Our Future Together.

Since the initial launch of PageLines Framework (originally called Platform) we’ve been learning more and more about what you want in a website platform. Specifically, we believe you want professional and capable websites, but also want to build them fast, easy, and without a lot of coding.

With this in mind, a year ago, we began thinking about why its never been truly “easy” to build a professional website. We concluded several things, for example:

  • The interface connecting “themes” to end design is disconnected and abstract. A *major* change is needed in UX to fix this.
  • Having a platform for building/selling themes without coding would be revolutionary.
  • Design options within CMS systems are typically hard to find and verbose
  • Drag and drop is what people want, but no one has ever got the interface completely right
  • These are just some of the insights we’ve had.

Building on these, we started a journey down a new road. We decided we would attempt to create something great, that could potentially revolutionize web design.

Teaser :D
Teaser :D

This new platform is going to change the game.

And today, I’d like to announce that this new product is coming *soon*. We’ve been in private beta with our close developer community for months now and they are in agreement that this new platform could change the way people do web design.

We don’t want to leave you guys without teasers so check out my Dribbble account for some screenshots and more as time goes on.

Setting the Stage

Since upgrades will no doubt be a concern, anyone who has purchased PageLines Framework after June 15, or is a Plus subscriber at launch, will get the new product completely free. All other PageLines customers will get the new pro version platform at a discounted price; the basic version will be free.


Join the Beta Team

In the coming weeks, you can expect a slew of announcements from us about this upcoming product. But today, we are writing because we need more people involved in the beta effort.

Since the new platform is designed to be a complete UX change and theming effort, we need more awesome creators to work with us, give us feedback, and help design the platform.

To apply to be a member of the PageLines community all you need to do is fill out this beta application:

What’s Next?

Within the next two weeks, you can expect additional details as well as an official launch date. Please stay tuned and get excited for big changes and awesome opportunities.

91 Responses to "Our Future Together."
  1. The activation link in the email is not working. 
    This is the error: 
    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /srv/www/wordpress_mu/wp-includes/ms-settings.php on line 111

  2. Hi guys, would love to be trying pagelines but unfortunately your activation process seems to be failing – and that’s the same for new forum users or I’d be posting there. I get the error “Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /srv/www/wordpress_mu/wp-includes/ms-settings.php on line 111An error occurred during the activation
    Invalid activation key.”
    Thats’ when i try to start my free test site, and when I try to create a forum account.

  3. Brilliant! I’ve been using the Pagelines Framework for some time now and haven’t looked back. I”ve tried other platforms and themes but nothing comes close to me. Can’t wait for this new release!

  4. I  could be looking forward to this, but I totally disagree about the pricing. I bought Pagelines on April 26th for 239 dollars, understanding that I would get upgrades for a year. And now, only two months later I hear about this thing that’s going to replace PL and I have to pay for that??? That’s absolutely unfair and even deception. I think everyone who has PL should get the new version for free for the rest of the period they payed for. If not, I’m very very dissapointed how you treat your customers.

    • Jack Tummers please hold your judgement til after its out, the basic version of it will be free.

      We try and do what’s right by you guys always, that’s why we do this job.

      • arpowersJack TummersI was just commenting on the news and the ‘june 15’ deadline. I’m willing to change my opinion ofcourse, really! ;), but I’m very curious how ‘basic’ and ‘free’ compare to the Developer / Business Edition I bought in april…

      • Jack Tummers the new platform should be a massive step forward ahead of everything else in the market. We’ve done our homework and worked pretty damn hard.

      • @DenisODonnell @Jack Tummers @arpowers I’m in a similar position to Jack and he sums up my thoughts well. I’m excited that the PL team is so excited about the new product – I’d already decided to use PL on my own clients websites from now on and presumably the new framework will be even better.
        I do quite a lot of contract work, and other frameworks, notably Genesis, are typically specified for me in that work, so I’m reasonably well placed to make a comparison and MUCH prefer using PL – see my comment as A.D. Esigner here: http://www.wpmayor.com/themes/top-10-best-genesis-themes-for-wordpress. 
        However, given I already forked out c $200 for a dev licence a few months back – AND I pay a monthly fee to PL, AND I’ve purchased several extensions – I think it would be iniquitous to charge me again for the new PL product. I’m surprised you’re even contemplating it. There could be no faster way to dampen the enthusiasm of relatively new converts such as myself than to slug us yet again for a large outlay; we’re already, effectively, paying more than we’d pay for just about any other competing WP framework. 
        Finally – PLEASE put more attention into your own website’s usability. This page announces a revolutionary new product that will be super-easy to use – yet I’ve had difficulty formatting this comment – and submitting the form to apply to beta test has been marred by successive fruitless attempts.

