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Today, I thought I’d take a second to make a statement about the future of PageLines as both a product and company.

It’s been an amazing trip we’ve had these last four years. We’ve had a chance to help lots of people get amazing results and find success in their work. And that’s a huge win for us; and I’m assuming you as well. We’ve tried a lot and learned a lot.

Now that PageLines’ flagship product, DMS, has been out a bit; we’ve taken a look at exactly where we are as a company and what the best moves are going forward.

As part of this process, we’ve come to a conclusion: success really comes down to focus. And in this business, that means keeping things simple yet useful.

So what does this mean to you?

Products for Perfectionists

PageLines is working on some new products for people building websites. Products that will take your work to another level. We’ve recognized the fact that the power of the DMS platform comes down to the strength of its applications.

This means we’re building some *killer* apps, that should really solidify what DMS can do and why its a powerful concept in web design.

We’ll also be taking a more “quality over quantity” approach to extensions allowed on the PageLines Store. Working to reward developers who have both awesome customer service and useful, well-designed products. We feel that this approach is the best way to reenforce the quality behind the PageLines brand.

More to come on all this soon…

A Harder, Better, Faster Company in Austin


Running PageLines as a “virtual” company has been great, but a little difficult at times. We drank the Koolaid about this for a while, but in reality we simply would be executing better for you in a traditional environment.

So…. it’s time to announce the virtual days are coming to an end. Right now we’re setting up an office in Austin, Texas. This is a central location in an awesome city. Building a super talented PageLines team in one location will allow us to really focus on creating things that give you guys an advantage in your work. And that’s what we’re ALL about!

We realize you won’t notice these operational changes behind the scenes; however, you *should* notice the results.

If you’re nearby the Austin area, let us know! We should be set up with in a month or so. :)

12 Responses to "Making Better Products"
  1. This sounds great Andrew, can’t wait to see some of those killer apps.
    I know a lot of tech companies are moving to Austin due to very favourable conditions – even from here in the UK, so will no doubt be a good move for PageLines. 
    Keep on keepin’ on

  2. Kyle_n_Irving Thanks Kyle… Ya San Francisco has just become to crowded and over priced. Austin is fun and still in reality.

  3. I’m still using framework, is DMS worth purchasing yet? It’s all gone very quiet? Hopefully your not spending everybody’s cash on offices and photocopiers. Most companies evolve away from offices not towards them.

  4. Flidget, DMS is a disaster. I’ve been using it since the release (I’ve been with Pagelines for three years): content disappears, changes don’t save, plugins break and developers never fix them for a month or longer leaving you stranded, and then the people running the help forums get into “power struggles” with users who dare to complain. Andrew, you better do something because from my perspective this is unprofessional and unacceptable. I don’t know what Pagelines is anymore, only that DMS looks like a product that will never actually work. It is a disaster and I can’t afford to waste the time DMS has already taken from me due to these issues. It doesn’t matter how great your product “should be” if users find their content disappearing and changes not saved as a matter of routine, making using the product at best, cumbersome and at worst, unworkable. Kind of, sort of, works is not the same thing as “works.”

  5. Mindtrain Hi There. Can you email me at hello @ FAO Martin and i can send you a logon for a test site where i can try to get get you to replicate the issue with content not saving.

  6. arpowers – Congratulations and well done Andrew. Even more incentive for me to move back to the US from the UK and to Austin (which I’ve been thinking about for over a year).. and nearer to my brother who lives in Houston. :))

  7. I´m so sad too. I´m using Pagelines since the release and work daily(!) with the framework. DMS is really a disaster! It makes no fun and feels like a cheap “building-box” from the providers. My hole framework shop was gone, no real support, everything changes. I really feel lost. I´m really sad about the changes and looking for an other partner. I found theme fusion, they are really innovative! 
    I just wait, if page lines get better one time. Have fun in your nice offices…
    Sorry for my bad english and greetings from Germany.

  8. Martin (Pagelines) sfengler Framework is not Still very much supported. It was trashed when you launched DMS. Was ignored for weeks whilst you concentrated on your DMS issues, and even now doesn’t have anything like the ease of install and operation ease of use it had previously. If you still support it, restore how it used to work.

  9. You need to fix your stuff on wordpress. You could get sued for false advertising… ” Install DMS Utilities
    Looks like you haven’t installed the DMS Pro tools plugin. Grab the plugin on your page. Its free and easy to register.
    This free plugin enables a lot of functionality we could not include in this version of DMS.”

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