Lite vs. Professional : The Differences

Last week we released a free version of PageLines Framework, called PageLines Lite. We did this because we wanted to make it easy for folks to get started using the core framework (& Store) without the price point.

If you don’t have PageLines Framework, and want to try Lite, sign up for free here.

Since the free version of the framework is already one of’s most downloaded, we’ve had several people ask about the specific differences and why you’d want to upgrade to Pro or Developer. Here are a few…

Professional Sections & Cloning

CMS Sections in Professional Version

The idea behind the Lite version is that it gives you everything you need to create blogs and simple sites, while Professional and Developer versions are for people who want full CMS capability and to maximize SEO & Social Marketing.

For that reason there are approximately 20 additional CMS-oriented sections in the Pro version. These sections are comprehensive and designed for advanced websites. Pro sections include:

  • Features
  • Boxes
  • Banners
  • Carousel
  • Highlight
  • Pro Only Store Sections – e.g. Soapboxes
  • Additional Sidebar Areas
  • Lots more, and more on the way…

Cloning and Section Handling A major new feature in PageLines Framework is the cloning of sections. This allows you to duplicate and use the same section in a template multiple times. This is extremely useful and is only available in PageLines Professional/Developer.

Morefoot & Sidebar-Wrap Template Areas

Missing Areas in Lite Version

“Template areas” are the locations inside the framework where you can place sections. They are a critical piece in setting up and controlling your page templates.

The professional version of the framework adds to additional areas for placement: morefoot and sidebar wrap. The sidebar wrap allows you to add widgets that span the width of two sidebars (its above or below your sidebars), and the morefoot allows you to place sections at the bottom of your content area across all pages on your site (its great for calls to action, etc..)

SEO & Social Enhancements

Facebook Open Graph Metatags

In the professional version of the framework, we’ve spent countless hours tuning to optimize the SEO and social capability of the framework.

For example, in the professional version, the Facebook open graph is supported to help you tune the content of Facebook “likes” as well as “canonical” metatags to help with the indexing of your pages in Google and other browsers.

There are several other features like additional placement options for social share icons, and support of SEO and Social oriented WordPress/PageLines plugins.

Special Page Handling

Special Page Handling Tabs

Often when building CMS websites, you want to have full control over how information is presented in what we call: special pages. These are pages inside of WordPress (and other CMS’s) that display multiple posts, or need special treatment (404).

One cool set of features you get with the Pro version is the ability to fully control options and drag and drop arrangements on these pages. In the Lite version, these pages revert to the handling of the blog page.

CMS Options – Fonts, Layouts, Images, and More

Another key benefit of the Pro version is access to all the CMS options within the framework. In the professional version, these include:

  • Additional Fonts – Around 50+ additional fonts are available
  • Additional Layouts – Completely control your site layout on a page by page basis with 4 additional layout modes
  • Magazine Blog Mode – Allows you to create a magazine style blog with the click of a button
  • Excerpt Layouts – Control the handling and layout of your blog excerpts and post thumbnails
  • Images – Mobile/Social – Pro allows you to set ‘touch’ images for Apple & Android devices; as well as control the images that appear when someone ‘likes’ your pages on Facebook
  • And way, way more – There are dozens more miscellaneous options that are designed to give you a professional edge inside of the pro version

Link Credit

Free - Credit Link

To help support the free version, we also keep a ‘credit link’ in the form of a small PageLines leaf at the bottom of your site. In the Professional and Developers this is removed (but can be re-added as an affiliate link if you so choose!)

Dedicated Technical Support

Support and customer experience have always been a *huge* priority for us.

When you upgrade to Pro, you give us the ability to really make sure that you get the site you want.

It allows us to build resources and support that is solely dedicated to your success as a professional user of PageLines software.

Upgrading from PageLines Lite to Pro or Developer

After purchasing the full version of PageLines Framework, no further installation is required. Just visit Appearance -> PageLines Settings -> Website Setup and login with your PageLines account credentials. This will change your site to the full version of PageLines.

Your PageLines settings will now be located at the top of your WordPress admin menu. Several new menu items will now be available to you so please take the time to go through them and set your options. The PageLines logo is removable in the settings.

Ready to go Pro?

Why not check out the pricing page and get started?

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