My Experience Developing for the PageLines Store

When I first found out about the PageLines Store in 2.0, I was excited. The fact that fellow members of the PageLines community would be able to take their coding knowledge and contribute to the store was very appealing to me. I really wanted to take a few of my ideas and bring them to life. (and hopefully make some extra money on the side) However, there was a big problem; I’ve never written any code before, and had zero knowledge on how to do so.

This was back in August. I knew about the store back then because I was on the 2.0 beta testing team. I really wanted to learn how to code my own section, but frankly I was very intimidated by it all. I thought I would need to spend countless hours learning everything there is to know about PHP, and then spend more countless hours learning how to adapt it into the format that the Store required. Boy was I wrong.

In November I decided go ahead and look into it deeper. I took a look at some of the very simple core sections and easily figured out which part of the code did what. I also watched the fantastic tutorial videos that Andrew Powers created. Those videos really helped bridge the gap that I needed in order to figure out how to do this. In less than a day I created a rough version of my first section, which eventually evolved into the Facebook All-In-One section.  Of course there were at least a dozen PHP questions that I needed answered before I was able to make everything work. I got the answers I needed by asking a few friends and searching on the internet.

What really impressed me is how easy it was to implement my idea into a working section. The PageLines team has done a fantastic job at allowing us to build these sections using very simple code that connects not only to the 2.0 framework, but also to my personal site & Also, the system they set up for deploying updates could not be easier.

If you don’t believe me, watch the video tutorials. They really helped a lot. Also download & take a look at the This contains blank templates for creating your own section, theme, or plugin.

I really encourage everyone to try their hand at creating an item or two for the PageLines Store. It really was a lot easier than I had originally thought it would be. You simply need to dive in and begin bringing your idea to life. I really wish I would have started back in August. I probably would have had at least a dozen items in the store right now. I currently have five:




Feel free to take a look at the demos and tell me what you think. As a first time Developer, I’d really like to hear some feedback.

Go ahead and create something! You can click on “Getting Started as a Developer” to view some information on how to become a Developer & what tools you will need to make it all happen.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Chris Johnston


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