problem across frameworks. Every plugin has their own approach. Well in this release we’ve added a standard presentation for forms that can be customized by themers and should be universal across plugins.

  5. Thanks for the update! Love it, great job. I’m already for a while a dedicated user :) One question: where do you expect the progress to appear? For now I don’t see it anywhere. Hope you can explain that a little bit (it’s only mentioned, no demo, also not in the video.
    Again, thanks a lot!

      •  @arpowers  @WouterVanDerToorn The progress bar you added as prescribed in “Other Rad Stuff” I see cool progress bars but do not have any clue where to add this or where this functions. So this is my question. Thanks already.

      •  @WouterVanDerToorn The following markup: 
        <div class=”progress progress-striped active”>
        <div class=”bar” style=”width: 40%;”></div>
        would do it.  
        Lots of documentation and standards we use are from here:

  6. When updating, it messes up my sidebars completely and I am forced to restore my old version. Please FIX this serious bug! It costs me at least 30 – 60 minutes wasted time

  7. After the update of the PageSpeed dropped from 85 to 76 without changing anything. Any idea what can cause this drop down? Is the framework loading more than before? To be honest, I expected to have a little increase of the performance instead of decrease. Hope you can help me figure it out!

  8. When will there be more fine control over text sizes within the interface?  Seems strange to give so many options but sizing is not one of them (and which almost every other framework has).  Yes you can use CSS but it would be nice to only have to use that for exceptions.  
    Also hoping that the LESS integration will become “less” dependent on going to their site and pulling out code to use.  
    And the “additional” selectors in the advanced typography box is still bizarre to me as well.

  9. Can someone from the staff  please tell me exactly how much do I have to pay to upgrade my site to the latest 2.3 (this) version and to keep getting the updates.

    • @StephanieDay Hi there, you can update by going to dashboard>updates>themes in the wp dashboard. There were bug fixes for some the carousel problems people were experiencing. Current version is 2.3.5

  10. Since the update i have been experiencing ongoing difficulties, the formatting goes haywire and i loose the CSS (ithink it is the CSS) – i have not upgraded to pro (yet) but i am reluctant to do it if i need to be a developer to make it work. I am handing the website to a client to manage their own content but with this instability they are going to freak and i will not want to risk it. if you can assist i would be grateful. the problem seems to self fix after 12 hours or something i do, i am not sure but this is no way to work on dynamic, live web building. thanks in advance Julie

  11. I’m using PlatformPro and I recently updated my wordpress to 3.4.2 and now 95% of my images are no longer visible. You can not see them in dashboard or on the site itself. Newbie at this so please, please…help. I have no plugins…just what my theme offers is all that I use.

    • @Gabe9nine Hi there!  The jump to PageLines 2.0 from PlatformPro is a big one but it shouldn’t effect content inside of a WP page or post.  
      I’d reset your permalinks (Go to Settings–> Permalinks.  Then select defualt and then save.  Then reset it back to what you originally had).
      Next thing I would do is regenerate your thumbnails by using this plugin:
      Hope this helps! :)

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