      • FnqWeb My thoughts exaclty. I purchased the developer framework only, because I wanted to try it out for a few months, and after that I could always decide to switch to the plus membership if I wanted to keep using PL for my clients. So I’m curious about what the final product will be and assume the people behind PL will change their mind about the ‘upgrading’ policy.

      • chriscct7 Jack Tummers FnqWeb I know, but like I said in another comment. I bought only the framework because I wanted to try PL for a few months on some projects, and after that perhaps upgrading to the plus.

      • chriscct7 Are you from Pagelines? Or is this just your interpretation by reading between the lines???  It would be nice if you were identified properly? @arpowers who is identified as Moderator does not seem to visually approve or jive with your comments.

      • AdrianCastro chriscct7 According to this post: http://www.pagelines.com/our-future-together/ under setting the stage it is indicated that Plus subscribers and those who have purchased after June 15 Pagelines 2.0 will receive the DMS for free.

      • Taylor Darcy AdrianCastro chriscct7 Yes, I see that now Taylor. Thanks.
        Not sure whether I mis-read that before or it has been updated; may well be the former. Either way, good news for me :-)

  5. So happy I read the article I thought I was going to have to re-purchase glad I bought after the June 15 deadline. Perfect timing.

  6. Great news!!!! Lookign forward to it! PageLines has never disappointed me and I expect this to be a trendsetter again!

  7. As a recent convert to pagelines, (headway was my default framework), all I can say is “bring it on”. After a change in approach it took me a few days to get around Pagelines. I love it, with little effort you get very clean, elegant sites. As an ex techie now business owner, i dont have time to learn more code. If I can get something 80% then that is more than good enough.
    So if what you are promising is going to be even easier, but still sllow the option of refinement then I truly believe you have a game changer. Uriel

  8. Why am I surprised at all? Pagelines has never let the grass grow under their feet, getting a better result with each iteration of their platform. I can’t imagine this one won’t be another evolutionary advance.

  9. I would have to totally agree with davekeys. PageLines made a commitment to be one step ahead of the competition and in my opinion they have.

  10. I really hope you have a ‘one page’ template included, the one page style seems to be taking off VERY quickly, and I think will become one of the new forces in wordpress theme styles.

  11. Does this mean that the Pagelines framework will no longer be updated? I’m only just finishing my first Pagelines site and I was hoping it would last a while before needing upgrading.

  12. My gosh I am so excited!  What does this mean for people who have purchased Pagelines mere months ago?  Are there free upgrades, or do we have to pay all over again?

      • arpowers MathewShearer Thank you very much for your speedy response!  May I ask, is there a way to discuss this with someone who is in charge of these matters privately? (via e-mail)?  Once again, I appreciate everything you, and the rest of the Pagelines crew has done for me by providing this awesome framework!  Thanks :-)

      • MathewShearer arpowers I’m pretty sure that you are already talking to the man himself.

  13. I have to say that using pagelines and more accurately trying to meet the necesities of a cliente with your “platform” was a pain in the ass, so I hope you do right this time… I honestly doubt it though

    • blahblahblahamazing It isn’t so bad once you get the hang of it :-)  If you at all have even a basic understanding of website design, you should be able to pick it up very well, and if not, try going back to school.

  14. Going to change web design as we know it! Very bold claim, let’s see. Especially considering that the previous platform used Twitter Bootstrap. Also, some of the sites in your showcase gallery are just plain ugly.

  15. The new Pagelines.com design is kickass, tell me if one can make it using pagelines :), although I doubt it…

  16. I am open minded although I’m still disappointed with my developer purchase and time invested in pagelines so far…  For me there is just too much of a learning curve to get the results I need…. After struggling to get a site developed on PL i went back to the theme market and purchased themes to help me earn money faster.

    • watchbill Their indeed is a learning curve, even for something called drag and drop. My first two sites I would have done much easier and quicker than with PL, but slowly I’m getting the hang of it and I’m suprised I don’t use my regular template system anymore. But in the beginning it can be very confusing, I agree. But that’s what the new version should tackle I think.

