PageLines at WordCamp

Chances are if you love using PageLines, you also have a love for WordPress, and that goes for us too! We love the software and its expandability, but most of all, we love the community.

…Which is why this year, we’ve been sponsoring and attending most of the WordCamps in the United States. You may have seen our little Leaf in Milwaukee, New York City and Reno so far. Henry has been flying all over to spread the Unicorn dust (and free t shirts!) to all that attend the ‘Camps.

WordCamp Milwaukee Badge
WordCamp NYC Badge
Word Camp Reno Badge

Wait, what’s a WordCamp?

WordCamps are where WordPress bloggers can come together and share their experiences with the software. At WordCamps, you’ll find experts on WordPress SEO, marketing, development, design, content and so much more. You can also find a lot of people that are just beginning too. There’s a lot of opportunity to teach people what you know, and learn from others.

So where is PageLines going next?

PageLines will be in Boston on July 14 & 15, so come out and support the team! Henry has been talking up a storm about how great the PageLines community is, so come prove it! :)

We’ve also got three extra tickets to giveaway! Be watching us on Twitter & Facebook to get your hands on one of these bad boys if you’re in the area.

WordCamp Boston Badge

We will also be taking these events by storm at:

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