PageLines Battleground X and Awards Announcement

We’re back! After a long hiatus caused by a drop in worldwide levels of unicorn meat and ground awesomeness, we’re rocking the PageLines Battleground again! It’s back. It’s bigger. It’s BETTER!

Without further ado, welcome to the tenth edition of the world-famous PageLines Showcase Battleground! We’re doing things a bit differently this week since you’re selecting the 10th and final Battleground winner and PageLines Awards competitor. And since the new competition is close to its inception date, let’s see what all the buzz and excitement are about…

PageLines Awards

We’ve been dropping hints about the new PageLines Awards for quite a while now, and the time has finally come for us to unveil the latest competition for the PageLines Community.

The awards will be fought between previous Battleground winners, with the top 3 websites winning prizes so delicious you won’t believe it! You can consider the PageLines Awards the crème de la crème of WordPress contests!

As opposed to the Battlegrounds, the PageLines Awards will be decided by a panel of PageLines Experts, but will also take into consideration popular vote. After a round of popular voting that goes on for one week, the experts will gather and each will create a personal top (places 1, 2 and 3). A number of points will be assigned to each Expert’s vote and for each popular vote.

The winners will then be announced personally and publicly and will be featured in a PageLines Blog post in addition to receiving a home-baked unicorn meat pie by none other than our own Bearded Avenger! Now back to the PageLines Battleground X…

PageLines Battleground

It’s been a long time since the last edition of the PageLines Battleground and we missed all of you! We’ve literally had a ton of submissions and some of the feedback we’ve received is amazing. On the behalf of the whole PageLines Team (unicorns, kittens, kids, bowties, vampires and ponies included) we THANK YOU!

Your submissions are getting even better with every edition that passes by and we’re just amazed over here at the quality of the websites. This, coupled with the fact that we haven’t had a Battleground for a long time now, influenced our decision to have 20 contestants this time. A big change, but we just couldn’t cut it to 10 websites. Too many great designs! A big shout out goes to everyone who submitted their website! We consider all of them to be winners. Our last edition’s winner, since they didn’t get the credit deserved yet…

Last Battleground Winner

PageLines Battleground IX Winner – 17 Sirens –

“PageLines really helped me to achieve the look that I wanted for my blog. It made designing my website a breeze and allowed me to take it to a new direction.”

This is how the winner of last week’s PageLines Showcase Battleground described the process of creating the winning website with PageLines! Congratulations once again for the dedication and talent put in building the awesome fortune EVENTS website!

Battleground X Contestants

We know today is Friday the 13th, so in order to appease you superstitious voters out there, the voting goes on for four days which means the battle will take place over the weekend as well! We already have vampires around our ranks as well so be extra careful today ;)

Hopefully the contestants have the supplies needed for a long fight because they are going to need them! The voting period ends on the 16 of July and the lucky winner will be announced next Tuesday.

I am proud to present to you the competitors for the tenth PageLines Battleground edition:

[poll id=”11″]

About the PageLines Battleground

As most of you already know, every week we are showing off 10 sites from the PageLines Community and let you vote on the best site to include in the PageLines Showcase.

Weekly winners will be entered in the PageLines Awards and go on to achieve great fame, publicity and fortune when their website is showcased to thousands of community users and the general public!

This post covered unicorns, kittens, vampires, a great community and awesome websites. I think the Internet would be proud! Now let the voting commence!

Keep posted on Twitter and Facebook for showcase submission calls if you want to participate! ;) (edit)

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