    • watchbill I had the same experience.  Despite owning a Dev Plus license for over a year, I still had to purchase themes from ThemeForest.  I had better success with a $7 theme from the Warrior Forum.  When I finally got my first Pagelines site up and running and dorking around with CSS then comes DMS???  
      I hope DMS addresses real WYSIWIG so no more CSS dorking around.

  17. I am hoping that there is a grid layout system (similar to your major competitor). This would make it easier to transfer lo-fi and hi-fi wire framing workflow process (balsamiq) into production.

  18. I’ve seen a lot of people complaining that they would possibly be asked to pay for a new platform, setting up the straw man argument that what they’ve paid for somehow won’t be supported. It’s amazing how the whiners come out when there is anything that looks like a product upgrade. What if car buyers behaved this way? “What?! a 2014 model!!!??? Now I’ll look like a chump driving around in my 2013 Range Rover!!! How could they do this to me!!??”
    I’ve actually always known Pagelines to be most generous with their platform. I’ve used their various themes and then “development platforms” to a great deal of satisfaction of customers and on my own websites and all at a good profit to me. The cost for what I’ve derived has been minimal and I look forward to paying for any upgrade that comes along if that helps them come up with as good a product as they’ve shown up to market with in the past.
    Bring it on Pagelines! 
    PS. Maybe if you raise your prices a notch, the whiners will go away and start to go back to Elegant Themes or such. (not that there aren’t some good themes for specific use there too)

    • davekeys thanks for that Dave, i really think everyone will be happy with what we do in the next generation.. even some of the haters  haha

      • arpowers davekeys Some of the folk who’ve commented critically in this discussion are (in my opinion) unduly negative about Pagelines. One wonders if competitors get busy on these occasions?
        But others are clearly PL fans, and I’m one of those. I’m here because I made a free choice to purchase PL and to support the platform with a monthly sub. I’ve only used it on a few sites so far; yes, there’s been a learning curve, but I’ve found the advantages enormous. For someone, like me, who likes building sites starting with essentially a blank page (as opposed to lots of someone else’s design styles), PL is the best GUI I’ve found.
        I can well imagine some of the issues this new version addresses are the very things that contributed to the ‘learning curve’ needed for v.2 – which always struck me as excellent work in progress more than a completely finished products.
        So yes, bring on v.3 – and I’m reassured to hear PL policy is to “look after your own”. But if you choose to open an issue like this upgrade for comment (which is a good idea), expect at least real comments – not just sycophancy.

      • arpowers davekeys I think I want to comment on this, because I was the first to complain about the announced princing. First of all, I’m not a hater! Far from it. And software is not a car. I bought PL two months ago in the understanding that it would continue to develop and I would receive upgrades of the 2.x branche for free. I don’t think the developers will spend their time on developing and improving an ‘old’ platform, other than just bug fixes. Correct me if I’m wrong. And sure I can still use the version I bought, but that was not the deal.
        Anyhow, I really really like PL, believe me. But you people must understand how it feels to buy something (and one of the most expensive WP frameworks available) and then be suprised with the news that it will kind a stop being developed.
        Looking forward to the announcement, and the pricing and discounts ;). And one more thing, people only shouting ‘awesome, fantastic and you guys are unbelievable’ don’t get you anywhere without a few critical comments here and there ;)

      • arpowers davekeys so if I already have a developer version/license (version 2.4) and I am a part of the “plus” program this is an automatic update?

    • davekeys Comparing Pagelines to a Range Rover is totally out of context!  Software like Pagelines has a software development life cycle – just like WordPress which progresses from 1.0, 2.0,3.0 etc.  The higher the version number, the better and the longevity only reflects the vision (wisdom and INTEGRITY) of the designers of the software.  
      Upgrades do not mean free either so software developers do deserve money for their efforts or there would be no incentive to develop better products.  
      My point is Pagelines owes its customers a long term vision for their software.  Software developers should not be bouncing around their designs based on whims and the latest seminar they attend on how to make more money from their customers.

  19. So if im about to start a new site I should hold off buying extensions and themes ? Will these work with the new platform or will i need to wait for the developers to update/re-write.

  20. Great to see many of comments and suggestions and ideas and designs have now been integrated. Ever since we launched freshforms.com and freshprofiles.com in private beta it’s only been a matter of time.
    Just wish clearer information on the upgrade path,
    And ideally an auto update from old to new…

  21. Sounds great and I’m looking forward to kicking the tires on this. As to pricing, I’m currently a Pagelines Professional client but not a Plus member at this time, so given that what will I get access to currently, and what could I get access too by adding the Plus membership? And would there be a difference if I added the Plus membership before or after launch (7/24)? Thanks!

