LeContest Final Submissions are in

It’s been a great three weeks since LeContest was announced at Blogworld!

More than 70 developers and designers signed up to be a part of the initial store developer group. The developer chat has been going almost non-stop for the last three weeks. Even with the limited time to build, 15 products have been submitted. There are many more in the works that didn’t quite make the LeContest deadline but will be ready for the store on December 8th.

Don’t worry, there is no deadline to getting into the Store! We will be accepting new products everyday and if you have something cool to submit or want to get started just get in touch at [email protected].

In addition, new developer resources are going up everyday to help new developers get up and running. You can see all the new developer videos on the PageLines Youtube page.

Remember, we officially launch on December 8th and those products featured at launch will have a the benefit of tons of exposure. So get your products in for launch day!

Now, without further ado, the finalists for LeContest are:

  • Anne Lundgren
  • Natalie MacLees
  • Enrique Chavez
  • Chris Johnston
  • Adam Munns
  • Stewart Wood
  • Ugo Grandolini

The final winners will be announced on Monday and three of these talented folks will win a trip to join PageLines in Paris in 2 weeks at LeWeb 2011, on Dec 7-9.

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