PageLines Battleground VII

Welcome to the seventh edition of the PageLines Battleground!

Thank you all for all the votes submitted in last week’s edition of the Battleground.  Also, you guys are awesome for sharing the post! And so are all of the contestants below…

Battleground VII Contestants

The voting goes on for four days which means the battle will take place over the weekend as well! Hopefully the contestants have the supplies needed for a long fight because they are going to need them! The voting period ends on the 26th of February and the lucky winner will be announced next Tuesday.

I am proud to present to you the competitors for the sixth PageLines Battleground edition:

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Last Week’s Winner

PageLines Battleground VI Winner – Render Innovations –

PageLines Battleground VI Winner - Render Innovations -

“Render Innovations is a business website including a blog to help other business grow and succeed.
My PageLines experience was awesome, it has helped my business grow and succeed by creating websites more time efficient, cost efficient and with awesome functions.”

This is how the winner of last week’s PageLines Showcase Battleground, Mr. Adam Brackbill, described the process of building her blog with PageLines! Congratulations once again for her work on the awesome Render Innovations website!

While Lori’s website earned a permanent featured spot in the PageLines Showcase and a chance to win one of the prestigious PageLines Awards, the contest is wide open again this week! We received some truly amazing submissions again and only one of them will win the fierce contest that is the Battleground! So call your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and your pets to vouch their vote for you because we have a feeling the race will be a close one!

Honorable Mention

Considering last week’s contest went down to the wire between Render Innovations and  The Art of John Tindel, we awarded both websites with a featured spot in the PageLines Showcase, but only the Render Innovations website entered the race for a PageLines Award!

About PageLines Battleground

As most of you already know, every week we are showing off 10 sites from the PageLines Community and let you vote on the best site to include in the PageLines Showcase.

Weekly winners will be entered in the PageLines Awards and go on to achieve great fame, publicity and fortune when their website is showcased to thousands of community users and the general public!

Keep posted on Twitter and Facebook for showcase submission calls if you want to participate! ;) (edit)

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