    • MikeBauhof They have disabled the option to upgrade to plus so that current customers not on plus will have to pay full whack for the new software. I’m just hoping the upgrade will cost less than $197 this time!

  22. I’m stoked…been with Pagelines two years and am excited to see a UX update as that is where my weak points are not being a coder. I’m a marketer and have to outsource stuff sometimes. I hope that within the dev support area/store will be freelancers/services that we can also take advantage of that know DMS/PL on an expert level. I’m ready to build 2 brand new sites and this might just be an answer to prayer :)

  23. This souds great, but I have a question. Will DMS be backward compatible with Pagelines 2? Can I simply replace one with the other and have my existing still work as before, but now take advantage of the latest improvements?

  24. I am really excited about the upcoming roll out.  I have found the Pagelines Framework to be easy to use once I got my head around it.  
    I have really been impressed with the support I have received in the chat room.  They have been so patient with me and have really helped me to improve my sites. 
    I don’t build sites for other people.  I just build them for my own business needs and it has been really fun to change things up from site to site.
    I am really hoping that I will be able to update my existing sites easily and fairly seamlessly.
    Moreover, I would like to bring over other sites that are on other themes.   I have one using the Suffusion theme that I would really love to bring over to PageLines.  It’s so complicated that I will have to hire someone else to take that one.  
    Also, I have another huge site that I built back in 2007 and had someone code it old PHP.  It lives in Dreamweaver 3.  Do you have anyone that could tackle the project of bringing it over to the new framework?
    I guess what I need is access to some freelance upgrading gurus.

  25. It looks like a great product. Can’t wait to try it out. I signed up for the beta but haven’t received a reply.

  26. So is DMS still going to be framework for *wordpress* or is it a standalone thing? I just bought Pagelines and watched like 287 tutorials on how to work it, and redesigned our entire website using it 2 months ago. I am a Plus member so yay for being able to get the new product free, but I am just a bit confused on if this is something I am going to upgrade on my existing site, or is this something you have to start from scratch with?

  27. So everyone is excited about this new “incarnation” of PL.
    I have been using the frameworks from Pagelines, for quite awhile! (PlatformPro Developer!, then moved to PageLines Framework – Developer!)
    I was not very happy about the last upgrade pricing discount, and the way the existing DEV owners where informed in how to get the discount!
    So i am very very curious about the coming (dev) version an what kinda discounts existing DEV’s will get. Some clarety on this would be welcome!
    Is there already a forum for DMS?

  28. arpowers I’ve been a dev customer for pro and framework and have been super happy with the results. I’m looking forward to seeing the next generation. With framework and some basic HTML/CSS/PHP knowledge it has been possible to create some great sites relatively easily and it sounds like it’s gonna be easier still to create child themes and sections with the new PL platform. As my knowledge and coding skills improve I hope to contribute to the ‘Store’ in the future.
    To the guys moaning: First why don’t you wait and see what the offer is, then make your judgement. As a developer community we are very lucky to have open source projects, such as WordPress and Joomla!, to use as our CMS’s – and all for free. A good framework that meshes seamlessly with your CMS is a must for me and I don’t mind paying for it (Hell – I don’t work for free!). Sure you can find other themes for specific uses that might be quicker to configure than a framework, but the overall flexibility a framework offers in creating truly individual sites is impossible to beat.
    Is it the 24th yet? ;)

  29. Alright, ever since hearing about the DMS announcement, I can’t get it out of my head. I want to get straight to work using this on a new site I’m building, and I’d like to do that starting today if possible. I understand the launch date is only 12 days away but I want to get to work right now. :) Please message me if there is any chance of this.

  30. OK. I don’t want to seem dense, but is there a straightforward, plain english description of what PageLines is somewhere? Is it a big fancy theme for WordPress? Is it a big fancy plug-in for WordPress? Othere than the next best thing in creating websites, WHAT IS IT?!?! How does it work? How do I use/install it?

    • beanthere22 It’s a framework. Like a master theme, kind of! There’s lots of info on the pagelines site and if you google it you’ll find some independent reviews too.

  31. Just a quick question, If I upgrade to Pagelines premium, which is looking exceedingly likely what of my old website will I lose? or will my experience remain exactly the same except I will have new features to play with? 
    Would love a speedy response because I really want to buy this!

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